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Commanding Officers at Newport Barracks


Information on those who served between 1803 and 1839 was gathered from correspondence of the Adjutant General, the Secretary of War and the Quartermaster General found in the National Archives.  Information after 1839 was taken from Post Reports. This list is by no means complete.  The date does not limit the time the officer served at the Barracks-it is the date of the first time the officer's name was noted.

Name Rank/Regiment Date
Macrae, Nathaniel Chapman
Captain 3rd Infantry-longest tenure as CO at Barracks 1841
Maddah, George J 1st Lt. 18th Infantry 1871
Mangan, Michael 2nd Lt. 45th Infantry 1868
Marcotte, Henry 1st Lt. 17th Infantry 1873
Markle, William 2nd Lt. Rifle Regiment 1815
Markley, John 1st Lt. 2nd Infantry 1847
Marshall, E 1st Lt. 15/16th Infantry 1847
Martin, Thomas Major Military Storekeeper 1804
Mason, Edwin C Captain 35th Infantry 1869
Mason, John 1st. Lt. 3rd Artillery 1858
Mason,  ---- Lt. 10th Infantry 1860
Massey, Mathews 2nd Lt. Corps Artillery 1818
McCleary, John 2nd Lt. 6th Infantry 1854
McConchie, Sam 1st Lt. 14th Infantry 1811
McDermott, George 1st Lt. 5th Infantry 1871
McFerran, J C 2nd Lt. 3rd Infantry 1846
McIntosh, John Captain 20th Infantry 1868
McIntire, Aaron Ensign 23rd Infantry 1813
McIntire, John 2nd Lt. 1st Rifles 1813
McKeever, Sam 1st Lt. 2nd Infantry 1876
McKinney, John Colonel Dept. Company Purchases 1818
McLaughlin, George H Captain 7th Infantry 1864
McLaughlin, William Henry 1st Lt. 26th Infantry 1866
McLaws, LaFayette Captain 7th Infantry 1855
McLean, Nathaniel H 1st Lt. 2nd Infantry 1858
McLemore, Owen K 2nd Lt. 8th Infantry 1856
McMann, John T 2nd Lt. 1st Infantry 1867
McMillen, William Lt. Colonel 17th Infantry 1813
McNutt, Ira 1st Lt. Ordnance 1881
Meeks, John Ensign 7th Infantry 1812
Melbourne, Wilbur 2nd Lt. 15th Infantry 1861
Meyer, E S Captain 19th Infantry 1870
Meyers, F 1st Lt. 5th Infantry 1852
Millar, Edward A 2nd Lt. 3rd Artillery 1888
Miller, Andrew Galbraith 1st Lt. 1st Infantry 1856
Miller, George McC 1st Lt. 19th Infantry 1866
Miller, James Lt. Colonel 4th Infantry 1812
Miller, John Lt. Colonel 3rd Infantry 1815
Miner, Charles 2nd Lt. 19th Infantry 1866
Mitchell, George Captain 2nd Artillery 1885
Mitchell, William 2nd Lt. 13th Infantry 1864
Moffatt, Peter Assist. Surgeon 1872
Montgomery, Alex 1st Lt. 7th Infantry 1840
Moore, Able 2nd Lt. 4th Ohio Volunteers 1841
Moore, Fred 2nd Lt. 19th Infantry 1812
Moore, Hugh Captain 19th Infantry 1812
Morris, Charles 1st Lt. 19th Infantry 1865
Morris, L Major 19th Infantry 1874
Morris, Louis M 1st Lt. 20th Infantry 1874
Morrison, E A 2nd Lt. 3rd Artillery 1855
Morse, Charles E Captain 16th Infantry 1876
Morton, Alex L 1st Lt. 2nd Artillery 1880
{de}Motte, L M 1st Lt. 19th Infantry 1866
Moule, Edward Captain 19th Infantry 1865
Mowar, James A 2nd Lt. 1st Infantry 1855
Mumford, F S 1st Lt. Company 1847
Murray, Alex Captain 13th Infantry 1862
Murray, Hugh C 2nd Lt. 14th Infantry 1848
Myers, William 2nd Lt. 5th Infantry 1852
Nelson, Joseph S Major 7th Infantry 1839
Nelson, William Captain "late" 22nd Infantry 1870
Nelson, William 1st Lt. 13th Infantry 1863
Newlin, Charles 2nd Lt. 13th Infantry 1863
Nicholas, Robert Carter
Lt. Colonel 1st Infantry-to New Orleans with 105 men in 1815 1814
Nicademus, William J L 2nd Lt. 5th Infantry 1858
Noggle, Charles 1st Lt. 2nd Infantry 1865
Norvell, John M 1st Lt. 12th Infantry 1873
Norvell, Spencer 1st Lt. 5th Infantry 1848
Norwell, Stephen 1st Lt. 13th Infantry 1863
Occlaston, William Bailey 2nd Lt. 15th Infantry 1861
Ogden, Edmund Augustus Captain QM 1847
Oldham, Henry Captain Rifle Regiment 1810
Oldham, Richard 1st Lt. 7th Infantry 1809
O'Neil, James Patric 1st Lt. 6th Infantry 1891
Osgood, H B 1st Lt. 3rd Artillery 1886
O'Sullivan, Michael 2nd Lt. 3rd Infantry 1847
Otis, Elmer 2nd Lt. 1st Infantry 1853
Owens, Simon Captain 1st Infantry 1810
Page, Charles H Rev
Chaplain-Schoolmaster-cousin of Robert E Lee 1850
Palmer, Zalmon G Captain 6th Infantry 1826
Parks, Martin 2nd Lt. 3rd Infantry 1851
Parland, Thomas A M Surgeon 1852
Patterson, James Hill 2nd Lt. 19th Infantry 1866
Paulus, Jacob 2nd Lt. 18th Infantry 1866
Pennypacker, Galusha? Colonel Major General 16th Infantry 1876
Perre, Glover Surgeon 1865
Perry, F W Captain 32nd Infantry 1867
Peter, George Captain Light Artillery 1808
Phelps, O 2nd Lt. 19th Infantry 1866
Phythian, JohnL Assist. Surgeon 1876
Pickett, James C Captain ADQMG 1818
Pickevin, Anthony 2nd Lt. Corps Artillery 1820
Pierce, Palmer E 2nd Lt. 6th Infantry 1894
Plummer, August H Captain 19th Infantry 1866
Pollack, Otis 1st Lt. 23rd Infantry 1869
Poore, Benjamin A 1st Lt. 6th Infantry 1892
Porter, A Captain 3rd Infantry 1851
Porter, Andrew Colonel 16th Kentucky Regiment 1814
Posey, Thornton
Captain 7th Infantry-shot Lt. J Jennings 1809
Potter, Joseph Hayden 1st Lt. 7th Infantry 1849
Powell, Garsten 2nd Lt. 1st Infantry 1818
Pratt, James Captain 5th Infantry 1818
Prebel, Essis 2nd Lt. Artillery 1808
Price, Clarkson 2nd Lt. 26th Infantry 1813
Pulford, John 2nd Lt. 19th Infantry 1866
Quattlebaum, Paul Jones
2nd Lt. 9th Infantry-resigned 1861 to join CSA 1857
Rachford, E K MD Civil employee 1891
Ramsey, Thomas 2nd Lt. Rifle Regiment 1809
Raymond, Henry Captain Surgeon 1890
Redmond, Nicholas 1st Lt. 4th Artillery 1867
Reeves, Issac VanDuzen Lt. Colonel 13th Infantry 1862
Rhea, James Captain 1st Infantry 1862
Rice, F R 1st Lt. "late" 44th Infantry 1869
Rich, Lucius Loomis 2nd Lt. 5th Infantry 1809
Richards, William 1st Lt. 16th Infantry 1876
Richardson, Philip T Lt. Supt. Artificer 1818
Richardson, Robert D Captain Company Ordnance 1815
Rife, Joseph B 1st Lt. 6th Infantry 1863
Riley, Thomas 1st Lt. 21st Infantry 1875
Ritter, John Francis Captain 15th Infantry 1862
Rives, L C MD Medical 1842
Robinson, William G 2nd Lt. 7th Infantry 1858
Ross, Leonard Fulton 2nd Lt. 3rd Infantry 1848
Ross, Rhuben R 2nd Lt. 1st Infantry 1853
Ross, Samuel 2nd Lt. 3rd Infantry 1848
Roy, James P Captain 2nd Infantry 1865
Rundell, Charles Henry 2nd Lt. 3rd Infantry 1852
Russel, William Colonel 7th Infantry 1812
Rutherford, R G 1st Lt. 12th Infantry 1875
Ryan, George 2nd Lt. 6th Infantry 1857
Sailer, Isaac D 1st Lt. 15th Infantry 1861
Sanderson, John P Lt. Colonel 15th Infantry 1861
Saunders, James Captain 17th Infantry 1814
Scantling, L C 2nd Lt. 15th Infantry 1866
Schoonover, R 1st Lt. 3rd Dragoons 1847
Schroeder, H B 2nd Lt. 3rd Infantry 1847
Scott, Charles
General Kentucky Volunteers at Fallen Timbers 1803
Scott, David 1st Lt. 16th Infantry 1848
Scott, Henry Lee 1st Lt. 4th Infantry 1841
Scott, J B Lt. Artillery 1818
Scott, John M Colonel Kentucky Infantry 1812
Scott, L Captain Artillery 1818
Sellman, John Surgeons Mate, Civilian 1806
Shaff, John 2nd Lt. 6th Infantry 1848
Shakelford, George 2nd Lt. 6th Infantry 1843
Sharkley, John 1st Lt. 2nd Infantry 1865
Shaler, N B Surgeon 1861
Shaw, J W 2nd Lt. 19th Infantry 1866
Shea, Stephen 2nd Lt. Rifle Regiment 1820
Shelby, Isaac Governor Kentucky General Militia 1813
Sheridan, Phil H 2nd Lt. 1st Infantry 1853
Sherman, J L 1st Lt. 19th Infantry 1866
Shurley, E R P 2nd Lt. 18th Infantry 1866
Simons, William H 2nd Lt. 6th Infantry 1891
Sloan, Peter E 1st Lt. 19th Infantry 1865
Sloan, William J Surgeon 1853
Smead, John R 2nd Lt. 2nd Artillery 1855
Smith, Alexander 2nd Lt. 7th Infantry 1809
Smith, Charles Captain 13th Infantry 1864
Smith, George 2nd Lt. 17th Infantry 1866
Smith, James 2nd Lt. 19th Infantry 1866
Smith, John MS 3rd Lt. Ordnance 1814
Smith, Thomas 2nd Lt. Rifle Regiment 1815
Snyder, George D 1st Lt. Corps Artillery 1818
Sommer, H 2nd Lt. 2nd Infantry 1864
Soughten, Gannt Captain Rifle Regiment 1818
Spooner, E D 1st Lt. 5th Artillery 1864
Stall, G W 2nd Lt. 3rd Infantry 1818
Stanley, D 1st Lt. 1st Artillery 1855
Steedman, R R 2nd Lt. 16th Infantry 1876
Stetson, Redington 1st Lt. 15th Infantry 1861
Stith, Donald C 1st Lt. 5th Infantry 1858
Stoddard, Amos Captain 1st Regiment Artillery 1807
Story, J P 1st Lt. 34th Infantry 1867
Stuart, George 1st Lt. 13th Infantry 1863
Stuart, Sam D 2nd Lt. 15th Infantry 1847
Stubbs, James R 2nd Lt. Artillery Military Storekeeper 1818
Styles, Joshia S 2nd Lt. 19th Infantry 1866
Sullivan, Michael O 2nd Lt. 7th Infantry 1846
Sutton, Anthony S 2nd Lt. 7th Infantry 1848
Swaine, Peter T 1st Lt. 10th Infantry 1860
Swayne, Wager General 1869
Swift, Ebenezer Surgeon Major 1872
Symmes, John Cleves
1st Lt. 1st Infantry-nephew of founder of Cincinnati 1809
Talliaferro, Lawrence
Ensign 1st Infantry-recruiting service Cincinnati 1802
Taylor, G M 2nd Lt. 2nd Artillery 1847
Taylor, James Captain 30th Infantry 1819
Taylor, John 2nd Lt. 2nd Artillery 1848
Taylor, Zachary
1st Lt. 7th Infantry-later President of United States 1809
Telford, John 1st Lt. "late" 37th Infantry 1870
Templeton, Lewis W 2nd Lt. 15th Infantry 1848
Thomas, Henry G Captain 2nd Infantry 1875
Thomason, Nelson Captain 5th Infantry 1867
Thompson, Alex Ramsey    
Thompson, C A 1st Lt. 13th Infantry 1871
Thompson, James 2nd Lt. 2nd Artillery 1851
Thompson, John M 1st Lt. 24th Infantry 1875
Thornton, George W Citizen Physician 1860
Thurston, George A 1st Lt. 3rd Artillery 1886
Tibbatts, John Wellington Colonel 16th Infantry 1847
Tibbatts, Stephen Theo 1st Lt. 4th Infantry 1838
Tiergen, John Captain 3rd Artillery 1885
Tilford, Joseph Green 2nd Lt. Mounted Rifles 1851
Tillson, John Captain 19th Infantry 1866
Todd, John Blair Smith 1st Lt. 4th Infantry 1840
Torrey, Robert A 1st Lt. 13th Infantry 1865
Towle, George 2nd Lt. 19th Infantry 1866
Town, L F MD Assist. Surgeon 1861
Townsend, Thomas G Captain 6th Infantry 1890
Triplar, C S Surgeon 1856
Turner, Geroge L 2nd Lt. 18th Infantry 1877
Turner, R S 1st Lt. 6th Infantry 1889
Turnley, Parmen 2nd Lt. 1st Infantry 1846
Tyler, Lt. Colonel 1861
Van Dorn, Earl 1st Lt. 7th Infantry 1850
Van Dusen C 1st Lt. 15th Infantry 1862
Van Renselar C 1st Lt. 13th Infantry 1862
Van Vost, James Lt. Colonel 16th Infantry 1876
Vinton, Goddard 2nd Lt. 4th Artillery 1873
Voris, S P 2nd Lt. 17th Infantry 1867
Wade, Robert R Captain 17th Infantry 1868
Waganer, James Captain 19th Infantry 1865
Wagner, Arthur Lockwood 1st Lt. 6th Infantry 1891
Wainwright, Sam Major 16th Infantry 1876
Waite, Carlos Adolphus Lt. Colonel 8th Infantry 1849
Walker, Alex S Captain Rifles 1809
Walker, Henry Harrison 2nd Lt. 3rd Infantry 1853
Walker, Mark 2nd Lt. 19th Infantry 1866
Walker, Thomas W 2nd Lt. 3rd Infantry 1856
Walker, William
1st Lt. 3rd Kentucky Volunteers Dragoons-Captain Artillery CSA 1847
Ward, Charles 2nd Lt. Ordnance 1818
Ward, George Silver Lutrell 2nd Lt. 13th Infantry 1866
Ward, Henry C 1st Lt. 16th Infantry 1876
Ward, James H 1st Lt. 3rd Infantry 1855
Ward, James Noble 1st Lt. 3rd Infantry 1855
Warwick, Oliver Barnette 2nd Lt. 1877
Wateroury, William Captain 13th Infantry 1880
Watson, Benjamin Major 3rd Infantry 1814/1822
Webb, Stephen Hinsdale Captain 3rd Infantry 1827
Wells, John B Surgeon 1847
Welsh, William Captain 4th Infantry-died and buried at Barracks-1811 1811
Wentworth, Paul Captain 4th Infantry 1810
Wessells, Henry Walton Lt. Colonel 18th Infantry 1869
West, William 1st Lt. 2nd Infantry 1864
Western, Charles Brugure 1st Lt. 14th Infantry 1875
Wherry, William M Captain 6th Infantry 1889
Whistler, Joseph Nelson Garland
1st Lt. 3rd Infantry
Major 22nd Infantry
Whipple, William D 2nd lt. 3rd Infantry 1851
Whistler, William Colonel 4th Infantry 1856
Whitten, John W 2nd Lt. 2nd Infantry 1864
Whiting, D P 1st Lt. 7th Infantry 1835
Whitside, Sam M Captain 6th Cavalry 1875
Whitney, John 1st Lt. 3rd Infantry 1863
Wilcox, Tim Assist. Surgeon 1867
Wilkins, John 1st Lt. 3rd Infantry 1860
Willard, George 2nd Lt. 8th Infantry 1848
Willard, Wells S 1st Lt. 2nd Artillery 1880
Williams, John C Deverux 1st Lt. 3rd Dragoons 1848
Williams, Lawrence Albert 2nd Lt. 7th Infantry 1852
Williamson, Andrew Jackson 1st Lt. 3rd Infantry 1847
Willis, Lewis B Captain 8th Infantry 1818
Wilson, James 2nd Lt. 19th Infantry 1866
Winder, William A 2nd Lt. 3rd Artillery 1848
Wise, William Williams Captain 15th Infantry 1861
Wood, Charles Robert General-relieved 10 Apr 1869 to go to Kansas 1869
Wood, Ephram Morgan Captain 15th Infantry 1861
Wood, William 1st Lt. 3rd Infantry 1852
Woods, Sam 1st Lt. 6th Infantry 1841
Woodruff, Charles Albert Captain 2nd Artillery 1881
Woodward, Solomon E 1st Lt. 15th Infantry 1861
Yeomans, Augustus Asa Assist. Surgeon 1875
Yorke, T S Captain 15th Infantry 1861
Young, Andrew h Captain QM 1888
Young, George S 2nd Lt. 7th Infantry 1875
Zeigler, George Milton 1st lt. 43rd Infantry 1867


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