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St Francis of Assisi Church Catholic Church

Baptisms 1864-1874

Dayton, Kentucky

These records are in a Latin/German mix and some years are very faded. So please verify information with other records. The entries of November and early December 1867, and February through April 1873 are too faded to read.

Updates and corrections submitted by Carol Sanman March 15, 2015

NOTE: For some reason, many of the first 1866 baptisms were listed as 1865 in the previous online transcriptions.  Dates on this page are correct.  Those in Red were not in the original online transcriptions. I was able to darken the pages enough to get at least partial transcriptions for those very faded ones.  Blue are corrections.


Anselm, Theresia; b-Aug. 11, 1869; bp-Sept. 5, 1869; d/o Caspar Anselm & Matthilda Hock; sp-Valentine & Elisabeth Besh
Arboghaus, Franz Anton; b-Oct. 4, 1872; bp-Oct. 13, 1872; s/o Caspar Arboghaus & Paulina Schmidt; sp-Tobias Anton Widrig & Margaretha Widrig; Note: also spelled Arbocekhaus in same entry
Arpoghaus, Margaretha Elisabeth; b-Oct. 1, 1870; bp-Oct 16, 1870; d/o Caspar Arpoghaus & Paulina Schmitt; sp-Felix Mader & Margaretha Wiedrich (currently listed as Erabaghaus—I think the correct name most likely is Arbogast-which is badly misspelled in both the entry & the margin)

Bathhalter, Maria Elisabeth; b-Oct. 5, 1869; bp-Oct. 25, 1869; d/o Sigmund Bathhalter & Theresia Hausemann; sp-Zacharias T. Kempf? & Elisabeth Helles
Batsche, Elisabetha Josephina Gertrud; b-Feb. 1, 1871; bp-Feb. 4, 1871; d/o Aloysius Batsche & Luchnee? Holdheide; sp-Joseph Worthemann & Gertrude Kleinfelder
Batsche, Herman Ignatius; b-Dec. 25, 1872; bp-Dec. 27, 1872; s/o Aloys Batsche & Louisa Holtheide; sp-Herman Hussman & Elisabeth Burlage
Bauer, Jacob b-Feb. 4?, 1867; bp-10 Feb 1867; s/o Joseph and Brigitta N; sp-Patrick and Anna Conners
Bauer, Patrick; b-Feb. 28, 1866; bp-March 2, 1866; s/o George Bauer & Anna Garrison; sp-Joseph Benan; entry partly smudged
Baumann, Anna Maria Josephina; b-Dec. 3, 1871; bp-Dec. 17, 1871; d/o Joseph Baumann & Theresia Ehmer; sp-Francis Baumann & Maria Ehmer; Died Sept. 4, 1872
Baumann, Carl b-10 Oct 1869 bp-17 Oct; s/o Joseph and Julia (Frunk) sp-Carl Ehret and Elisabeth Miller
Baumann, Joseph b-7 Oct 1874 bp-10 Oct; s/o Joseph and Theresa (Ehmer) sp-Joseph Ehmer and Barbara Baumann
Baumann, Georg Stephan b-8 July 1871 bp-23 July; s/o Joseph and Julia (Frunk) sp-Stephan Schmitt & Catharina Fath
Baumann, Margaret Maria Theresa b-18 Jan 1873 bp-19 Jan; d/o Joseph and Theresa (Ehmer) sp-Michael and Magdalena Feiss
Bender, Johann b-22 May 1874 bp-4 June; s/o Carl and Veronica (Braunstein) sp-Francis Baumann & L. Braunstein
Berendsen, Bernhard Francis; b-Sept. 1, 1868; bp-Sept. 2, 1868; s/o Henry Berendsen & Henerica Klimpering; sp-Bernhardina Eichmann & Bernhardina Renzenhüpper
Berendsen, Bernhard William bp-19 Dec 1874; s/o Henri and Henrietta (Kupper) sp-Bernhard Wilhelm Lepre and Wilhelmina Kupper
Berendsen, Gertrude Philomena; b-Jan. 20, 1866; bp-Jan. 22, 1866; d/o Henry Berensen & Henerica Klimpering; sp-Wilhelm & Philomena Dekopel; note: last name transcribed as spelled
Berendsen, Joseph Matthaus; b-Sept. 20, 1870; bp-Sept. 21, 1870; s/o Henry Berendsen & Frederica Klimpering; sp-Kaspar Eichmann & Maria Berendsen
Berendsen, Theodore; b-?; bp-March 25, 1873; s/o Henry Berendsen & Henerica Klimpering; sp-? & Catharina Schaffeld; entry very faded
Bergemeier, Franz Theodore; b-Jan. 1865 (day cut off in tight binding); bp-Jan. 17, 1865; s/o George Bergemeier & Agnes Helker; sp- Theodor Heker & Kath. Berkemeier; Note: Franz last name spelled both Bergemeier & Berkemeier (in the column to the left) in the entry
Betsch, Anna Elisabeth b-26 Feb 1869 bp-14 Mar; d/o Valentine and Elisabeth (Grossmann) sp-Anton and Elisabeth Boedke
Betsch, Clara b-25 Oct 1873 bp-2 Nov; d/o Valentine and Elisabeth Clara (Grossmann) sp-Maria Grossmann and J Lautermann
Betsch, Daniel Pankerheim?; b-Sept 10, 1871; bp-Sept. 24, 1871; s/o Valentin Betsch & Elisabeth Grossmann; sp-Daniel Grossmann & Mamie ?; entry faded unevenly
Betsch, Magdalena Carolina b-4 Apr 1870 bp-24 Apr; d/o Christian and Maria (Herzog) sp-Francis Scherer and Carolina Bayer
Betsch, Maria b-20 Dec 1864 bp-20 Dec; d/o Valentine and Maria (Grossmann) sp-Maria Anna Grossmann & Sebastian Grimme; Died Oct. 4, 1865
Betsch, Regina b-13 July 1867 bp-29 July; s/o Christian and Maria (Herzog) sp-Regina Supran
Betz, Theobald b-20 Apr 1865 bp-20 Apr; s/o Henri and Eva (Ludwig) sp-Jacob and Catharine Schiffle
Betsch, William Andreas b-12 Jan 1873 bp-2 Feb; s/o Christian and Maria (Herzog) sp-Andreas and Maria Fleisch
Birkle, Carl b-24 Nov 1864 bp-3 Dec; s/o Armogust and Victoria (Grishaber) sp-Richard Birkle and  Maria Betsch
Birkle, Johann b-8 July 1867 bp-12 Aug; s/o Arobgusti Birkle & Victoria Grieshaber; sp-Landolin Birkle & Velma Schwab
Birkle, Johann Joseph b-8 Dec 1869 bp-14 Dec; s/o Georg and Victoria; sp-John Wagner & Cath. Messing
Birkle, Magdalena Elisabeth b-10 Mar 1868 bp-6 Apr; d/o Carl & Catharina (Schaeffer) sp-Arbogust Burkle & Margaretha Heeg
Birkle, Maria b-24 May 1872 bp-30 May; d/o Georg and Victoria; sp-Maria and Theodor Berendsen
Bloemer, Clemenda Magdalena b-1 May 1869 bp-3 May; d/o Clement Bloemer & Maria Kuhlmann; sp-Bernhard Bramlage & Cath. Borgmann
Bloemer, Josephina b-1 Feb 1874 bp-5 Feb; s/o Clement and Maria (Bramlage) sp-Johann H Bloemer and Josephine Braulage
Bloemer, Joseph Anton b-4 Apr 1872 bp-7 Apr; s/o Clemens and Maria (Kuhlmann) sp-Anton Victor Tweese and Maria Elisabeth Mayer
Blomer, Phillip b-18 Feb 1866 bp-21 Feb; s/o Clement and Anna Maria Josephine; sp-Gerhard Kramer
Brugger, Francis; b-1867; bp-Jan. 1, 1868; s/o Matthias Brugger & Maria Day; sp-? & Maria Wagner; entry faded
Brunner, Henri Leonhard b-18 Feb 1865 bp-18 Feb; s/o Joseph and Barbara (Scheiner) sp-Henri Hehman and Helena Wern
Burns, Catharina b-17 Mar 1870 bp-3 Apr; d/o John and Nora (Dolan) sp-John McNeally and Catharine Quinlan
Burns, Elisabeth b-19 Apr 1872 bp-16 June; d/o Johann and Nora (Dolan) sp-P H Elliot and Maggie Bleuth
Bussmann, Gertrude Catharine b-14 Mar 1869 bp-15 Mar; d/o Herman and Theresa (Steermann) sp-Herman Steermann and Gertrude Weiller; Note: entry originally listed as Bushman & changed to Bussman in margin

Carr-see also Karr
Carr, John Jacob; b-May 8, 1870; bp-Aug. 28, 1870; s/o Patrick Carr & Maria Schmitt; sp-John W. Carr & Anna McDonald
Castelman, Joseph; bp-Jan. 5 or 8, 1868; s/o Joseph Castelman & Maria B??ker; sp-too faded to read
Clark, Henry b-14 Feb 1864 bp-14 Feb; s/o Theopolie and Margaretha (Beckmann) sp-Henri and Maria Schmidt
Clark, Mary b-14 Feb 1864 bp-14 Feb; d/o Theopolie and Margaretha (Beckmann) sp-Henri Hehmann and Agnes Beckmeier; died April 15, 1864
Cloth, Helena Luzchsa? b-8 July 1870 bp-10 July; d/o Julius and Sophia; sp-Lucas Schueven? and Helena Wern
Colenberg, Elisabeth Philomena b-23 Oct 1871 bp-24 Oct; d/o Anton and Philomena (Schroeder) sp-August and Elisabetha Muller

Daud, Anna Maria b-29 May 1873 bp-8 June; d/o Patrick and Maria (O'Gara) sp-Johann Daud and Brigitta O'Gara
, Martin b-3 June 1869 bp-22 June; s/o Johann and Maria (Saro) sp-Levaner, Patrick, Jacob and Maria Divine
Dowels, Thomas b-6 May 1871 bp-21 May; s/o Patrick and Maria (O'Ger) sp-Hugo Foxe and Lena Schmitt

Ehmer, Anna; b-Nov. 1867; bp-Nov. 17, 1867; d/o Joseph Ehmer & Martharetha; Rest of entry too faded to read.
Ehmer, Joseph Ignatius b-27 July 1864; bp-31 July; s/o Joseph and Margaret (Lehner) sp-Joseph and Maria Motz
Erabaghaus, Margaret Elisabeth b-8 Oct 1870; bp-16 Oct; d/o Casper and Pauline (Schmitt) sp-Felice Mader and Margaret Wiedrich
Ernest, Maria Louisa b-26 Mar 1865; bp-26 Mar; d/o Marion and (none given) sp-Elisabeth Weber

Fath, John b-25 Sep 1869; bp-4 Oct; s/o Georg and Sophia; sp-Sophia and Johann Graemer
Fath, Juliana b-18 Dec 1865; bp-4 Jan 1866; d/o George and Catharine (Hickmann) sp-Francis Schwab and Juliana Trunk
Feldmann, Johann Bernard b-10 Mar 1870 bp-10 Mar; s/o Louis and Elisabeth (Schletter) sp-Bernard Johann Feldmann and Elisabeth Schletter
Fenegan, Margaret Josephine b-6 Apr 1872 bp-20 Apr; d/o Patrick and Maria (Mohr) sp-Henri Otten and Margaret Ziegler
Fenegan, Philip Patrick b-8 Mar 1865 bp-28 Mar; s/o Patrick and Maria (Mool) sp-Miles Fenegan and Philomena Ludwig
Fey, Andreas b-1 Mar 1870 bp-25 Mar; s/o Joseph and Sophia (Saelinger) sp-William and Emma Saelinger
Fey, Anna Maria b-9 July 1868; bp-12 July; d/o Joseph and Sophia (Saelinger) sp-William Saelinger and Elisabeth Eppler
Fey, Lorenz & Sophia Salinger; No other info in the summer 1866 entry
Fox, Thomas Peter b-14 Sep 1872; bp-29 Sep; s/o Thomas and Maria (Dowd) sp-Thomas A Dowd and Brigitta O'Gehra
Frank, Anna b-9 Mar 1874; bp-23 Mar; d/o Johann and Maria (Reinhold) sp-Maria Reynold

Gandolin, Maria b-27 Dec 1873; bp-28 Dec; d/o Argandolin Gandolin & Maria Kammerer; sp-Constantin & Eva Kammer; Note: listed as M. Gandolin Sonding in margin
Geiss, Andreas b-3 Feb 1872; bp-18 Feb; s/o John and Elisabetha (Gerrein) sp-Andreas Gerrein and Margaret Reithe
Geiss, Clara bp-8 Aug 1869; d/o Johann and Elisabeth (Geresin) sp-Clara Wirzbergen
Geiss, Robert Johann b-1 Feb 1874; bp-8 Feb; s/o Johann and Maria (Garein) sp-Robert and Helena Schwab
Gerein, Andreas b-14 July 1874; bp-9 Aug; s/o Frederic and (none given) sp-none given
Gerein, Johann b-11 Oct 1873; bp-25 Oct; s/o Jacob and wife; sp-Johannes and Maria Geiss
Gerrein, Carolina; b-Feb. 25, 1870; bp-March 20, 1870; d/o Frederick Gerein & Margaretha Riess; sp-Andreas Quinn & Carolina Paul
Gerrein, Carolina Rosalina b-8 Aug 1872; bp-25 Aug; d/o Frederic and Margaret (Reiss) sp-Georg Jacob and Carolina Reiss
Gloetz, Ferdinand Louis b-19 Sep 1868; bp-27 Sep; s/o Julius/Jules V and Sophia (Kinche) sp-Ferdinand Eich and Elisabeth Vaske
Grail, Anton; b-Nov. 1873; bp-April 4, 1873; s/o Albert Grail (non-Catholic) & ? Mapley; sp-Matthia Wells; very faded entry
Grammer, Philomena; b-July 21, 1874; bp-July 26, 1874; d/o Johann Grammer & ?; sp-Johann & Philumena Schwing
Gramer, Carl b-17 Mar 1867; bp-17 Mar; s/o Christian and Maria (Graft) sp-Johann and Carolina Graft
Grimme, Bernard Joseph b-3 Apr 1872; bp-7 Apr; s/o Joseph and Elisabeth (Joering) sp-Bernard and Dora Joering
Grimme, Catharine Clara Elisabeth b-2 Jan 1869; bp-6 Jan; d/o Joseph and Elisabeth (Joering) sp-Bernard Joering and Elisabeth Konlage
Grimme, Catharine Cecelia b-3 Dec 1873; bp-7 Dec; d/o Joseph and Elisabeth (Joering) sp-Bernard and Catharine Joering
Grimme, Emma Elisabeth b-26 Oct 1870 bp-30 Oct; d/o Joseph and Elisabeth (Joering) s-Clemens Bloemer and Elisabeth Joering
Grimme, Francis C b-3 Dec 1871; bp-18 Dec; s/o Caspar and Martha (faded out) sp-Francis Grimme and Anna M Grimme
Grimme, Herman Philipp; b-Feb. 12, 1867; bp-Feb. 17, 1867; s/o Joseph Grimme & Elisabeth Joering; sp-Herman Joering & Theresia Grimme
, Johann Henri b-12 Feb 1865; bp-12 Feb; s/o Joseph and Elisabeth (Joering) sp-Johann Henri Grimme and Agnes Wiefering
Grimme, Johann Herman b-3 Mar 1865; bp-5 Mar; s/o Herman and Theresa (Joering) sp-Johann Henri Grimme and Julia Trolage
Grimme, Theresa bp-21 Apr 1864; d/o Henri & Marie (Recker) sp-not listed; died Nov. 12, 1865
Gubser, Johann Andreas b-19 Oct 1869; bp-15 Nov; s/o Frederich; sp-Johann Supran and Maria Magdalena Gubser
Gubser, Johann Georg Ferdinand b-7 Apr 1873; bp-27 Apr; s/o Fridolen and Susanna (Mueller) sp-Georg Schulties and Helena Ziegler
Gubser, Susanna b-12 Aug 1867; bp-8 Sep; d/o Fridolen and Susanna (Muller) sp-Andreas Gubser and Catharine Schwab

Hausner, Francis Joseph b-17 Nov 1872; bp-24 Nov; s/o Joseph and Margaret (Wagner) sp-Francis Joseph Wagner and Anna Schift
Hebel, August? Carl; b-Jan. 10, 1868; bp-Jan. 24, 1868; s/o August Hebel & Magdalena Ka?mizer?; sp-Carl Harold & Margaretha Laben
Hebel, Eduard Frederic Louis b-19 Nov 1864; bp-4 Dec; s/o August & Magdalena Kamegind; sp-T. Wiebber & El. Lebotka?; ink smeared & hard to read
Hebel, Gerhard Luca bp-5 Mar 1870; bp-20 Mar; s/o Aug and Magdalena (Kammenzint) sp-Louis Miller & Rosina Braunstein
Hebel, Joseph b-19 Mar 1872; bp-31 Mar; s/o August and Magdalena (Kamenzinck) sp-Joseph & Martharetha Luben/Zuben
Heeg, Cecelia Margaretha b-14 Feb 1869; bp-17 Feb; d/o Adam and Margaret (Nonde?) sp-Bernard and Margaretha Heeg
Heeg, Georg Johann b-25 Dec 1872; bp-29 Dec; s/o Georg Adam and Margaretha (Neudel) sp-Johann Sylvester and Gertrude Heeg
Heeg, Johann Sylvester Howard b-4 Dec 1864; bp-6 Dec; s/o Johann and Gertrude (Schmidt) sp-Bernard and Margaret Heeg
Heeg, Louisa b-6 July 1871; bp-10 July; d/o Adam and Margaretha (Nendel) sp-Andreas and Susanna Nendel; Died March 16, 1872
Heeg, Margaret Elisabeth b-11 Nov 1870; bp-13 Nov; d/o Caspar and Elisabeth (Boetker) sp-Wilhelm Boeker and Margaret Heeg
Heeg, Maria Clara b-14 May 1874 bp-17 May; d/o Caspar and Elisabeth (Buecker) sp-Henri and Maria Wassling
Hirt, Carl b-2 Mar 1869; bp-13 Mar; s/o Christopher (non-Catholic) & Jacobine (Büssing) sp-Louis and Catharine Lefflet
Hirsh, Ralph Theodor b-14 July 1870; bp-7 Aug; s/o Christian and Jacobi (Boenig) sp-Theodor Vogel and Helena Habel
Hoeremann, Georg Anthony; b-Jan. 5, 1869; bp-Jan. 6, 1869; s/o Heinrich Hoerneman & Maria Winkelhorst; sp-Anthony Austrup & Anna Lehaffel
Holz, Philippina Barbara; b-April 26, 1872; bp-May 12, 1872; d/o Emanuel Holz & Anna Maria Eische; sp-Valentin & Barbara Melcher

Joering, Bernard Lawrence b-5 Sep 1873; bp-7 Sep; s/o Herman and Elisabeth (Wurth) sp-Carolina Wurth and Bernard Joering
Joering, Catharina; b-Nov. 29, 1867; bp-Dec. 22, 1867; d/o Hermann Joering & Elisabetha; sp-? Joering & Cath. ?; rest of entry too faded to read.
Joering, Joseph Gerhard b-3 Nov 1871; bp-5 Nov; s/o Henri and Elisabeth (Wurth) sp-Joseph Grimme and Dorothea Joering
Joering, Maria b-20 Dec 1867; bp-22 Dec; d/o Herman and Elisabeth; sp-faded out
Joering, Theresia b-13 Nov 1869; bp-21 Nov; d/o Herman and Elisabeth (Wurth) sp-Adam Peter and Theresia Grimme

Kaerr, Frances Margaret b-12 Dec 1873; bp-25 Jan 1874; d/o Patrick and Maria (Schmidt) sp-Margaret Ross
Karr, Anna Ella b-15 Aug 1872; bp-17 Nov; d/o Patrick and Maria (Schmidt) sp-Francis Burrs and Maggie Mitchel
Kaemerling, Johann Bernard b-4 Oct 1872; bp-13 Nov; s/o Johann Bernard and Catharine (Gerves) sp-Henry and Gertrude Budecke
Kelly, Jacob b-18 Feb 1864; bp-17 Apr; s/o Johann and Maria (Bush---) sp-Elisabeth Vashe
Kempf, Henri Georg b-17 Apr 1870; bp-15 May; s/o Zacharias and Maria Anna (Lipps) sp-Albert Faber and Adelheid Lipps
Ketterer, Andreas b-23 Oct 1874; bp-7 Nov; s/o Joseph and Elisabeth (Mayer) sp-Andreas and Maria Maginot
Ketterer, Carl b-8 July 1865; bp-9 July; s/o Johann and Barbara (Poos) sp-Georg and Frederica Nolte
Ketterer, Carl b-24 Feb 1872; bp-10 Mar; s/o Joseph and Christina (Mayer) sp-Carl and Alocuzia Wollf
Ketterer, Francis Joseph b-27 Apr 1869; bp-2 May; s/o J B and Maria (Becker) sp-Joseph Schuh and Adelina Barten
Ketterer, Joseph b-19 Aug 1867; bp-24 Aug; s/o Johann and Barbara (Bech) sp-Johann Keifsmann
Ketterer, Maria Carol.; b-July 8, 1865; bp-July 9, 1865; d/o Johann Ketterer & Barbara Pooh; sp-George & Friderika Nelle?
Ketterer, William b-6 Feb 1865; bp-19 Feb; s/o Joseph and Christina (Mayer) sp-Johann Wagner and E Zengler
Klein, Catharine b-7 Oct 1872; bp-3 Nov; d/o Peter and Anna (Bellow) sp-Joseph Grimme and Catharine Ottlieb
Klein, Emma Constantia b-3 Sep 1871; bp-7 Sep; d/o Peter and Emma (Bellow) sp-Gertrude Bode and (unreadable)
Kleinbeck, Catharine Louisa b-1 Oct 1874; bp-4 Oct; d/o Joseph and Barbara Regina (Nussbaum) sp-Sylvester and Catharine Wurth
Kleinbeck, Georg b-25 Oct 1872 bp-3 Nov; s/o Joseph and Regina (Nussbaum) sp-Georg Nolte and Anna Catharine Keck
Kleinbeck, William Vincent b-19 July 1870; bp-24 July; s/o Joseph and Regina (Nussbaum) sp-Wilhelm Muller and Elisabeth Nussbaum
Kohlenberg, Gerhard Henry; b-Aug. 22, 1873; bp-Aug. 24, 1873; s/o Anton Kohlenberg & Philomena Schroeder; sp-Johann Heinrich Gugenberg & Agatha Wersing
Kramer, Margaret b-21 June 1864; bp-3 July; d/o Sebastian and Margaret (Kraft) sp-Bernard and Margaret Heeg
Kreidler, Edward b-27 June 1873; bp-12 July; s/o Christian and Theresa (Bettinger) sp-Nicholas and Maria Kreidler
Kreidler, Frances b-10 Mar 1872; bp-17 Mar; d/o Christian and Theresa (Bettinger) sp-Nicholas and Frances Kreidler
Kreidler, Maria Frederica b-11 Jan 1871; bp-22 Jan; d/o Christian and Theresa (Bettinger) sp-Anton and Maria Kreidler
Kueven, Catharina Maud b-22 Jan 1872; bp-25 Jan; d/o Hubert? & Henrica (Mecklenburg) sp-Theodor Kueven and Catharina ---barr; Note: listed as C.J. Kueven in margin in different handwriting
Kueven, Rosina Lucsa (?Luisa) b-12 July 1874; bp-19 July; d/o Johann and Elisabeth (Lawbe?) sp-Louis and Rosina Kueven
Kueven, Theodor Eduard b-31 Aug 1872; bp-Sep; s/o Johann and Elisabeth (Laucher?) sp-Elisabeth Doenmis and Theodor Kueven
Kueven, William Theodor b-12 Nov 1873; bp-16 Nov; s/o C Lurae and Maria (Degenhardt) sp-Paulina Degenhardt and Theodor Kueven
Kuhlmann, Herman Henri b-23 Apr 1871; bp-24 Apr; s/o Carl and Catharine (Hauser) sp-Arnold Henry Krecke & Maria Selhorst
Kuhlmann, Johann b-17 Jan 1874; bp-17 Jan; s/o Carl and Anna Catharine (Huser) sp-Catharine Berkemier
Kuhlmann, Theodor Joseph; b-July 7, 1864; bp-July 9, 1864; s/o Carl T & Catharina (Huser) sp-Theodor Bushmiller & Maria Kuhlmann; died Nov. 26, 1865

Lefflad, Helena b-9 Jan 1864; bp-18 Jan; d/o Joseph & Maria (Maier) sp-Stephan & Helena Schmidt; died Aug. 2, 1864
Lefflat, Amelia b-14 Oct 1869; bp-25 Oct; d/o Joseph & Maria Anna; sp-Stephen & Helena Schmidt
Lefflat, Francis b-14 Aug 1871; bp-20 Aug; s/o Joseph and Maria Anna (Mayer) sp-Stephan and Helena Schmidt
Lefflat, Joseph b-19 Oct 1865; bp-29 Oct; s/o Joseph & Maria (Meier) sp-Stephan & Helena Schmidt
Lefflat, Peter b-19 Oct 1872; bp-3 Nov; s/o Joseph and Maria (Meyer) sp-Stephan & Helena Schmidt
Lefflat, Stephan b-27 Oct 1868; bp-8 Nov; s/o Joseph (no mother listed) sp-Stephan & Helena Schmitt
Lefflat, Theresa b-15 Jan 1865; bp-17 Jan; d/o Joseph and Catharine (Sailer) sp-Maria Zengler
Leus, Francis Joseph; b-Feb. 22, 1871; bp-Feb. 25, 1871; s/o Christian Leus & Amalia Schmidt; sp-Anton Fritsch & Maggie Schmidt
Leus, Maria Helena b-24 May 1873; bp-25 May; d/o Christian and Amelia (Schmitt) sp-Robert and Helena Schmitt
Luken, Anna Maria Josephina b-24 Nov 1872; bp-27 Nov; d/o Bernard and Loisa (Pohl) sp-Henri Reckers and Anna Maria Luken
Luken, Anna Maria Rosalia b-13 June 1869; bp-15 June; d/o Henry and Maria (Lavarce) sp-Clem Maier & Maria H? (last name cut off in the the tight binding
Luken, Bernadina Elisabeth b-Dec. 3, 1870; bp-Dec. 3, 1870; d/o Henry Luken & Maria Christina Lavare; sp-Johann Bernhard Lavare & Elisabetha Plarmaier
Luken, Francis? s/o ? Luken & Louise; bp-Nov. 20, 1867; rest of entry too faded to read.
Lucken, Johann Bernard b-14 Aug 1872; bp-18 Aug; s/o Gerhard Henri and Maria Rosina (Lavaro) sp-Johann Bernard Lavore and Maria Christina Mayor
Ludwig, Peter b-21 June 1868; bp-12 July; s/o Peter and Catharine (Peters) sp-Peter Schur and Frederika Rolen
Luken, Elisabeth b-14 Aug 1874; bp-16 Aug; d/o Bernard & Louisa Rohl; sp-Johannes Lucken & ?; entry incomplete

Mader, Francisca Maria; b-May 27, 1869; bp-June 7, 1869; d/o Felix Mader & Elisabeth Enzweiler; sp-Maria Enzweiler
Mader, Johann b-13 Dec 1870; bp-10 Jan 1871; s/o Patrick Bartholomew and Julia (Bowers) sp-Jacob Bowers and Barbara Mader
Mader, Maria Margaret b-4 Oct 1864; bp-9 Oct; d/o Joseph and Elisabeth (Enzweiler) sp-Joseph and Margaret Beidy
Mader, Matilda Emma b-28 Sep 1871; bp-27 Oct; d/o Felix B and Elisabeth (Enzweiler) sp-Matilda Klein and Mathias Enzweiler
Mader, Regina Agatha b-19 Jan 1874; bp-1 Feb; d/o Felix and Elisabeth (Enzweiler) sp-Michael Blenke and Regina Supran
Maginot, Elisabeth b-20 Feb 1874; bp-21 Feb; d/o Mathias and Anna (Jennmeier) sp-Elisabeth Mayer
Maginot, Joseph b-10 Aug 1869; bp-15 Aug; s/o Mathias & Anna (Jennawein) sp-Joseph Jenewein & Maria Totsmein
Maizorn, Maria b-28 Oct 1865; bp-29 Oct; d/o Peter and Elisabeth (Jorgens) sp-Maria Elisabeth Chappel
Mayer, Arnold b-not listed; bp-Dec. 21, 1873; s/o Henry Mayer & wife; no other information
Mayer, Leon Joseph b-19 Nov 1872 bp-24 Nov; s/o Leon and Barbara (Wimmer) sp-Joseph and Barbara Wimer
Mayer, Mathew Francis b-Dec. 20, 1873; bp-Dec. 25, 1873; s/o Leon Mayer & Barbara Wimmer; sp-Mattheus & Anna Maginot
McArthur, Maria 5 July 1867 bp-25 Aug; d/o Peter and Callista (Taft) sp-Georg Faft? & Barbara Taft
McArthur, Maria Bell b-7 Feb 1864 bp-11 Feb; d/o Peter and Callia (Taft) sp-George and Barbara Taft
McNally, Henri Patrick bp-29 Apr 1874
McNally, Johann Joseph b-24 Jan 1870 bp-5 Feb; s/o John and Anne (Eggan) sp-Eduard Worley and Brigitha Blord
Mercier, Maria Lois; b-March 26, 1865; bp-March 26, 1865; illegitimate d/o Maria H. Mercier; sp-Elisabeth Weber; Died June 4, 1865
Messing, Theresia; bp-Jan. 2, 1867; d/o Henry Messing & Catharina Hartke; sp-Anton Klimdomk? & Theresia Hartke
Miller, Joseph William Christopher b-22 Sep 1873 bp-18 Jan 1874; s/o William and Catharine (Braun) sp-Joseph and Elisabeth Junk
Millermann, Gerhard; b-Oct. 7, 1860; bp-Sept. 6, 1868; s/o David Millermann & Agnes Crawford; sp-Gerhard Schaffeld; Note: there is the word twins in the margin that was scratched out and rewritten; dates transcribed as written.
Millermann, Sophia; b-Sept. 2, 1863; bp-Sept. 6, 1868; d/o David Millermann & Agnes Crawford; sp-Sophia Grammer?; Note: there is the word twins in the margin that was scratched out and rewritten; dates transcribed as written.
Motz, Anton b-14 July 1872; bp-4 Aug; s/o Andreas and Maria (Schultheis) sp-Anton and Margaret Frankenhof; Married Mary O’Connor on March 7, 1912 at Guardian Angels Parish, Mt Washington, Ohio
Motz, Edward b-23 Feb 1867 bp-3 Mar; s/o Andreas and Maria (Schultheis) sp-Johann and Elisabeth Schultheis
Motz, Francis Henri b-27 Dec 1868 bp-6 Jan 1869; s/o Andreas and Maria (Schulthies) sp-Henri and Eva Motz
Motz, Jacob Theobald; b-April 13, 1865; bp-April 23, 1865; s/o Henry A. Motz & Eva Ludwig; sp-Jacob & Catherine Strifle
Motz, Johann b-10 Dec 1870; bp-10 Dec; s/o Andreas and A M (Schultheis) sp-Johann and Joanna Ritter
Motz, Maria b-2 July 1865; bp-9 July; child of Andreas and Anna (Schultheis) sp-Carl Motz and Catharine Schultheis
Motz, Margaret b-3 Feb 1874; bp-10 Feb; d/o Andreas and Maria (Schultheis) sp-Joseph and Maria Ehmer
Muller, B(ernard) Henri b-24 Dec 1865; bp-25 Dec; s/o Louis and Bernadina (Urlage) sp-B H Mayer and A Maria Schaffeld
Müller, Wilhelm Joseph; b-Dec. 5, 1871; bp-Dec. 17, 1871; s/o Wilhelm Müller & Catharina Braun; sp-Joseph Junk & Anna Catharina Keck

Nabel, Anna Maria b-29 Jan 1865; bp-29 Jan; d/o Gerhard and Catharine (Doll) sp-Louis Miller and Lucia Reckers
Naber, Catharine Maria b-20 Mar 1867; bp-3 Mar; d/o Ralph and Elisabeth (Enzweiler) sp-Joseph and Barbara Catharine Enweiler
Neping, Theresa bp-2 Jan 1867; d/o Henri and Catharine (Hartke) sp-Anson Klemdowd? and Theresa Hartke
Niemeyer, Bernardina Christina b-13 Nov 1874; bp-15 Nov; d/o Joseph and (none given) sp-El D Vormohr and Christian Niemeyer
Niemeyer, Josephine Catharine b-24 Mar 1872; bp-25 Mar; d/o Joseph and Anna Catharine (Eugers) sp-Peter and Catharine Brunner
Nolte, Carl Anton b-29 June 1869; bp-14 July; s/o Georg and Frederica (Deters) sp-Carl Frede and Maria Plough
Nolte, Edward Joseph b-7 Mar 1874; bp-19 Mar; s/o Georg and Frederica (Detters) sp-Joseph Meling and Mrs, Deters; writing smeared and written over
Nolte, Francis Henri 23 Mar 1872; bp-25 Mar; s/o Georg and Frederica (Deters) sp-Henri Reckers and Bernadina Mayer

Ortlieb, ? ; bp-Jan. 12, 1868; child of Constantin Ortlieb & ?; sp-too faded to read; This entry precedes the legible Feb. 1868 entry.
Ortlieb, Johann b-11 Feb 1870; bp-1 Mar; s/o (name smeared) and Catharine (smeared) sp-Johann and Maria Anna Schmitt
Ottlieb, Maria Catharine b-26 Jan 1872; bp-4 Feb; d/o Constant and Catharine (Schmidt) sp-Maria Schmidt and Con-- Ottlieb
Ortlieb, Wilhelm b-22 Mar 1866; bp-25 Mar; s/o Constantine and Catharine (Schmidt) sp-Lawrence Schmidt and Gertrude Heeg
Otter, Aloysia G. Rebecca; b-June 10, 1873; bp-June 22, 1873; d/o Henry/Herman Otter & Zara Clark; sp-Wilhelm Otter & Cath. Spromk; Father’s first name cut off in tight binding
Otter, Aloysius b-10 June 1873 bp-22 June; s/o Henry and Sara (Clark) sp-Mathew Otter and Catharine Spruomk
Ottlieb, Johann; b-Feb. 11, 1870; bp-March 1, 1870; s/o Constan Ottlieb & Catharina Schmitt; sp-Johann Schmitt & Maria Anna Schmitt; entry smeared and hard to read
Otter, Johannes b-13 Feb 1864; bp-13 Feb; s/o Bernhardine Otter; father unknown; sp-Maria Heitbrink; died May 21, 1864
Ottlieb, Edward b-25 June 1874; bp-5 July; s/o Constant and Catharine (Schmidt) sp-Zachariah and Anna Maria Kempf
Ottlieb, Maria Catharina; b-Jan. 26, 1872; bp-Feb. 4, 1872; d/o Constantin Ottlieb  & Catharina Schmidt; sp-Constantine Ottlieb & Maria Schmidt

Pfisler, Stephan b-28 Oct 1868; bp-15 Nov; s/o Adam Heinrich and A M (Strittmuller) sp-Stephan and Helena Schmitt
Pille, Francisca Gertrude b-9 Mar 1871; bp-11 Mar; d/o Ferdinand and Elisabeth (Kuhl) sp-Francis Henri Pille and Gertrude A Kuhl
Poos, Henri b-23 Sep 1867; bp-4 Oct; s/o Johann and Maria Elisabeth (Schmitt) sp-Johann and Catharine Schmitt
Poos, Johann b-1 Dec 1867; bp-10 Dec; s/o Mathias and Anna (Ketterer) sp-Johann and Helena Wagner
Poos, Johann; b-May 1, 1867; bp-May 10, 1867; s/o Matthias Poos & Aimae? Ketterer; sp-Johann & Helena Wagner; Note: listed just after the Dec. 1867 baptisms
Poos, Maria Margaret b-Nov. 18, 1871; bp-Nov. 18, 1871; d/o Mathias Poos & Anna Maria Ketterer; sp-Maria Krugden
Poos, Wencelaus; b-Sept. 23, 1867; bp-Oct. 4, 1867; s/o Johann Poos & Maria Schmitt (Eliz. Gerrein written above Maria’s names); sp-Johannes & Cath. Schmitt

Recker, Bernard Francis b-20 Sep 1865; bp-1 Oct; s/o Henri and Elisabetha (Kerner) sp-Bernard Huesmann
Recker, Johann Henri Francis bp-16 July 1870; s/o Henri and Elisabeth (Wecker) sp-Francis and Theresa Tappe
Reckers, Anna Maria b-28 Oct 1874; bp-1 Nov; d/o Theodor and Elisabeth (Willenbrook) sp-Francis Upslof and A M Reckers
Reckers, Anna Maria Elisabeth bp-18 Nov 1872; d/o Theodor & Elisabeth (Willenbruck) sp-Lois Moeller & Angela Hesspin
Reckers, Anna Maria Louisa b-1 Jan 1872; bp-6 Jan; d/o Georg and Anna Maria (Rollfues) sp-Johann H. Bruns  and Adelheid Eping
Reckers, Catharine b-2 June 1867; bp-3 June; d/o Theodor B and M Elisabeth (Willenbach) sp-Johann and Elisabeth Reckers
Reckers, Georg b-23 Feb 1871; bp-25 Feb; s/o Theodor & Elisabeth (Willenborg) sp-Georg Reckers and Dina Pushof; Died Sept. 14, 1872
Reckers, H.; bp-Feb.1873; rest of entry too faded to read; First name could be Henry or Herman
Reckers, Margaret Rosa Maria b-30 Sep 1869 bp-4 Oct; d/o Berhard and Elisabeth (Willenburg) sp-Johann Reckers and Maria Willenburg
Riebel, Leonard Francis b-24 May 1867; bp-11 June; s/o Johann and Elisabeth (Betz) sp-Leonard and Julia Trunk
Ritter, Henry Andrew; bp-Nov. 1867; s/o ? Ritter & rest of entry too faded to read
Ritter, Johann Adalbert; b-Dec. 21, 1873; bp-Dec. 24, 1873; s/o Johann Ritter & Josephina Frühboy
Robertson, Josephina b-27 Dec 1871; bp-28 Jan 1872; d/o Jacob and Margaretha (Quinn) sp-Christian Lewis
Roellig, Amelia b-12 Mar 1870; bp-15 Mar; d/o Georg and Margaretha (Schmitt) sp-Christian Lew and Amelia Schmitt
Rose, Emilia b-17 May 1873 bp-6 June; d/o Wilhelm and Emma (Bomler?) sp-Brigatta Garetty & Robert Walsch
Rosa, Margaret Frances b-21 Sep 1874 bp-14 Nov; d/o Wilhelm and Emma (Bunkler) sp-none given
Rumlin, Maria b-4 July 1864 bp-4 Dec; d/o Ernest and Elisabeth (Betz) sp-Jacob and Maria Betz
Ryan, Joseph bp-9 Mar 1866; s/o Joseph and Isabella (Bauer) sp-Joseph Wright
Ryan, Maria b-9 Dec 1871 bp-17 Dec; d/o Frank and Brigitta; sp-Christian Betsch and Margaret Howard

Saelinger, Andreas b-4 June 1866; bp-29 June; s/o Andreas and Catharine (Fey) sp-Andreas and Maria Maginot; bp-in Jamestown; Note: mother’s first name was Karolina; not Catharine as stated in this entry (She was my gg grandmother)
Schaffeld, Adolf Adalbert; b-Sept. 14, 1868; bp-Sept. 14, 1868; s/o Johann Schaffeld & Maria Whitte; sp-Adalbert Schaffeld & F.P. Grome
Schaffeld, Anna Catharine b-20 July 1866; bp-15 Aug; d/o Johann and Maria ( Wurthe) sp-Anna Schaffeld & Joseph Wuther; mother’s name was smeared
Schaffeld, Anna Catharine b-13 Oct 1874; bp-14 Oct; d/o Adalbers and Frances (Habbeighorst) sp-John Schaffeld
Schaffeld, Anna Elisabeth b-10 Dec 1874; bp-11 Dec; d/o Gerhard and Anna (Listner) sp-Elisabeth Schipp and John Schaffeld
Schaffeld, Gerhard Joseph bp-28 Nov 1872; s/o Johann and Maria (Whitte) sp-Gerhard and Anna Maria Schaffeld
Schaffeld, Joseph Bernard b-9 Jan 1865; bp-9 Jan; s/o Johann and Maria (Witte) sp-Elisabeth Witte and Bernard Schaffeld
Schappel, Anna Catharine b-7 Nov 1874; bp-14 Nov; d/o Lorenz and (none given) sp-Louis Chappin and Catharine Schappel
Schappel, Catharine b-18 Sep 1867; bp-6 Oct; d/o Joseph and Catharine; sp-Joseph Elmer and M Ludwig
Schappel, Emma b-23 Aug 1872; bp-25 Aug; d/o Johanna and Elisabeth (Joerkins) sp-Joseph Joerkins and Philomena Ludwig
Schappel, Theresa b-5 June 1869; bp-22 June; d/o Johann and Elisabeth (Joerkins) sp-Peter Mauwin and Theresa Schappel
Scherer, Anna Catharine b-21 Apr 1867 bp-25 Apr; d/o Louis and Margaret (Leppert) sp-Anna Catharine Reiter
Scherer, Carolina b-20 Jan 1865; bp-19 Feb; s/o Louis and Frances (Leppert) sp-Andreas and Carolina Saelinger
Scherer, Johann Joseph b-26 Dec 1868; bp-16 Jan 1869; s/o Ludwig and Francisca (Leppert) sp-Joseph Leppert and Anna Maria Ruller?
Scherer, Magdalena b-28 June 1871; bp-10 July; d/o Louis and Francisca (Leppert) sp-Hilarius Scherer and Maria Messmer
Scherrer, Johan b-14 Aug 1874; bp-23 Aug; sp-St. Schmidt; no other info
Schields, Francis Carl b-17 Dec 1864; bp-17 Dec; s/o Hugo and Julia (Barns) sp-Augustin Klem & Maria Helm
Schields, Maria b-10 Aug 1867; bp-15 Aug; d/o Joseph and Ka (Barnes) sp-Joseph and Maria Manay
Schlitter, Johann Henry bp-13 May 1865; s/o Henri and Agnes (Wiesering) sp-J P Wiesering and Elisabeth Schlitter
Schlutter, Anna Catharine b-6 Mar 1872; bp-8 Mar; d/o Henri and Agnes (Wiesering) sp-Catharine Wiesering and Bernard Schlutter
Schlutter, Francis Aloysius b-19 Nov 1874; bp-22 Nov; s/o Henri and Agnes (Wifering) sp-Aloysius Feldmann and Elisabeth Wifering
Schmitt, Catharine b-22 Nov 1865; bp-27 Nov; d/o Lourent Schmitt & Bernhardina Weber; sp-Johann Schmitt & Cath. Weber; died Dec. 10, 1865
Schmitt, Elisabeth b-4 Mar 1870; bp-24 Mar; d/o Lawrence and Anna (Rollers) sp-Johann and Gertrude Heeg
Schmitt, Francis Henri Robert b-9 July 1871; bp-10 July; s/o Robert and Catharine (Wieserring) sp-Henri Wieserring and Helena Schmitt
Schmitt, Johann b-6 Oct 1868; bp-18 Oct; s/o Lawrence and Anna (Rollers) sp-Constance and Catharine Ottlieb
Schmitt, Maria Catharine Clara b-5 Aug 1873; bp-5 Aug; d/o Robert and Catharine (Messring) sp-Stephan Schmitt and Catharine Messring
Schneider, Anna Maria b-3 May 1871; bp-14 May; d/o Phillip and Francisca (Betsch) sp-Francisca Bordani
Schneider, Christina b-23 May 1864; bp-24 May; d/o Phillip and Frances (Batsch) sp-Martin Batsch and Christina Fels
Schneider, Catherina b-9 Sep 1873; bp-14 Sep; d/o Philip and Frances Margaret (Betsch) sp-Valentine and Margaret Schneider
Schneider, Robert Phillip b-3 Feb 1869; bp-3 Mar; s/o Phillip and Frances (Betsch) sp-Robert and Helena Schwab
Schraut, Philomena Josephina b-7 Aug 1870; bp-7 Aug 1870; d/o Henri Anton and Carolina (Schmitt) sp-Joseph Kuhl and Philomena Vasche
Schreiber, Maria Amalia b-8 Mar 1871; bp-12 Mar; d/o David and Maria Anna (Glempler) sp-Joseph Schuh and Amalia Barton
Schreiber, William Stephan b-3 Apr 1874; bp-4 Apr; s/o d/o Eduard and Maria (Stemler) sp-Stephan and Walburga Stensler
Schuh, Anna Maria b-1 July 1867; bp-17 July; d/o Joseph and Barbara (Straub) sp-Joseph and Catharine Elfers; Note: Father’s last name looks closer to Puls; Schuh is written in the margin
Schuh, Barbara b-8 Oct 1870; bp-9 Oct; d/o Joseph and Barbara (Straub) sp-Amelia Barten and Stephan Lempler
Schuh, Emilia b-19 Dec 1864; bp-25 Dec; d/o Joseph and Barbara (Straub) sp-Francis Baden and Theresa Fanzer
Schwab, Barbara b-28 Dec 1866; bp-11 Jan 1867; d/o Francis and Catharine (Wagner) sp-Peter Ludwig and Barbara Schwab
Schwab, Barbara b-30 Sep 1867; bp-3 Oct; d/o Henri and Barbara (Becker) sp-Johann Lehner and Barbara Anna Becker
Schwab, Catharine b-26 Nov 1865; bp-3 Dec; d/o Paul and Maria (Becker) sp-Joseph Becker and Catharine Schwab
Schwab, Elisabeth b-2 Jan 1865; bp-8 Jan; d/o Paul and Maria (Becker) sp-Robert Schwab and Elisabeth Becker
Schwab, Francis b-29 July 1865; bp-2 Aug; s/o Robert and (Betsch) sp-Phillip and Francisca Schneider
Schwab, Francis Robert b-23 Sep 1869; bp-4 Oct; s/o Francis and Catharine (Wagner) sp-Maria Ziegler and Robert Schwab
Schwab, Francis Robert b-18 Dec 1870; bp-18 Dec 1870; s/o Robert and Helena (Betsch) sp-Catharine Schwab; listed in one entry with twin brother Johann Adam Schwab
Schwab, Gerhard b-30 Apr 1868; bp-13 May; s/o Robert and Helena (Schneider) sp-Gerhard Schaffeld and Ma---- Betsch
Schwab, Johann b-15 Mar 1867; bp-17 Mar; s/o Paul and Maria (Becker) sp-Johann Becker and Margaret Heimler
Schwab, Johann Adam bp-18 Dec 1870; s/o Robert and Helena (Betsch) sp-James & Elisabeth Geis/Zeis; Listed in one entry with twin brother Francis Robert
Schwab, Maria b-3 July 1864; bp-17 July; d/o Francis and Catharine (Wagner) sp-Peter Ludwig and M Ackermann
Schwab, Maria Catharine b-26 Nov 1873; bp-7 Dec; d/o Francis and (not given) sp-Johann and Catharine Kempf
Schwab, Maria Magdalena b-1 Dec 1873; bp-7 Dec; d/o Robert and Helena (Betsch) sp-Johann Lautermann and Magdalena Schneider
Schwab, Martin b-15 July 1864; bp-19 July; d/o Robert and Helena (Betsch) sp-Martin Betsch and Francisca Schneider; died Oct. 3, 1864
Schwab, Peter Adam b-17 Feb 1869; bp-22 Feb; s/o Paul and Anna Maria (Becker) sp-Johann Becker and Elisabeth Wirz?
Schwab, Philomena Carolina b-29 Oct 1871; bp-12 Nov; d/o Francis and Catharine (Wagner) sp-Joseph and Mary Ziegler
Schwarzenhoelzer, Philomena Cecilia b-1 Nov 1873; bp-23 Nov; d/o Christian and Christina (Baumann) sp-Carl Walbach and Philomena Ziegler
Schwarzholzon, Joseph b-24 July 1864; bp-4 Sep; s/o Christian and Christina (Baumann) sp-Joseph Baumann and Franszina Schneider
Seifert, Cecelia Catharine b-22 Dec 1867; bp-23 Dec; d/o Christian and Maria (Woelfel) sp-Johann and Magdalena Woelfel
Shuh, George Eduard; b-March 24, 1873; bp-March 29, 1873; s/o Joseph Shuh & Catharina Straub; sp-George & Theresia Klimp; entry very faded
Speth, Eva Joanna b-2 Dec 1860; bp-7 June 1869; no parents given; sp-Carolina Speth and Johann Baumann
Speth, Martha Ella b-6 Aug 1863; bp-7 June 1869; no parents given; sp-Carolina Speth and Johann Baumann
St John, Henri b-19 Oct 1873; bp-1 Nov; s/o Joseph and (none given); sp-Emma Purcell
Stockhof, Henri Gerhard b-29 Apr 1870; bp-1 May; s/o Bernard and Catharine (Geres) sp-Gerard Linemann and Anna Maria Maier
Supran, Anna Josephina b-1 Sep 1870; bp-4 Dec; d/o Johann and Regina; sp-Christian Kreider and Elisabeth Mader
Supran, Anna Regina b-30 Jan 1868; bp-2 Feb; d/o Johann and Regina (Schneider) sp-Capp Hammer and Catharine Schwab

Taft, Alfred Willard b-11 Jan 1865; bp-12 Mar; s/o Alfred Karl and Isabella (Willard) sp-Samuel and Emilia Taft
Thelly, Jacob Patrick; b-Feb. 18, 1864; bp-April 17, 1864; s/o Johann Thelly & Maria Burk; sp-Elisabetha Vashe
Thoma, Carl b-17 July 1871; bp-20 Aug; s/o Phillip & Louisa Zimmermann; sp-Christian Wiedenlinen? & Elisabeth Boecker; entry faded unevenly
Turotowitsch, Francis b-6 Feb 1865; bp-10 Feb; s/o Carl and Maria; sp-Frederic Messink
Turotowitsh, Joseph b-21 Feb 1866; bp-3 Mar; s/o Francis and Agnes W; sp-Catharina Messink

Vasche, Maria Elisabeth b-28 Dec 1873; bp-28 Dec; d/o Henri and Lucia (Reckers) sp-H Reckers and Elisabeth Vasche
Vogelbach, Francis Charles; “Frank”; b-Dec. 29, 1868; bp-Feb. 7, 1869; s/o Francis X. Vogelbach & Catharine Hergenrüther; sp-Carl Schmitz & Maria Leuysa? Dennis
Vogelbach, Gertrude Cornelia; b-Jan. 10, 1865; bp-Feb. 13, 1865; d/o Francis Xavier Vogelbach & Catharina Herginroether; sp-Marcus & Gertrude Betsch
Vogelbach, Margaretha; b-Feb. 8, 1867; bp-March 24, 1867; d/o Francis Vogelbach & Catharina Hergenrother; sp-Johannes Boekbauer & Margaretha Kühn; Note: Alice written in the margin; but the name in the entry was Margaretha
Vriese, Edward Joseph b-9 Sep 1874 bp-14 Sep; no other information given

Walter, Anton b-20 July 1865; bp-23 July; s/o Anton and (none given) sp-Jacob Wolf
Walter, Francis b-19 June 1869; bp-4 July; s/o Anton and Maria (Fesselmeier) sp-Emil and Victoria Heim
Wenz, Anna Maria b-14 Mar 1873; bp-9 Apr; d/o Francis and Louisa (Weibel) sp-W M Weibel
Wilhelm, Peter Johann Georg b-3 Nov 1865; bp-9 Nov; s/o Peter and Appolonia (Müller) sp-Peter Müller & Anna Koeth
Willsbach, Johann Adam b-19 Nov 1874; bp-22 Nov; s/o Carl and Philomena (Ziegler) sp-Johann Kemp and Rosa Ziegler
Wirtz, Joseph b-25 July 1868; bp-1 Aug; s/o Valentine and Elisabeth (Becker) Joseph Ponewein & Anna Maginot
Wirtz, Margaretha b-8 Sep 1864; bp-11 Sep; d/o Johann and Margaret (Br---) sp-Margaret Becker
Wirtz, Margaretha b-27 Jan 1866; bp-28 Jan; d/o Valentine and Margaretha (Beckin) sp-Johann and Elisabeth Backen
Woebkenberg, Joseph b-5 June 1871 bp-8 June; s/o Frederic and Maria Anna (Scherer) sp-Adam Kriesbach and Elisabeth Scherer
Woebkenberg, Maria Elisabeth bp-23 Nov 1873; d/o Frederic and Maria Anna (Scherer) sp-Francis Spath and Anna Elisabeth Otters
Wollf, A (initial only given) bp-14 Aug 1864; child/of Carl and Alzenzine Carolina (Marsh?) sp-M Walthen

Ziegler, Anna Barbara b-19 Oct 1870 bp-30 Oct; d/o Joseph and Barbara (Sauer) s-Anna Grimme and Martin Sauer
Ziegler, Janel??; b-May 5, 1873; bp-May 17?, 1873; child of Joseph Ziegler & Barbara Sauer; sp-Johann Kaemp & Lena Ziegler; writing smeared & unevenly faded
Ziegler, Stephan b-29 Dec 1866 bp-11 Jan 1867; s/o Joseph and Barbara (Sauer) sp-Stephan and Helena Schmidt
Zumhorst, Francis Aloysius; b-June 21, 1871; bp-June 25, 1871; s/o Christian Zumhorst & Johanna Morenkamp; sp-Anton Beheia? & Gertrude Zumhorst

? (no last name listed), Ferdinand; bp-March 1 or 19, 1874; sp-Elisabeth Wüller.  Looks like the word Coulitenins?  is written to the left of the entry; tight binding


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