Veterans List-Volume III

This is an ongoing project from the Campbell County Historical Society to record all the veterans of Campbell County who have served in the military.  If you have military information about your Campbell County Veteran, contact Shirlene Jensen or
Pam Casebolt.


Updated 10 February 2014


Name Branch of Service War or Years Served
Adams, James B Army WWII
Adams, Leonard Army
Adams, Melvin II Navy 1971-75
Addison, James W Army Air Corps 1951
Albice, Lawrence Army Reserves  
Aldrice, Raymond Army 1945-46
Alerding, Aloysius William Marines WWII
Alford, Osborne E   1944
Allen, Marion   WWII
Ampfer, August Frederick Army WWII
Arthur, Albert Denton Army Korean War
Ashcraft, Wayne L Army Korean War
Ashford, George H Army Air Corps 1943-45
Back, James E Army WWII
Baily, William H Marines WWII
Baker, John W Jr. Air Force Vietnam
Baker, Odell Army WWII
Barnwell, Nathan Army/Reserves 1981-92/1992
Barth, Lawrence Army 1943-46
Barth, Robert J Navy WWII
Bartlett, Roy G Navy  
Bartlet, Thomas A 'Red' Navy WWII
Barthalter, Edward Dennis Army  
Baumer, Bernard Army 1944-45
Baumer, William A Merchant Marine 1943-45
Baur, Howard J Navy 1945-46
Bay, Delmar L Army WWII
Beall, William Kennedy Army 1812
Beane, Guy W Army WWII
Becker, Bernard G Seabees 1942-45
Becker, Frank J Army WWI
Becker, John Bertram   Vietnam
Becker, Raymond E Army Air Corps 1942-45
Beckett, Ray Army 1917-18
Beckman, William J Navy WWII
Behymer, Charles Glenn Army 1946-49
Behymer, Charles Russell Army WWII
Benedict, Robert Irvin   WWII
Benke, Arthur Army 1943-46
Bennett, Charles W Army 1942-45
Bennett, Robert E Army Air Corps 1942-46/1946-
Bennett, Roy H   WWII
Benton, Harlow Marines 1942-45
Benton, John S Marines/Army 1970-73/1976-90
Berg, Edward 'Jack' Army Air Corps  
Beringhaus, Clarence W Bill Air Force 1942-45
Berkemeier, Donald Army WWII
Berkemeyer, Norbert John Navy 1944-45
Bersch, Jack Carl Navy 1945-46
Bertram, Joe J Army Air Corps 1942-45
Bertram, Robert A Army Air Corps 1942-46
Bertsch, Charles J Army 1941-43
Berwanger, Theodore A Army 1942-43
Bickel, Clarence Eugene Navy 1944-45
Biedenharn, James T Navy 1943-46
Biery, William F Sr. Signa/Corps WWII
Bill, George Henry Army WWII
Binder, Robert G Air Corps  
Blankenship, Donald Navy 1946-
Bogart, James Air Force  
Bolte, Albert C   WWII
Boltz, Jack C   WWII
Bonar, Douglas G Coast Guard 1942-45
Bonnick, Albert T Army 1941-46
Bonnick, Robert J Army 1941-46
Borches, Victor D Army 1942-45
Boss, Chester, H Army 1942-45
Boss, Edwin E Army 1942-44
Boss, Muriel E Navy 1944
Boyd, James Madison Army 1864-65
Boyd, Robert A Army Civil War
Braun, Charles Wesley Army 1943-45
Braun, Charles William Army 1941-45
Braun, Hazel Leah WAC WWII
Braun, J W Army WWII
Brauntz, B L Army WWII
Brauntz, C L Army Air Corps WWII
Bresnan, Robert J    
Brewster, A Leslie Army Air Corps WWII
Bricking, Edward F Army 1942-
Broadwater, Kenneth M Army  
Brown, James 'Red' Army  
Brown, Robert E Army 1942-43
Browning, Charles    
Browning, William Sr. Army WWII
Buechel, Robert F Army 1943-45
Buechel, Robert W Army 1973-76
Buechter, Bernard J Navy 1942-46
Bunning, Louis A Jr. Army 1945
Burch, Ray Army 1942-43
Burchett, Harold    
Burgin, George E Jr. Army Vietnam
Burkhardd, Joseph F Navy 1945-46
Burkhardt, Raymond A Army 1942-46
Burlew, Edwin Charles Navy WWII
Burns, Robert W Navy 1942-45
Burris, Fred A Army Air Corps 1942-45
Buten, Robert Elroy Dr. Navy WWII
Burton, Albert Daniel Marine WWII
Butts, Chester Army WWII
Butz, Charles A Sr. Army Air Corps WWII
Byrd, John Army 1943-45
Byrne, James Military Government 1945-46
Byrne, Robert Merchant Marines  
Camins, George Army WWII
Campbell, Archie J Army 1942-46
Campbell, Lucern Howard Marine 1954
Carmichael, Charles Army WWII
Carter, Lawrence Merchant Marines 1942-46
Carter, Thomas W Army 1942-45
Case, Jason Matthew Navy 1991-95
Case, Robert Army 1945-47
Case, Robert L Army/Marines 1970-71/1971-
Cason, Edward F Navy 1942-46
Cason, James F    
Casson, Charles Marines 1945-46
Caudill, Lloyd V 'Dink' Army WWII
Centner, Albert F Navy WWII
Chaffin, Alva   WWII
Chalk, Robert "Chick" Coast Guard  
Chalk, Vincent W Army WWII
Chamles, Conrad W Army 1945
Chandler, Richard Navy WWII
Chandler, Thomas Navy WWII
Cheevers, Frank M Navy 1944-46
Chenot, Russell G Army  
Clark, James O 'Bus' Air Force/Army 1942-45
Claudy, Elmer M Army 1944-45
Clawson, Donald W Navy WWII
Clayton, James F Navy WWII
Clift, Benton E Jr. Army 1950-52
Cloud, Charles Millard Army 1941-45
Coffman, Cameron V Sr. Army WWII
Cofojohn, George Navy WWII
Cohorn, Estel Jr   WWII
Cole, Carlos Army WWII
Colling, Robert D Air Corps WWII
Combs, Lucian Donald Marines  
Connett, Clifford Bernard Army Air Corps 1945-46
Connett, Richard A Army 1969-72
Conway, Warren R Marines 1942-45
Cook, Carl Army WWII
Corner, Vernon C Navy 1944-
Cosner, Thomas W Army 1945
Cotter, Charles C Army Air Corps 1942-46
Cox, Raymond Army 1942-45
Cox, William A    
Crawford, Cartha H Army  
Creamer, Jack L Navy WWII
Creekmore, William M   WWII
Crook, Doyle M Army WWII
Cross, Gordon R Army WWII
Crowder, Claude Albert Army WWII
Crowe, Arthur Sr. Navy WWII
Cryer, Earl Army 1943-46
Cummins, Earl Stevenson Merchant Marines/Navy 1944-47/1951-55
Cunningham, Joseph William Army WWII
Cunningham, LeRoux R Navy 1943-46
Curtsinger, Thomas Russell "Curt" Navy Vietnam
Daines, Guy Victor Navy  
Daniel, Ernest F Army 1943-46
Daunt, Charles E Army 1942-45
Davies, Stanley H   WWI
Davies, William H Jr. Army 1942-45
Davis, Cliff Army 1944-45
Davis, J Craig Army WWII
Davis, Nick F Army WWII
Davis, W S Army 1942-45
Dawes, Clyde Army 1952-53
Dawes, Michael Army 1972-73
Deal, Walter Richard Navy WWII
Dean, Benjamin Army 1942-45
Dehne, Jack C Navy 1944-45
DeMoss, Floyd Joseph Air Force  
DeWald, John Navy  
DeZorn, Gilbert Army WWII
Dieckgers, George Union Army 1864-65
Diers, Helen Anna Dr. MD Navy WWII
Dingus, Ronald Ray Sr.    
Dittus, Gorge C   WWII
Dixius, Carl Thomas Army  
Dixon, Peter Tipton Army WWI
Dobbs, William Ellis Army WWII
Dolan, Alvin Air Force WWII
Dolan, Lawrence Marines WWII
Donnelly, James Army Air Corps WWII
Dorgan, Robert T Navy WWII
Dougherty, Stanley Morris Army WWII
Douglas, Herman B Marines 1943-46
Doulucas, Robert Army Korean War
Doyle, Frank W Jr. Army/Air Corps 1941-45
Doyle, Robert G Army 1943-46
Dramer, William L Army WWII
Dreihaus, Clayton P Navy Korean War
Duckworth, John Wilbert Army 1943
Dudenhoeffer, Cletus Army 1942-45
Eads, John Army 1943-46
Eads, Lafayette G Army WWII
Eads, Malcolm Jr. Army 1943-46
Ebert, Andrew Army Air Corps 1941-45
Edgar, Harold C Army 1943-46
Eglian, David C Coast Guard 1957-61
Eifert, Charles B Army 1943-46
Eisenmann, Robert K Army 1943-46
Elam, Gerald W Navy  
Elam, Jack Marines WWII
Elam, Joseph D Army  
Elmes, Charles    
Embry, Bradford L Army WWII
Emmett, Robert Army/Air Corps WWII
England, Charles A Army WWII
Engle, James A US Navy Korean War
Engle, Russell L US Army WWI
Eplin, Archibald Army 1861-64
Espenscheid, Fred Army 1942-45
Evans, Claude D Army 1942-45
Everman, Larry Navy Reserve Active Duty 1967-69
Fahlbush, Thomas C Navy WWII
Faigle, Philip C Navy 1942-45
Fanning, J Patrick Army WWII
Fechter, George W Army 1942-43
Fechter, John P    
Feinauer, Frank   WWII
Feinauer, Mildred   WWII
Feinauer, Roy L Seabees WWII
Feinauer, Victor Army WWII
Ferring, Gregory    
Fessler, Frank John Jr. Army WWII
Fields, Garnet E 'Pete' Army WWII
Finn, Edward Army 1943-45
Fisse, William Army WWII
Flaig, James Henry Army Air Corps 1944-45
Flaig, Robert W Sr. Army/MAC 1942-46
Flaig, Wilbert E Army Air Corps 1942-43
Flairty, William A Army Korean War
Flaugher, George R Navy 1942
Flinker, Emil 'Al' B Marines WWII
Flora, Ervin K Army Air Corps WWII
Flynn, Edward W Navy 1943-46
Ford, George G Army WWII
Foster, Jonathan Kentucky Militia 1814-1815
Fowler, T Army 1940-43
Franzen, Albert C   WWII
Franzen, Edward Nicholas Army 1950-52
Fred, William J Jr.    
Fries, Richard F Army WWII
Froelicher, Robert J Army 1950-52
Fuller, William D Marines 1943-46
Fulweiler, Harry E Army WWII
Futscher, Jerome F "Jerry"    
Gall, George "Mike"   Korean War
Gallagher, Michael Army WWII
Gammon, Thomas Patrick Navy WWII
Garmony, Loyce    
Garrard, Alen William   Korean
Garrett, Robert    
Garrison, William Calvin Army WWII
Gasdorf, Robert E Army Air Corps WWII
Gasdorf, Wilbur Army 1943-45
Gaskins, Harold Army Air Corps 1942-46
Gearding, Robert J Army Air Corps 1943-46
Geiger, Victor C Navy 1961-1971
Geiman, John A   WWII
Geisel, Ledyard   WWII
Geiser, Robert F Army WWII
Gemmer, John F Jr. Army Air Corps 1942-45
Gerdes, Richard h Marines Korean War
Gibson, Everett Army 1941-45
Gibson, John Air Corps 1943-45
Giesting, William    
Gilb, George Marines Korean War
Gilb, Howard E Army 1943-45
Gilb, Raymond J Navy 1945-46
Gillett, Melvin Navy WWII
Gilmartin, Neal W Army 1942-46
Goetz, George Herbert Navy 1942-45
Goins, Floyd H Army 1942-45
Goodrich, Donald Army 1942-46
Gose, Lenwood Army 1940-45
Gosney, John E Army  
Granner, Charles W "Bill" Army Air Corps WWII
Gray, Joan L Marines  
Graziana, Charles R Army 1942-45
Grebner, Jack F Army 1943-44
Greenholz, Donald E Army Air Force 1942-43
Greenholz, Lawrence R Army 1941-46
Griffin, Charles W Coast Guard WWII
Griffin, Joey Lee Army  
Griffin, William Orie Sr. Army WWII
Griffith, Willard Earl Army WWII
Grimm, Walter L Air Corps 1936-43
Grimm, Walter L Marines 1924-34
Grimm, Walter L Army 1920-23
Groeschen, John J Army 1943-46
Gugel, Edward E    
Gugel, William    
Gunkel, Aloysius Army 1944-46
Gunkel, Ralph Army 1951-53
Gunkel, Raymond B Army 1942-43
Gutfreund, Elmer A Navy 1944-46
Guthier, William J Navy 1945-46
Haigis, Gary William Air Force 1962-66
Hail, Edward A Army 1944-
Hale, Donald Navy 1945-
Hale, Glendon Navy 1943-46
Hall, Paul Joseph Marines 1944-
Hamby, John Marines WWII
Hammel, George Army Air Corps 1945
Hanneman, Verner C Navy 1941-45
Harden, Carroll 'Curly' Army Air Corps WWII
Harker, Charles Roger Army 1945
Harper, William E Army 1942-45
Harris, Elgin 'Pat' Marines WWII
Harrison, Carl J Army WWII
Harrison, Charles Merchant Marines 1944-
Harrison, Richard L Navy WWII
Hartig, Arthur John Army Korean War
Hartman, Robert R Army Air Corps 1943-45
Hartman, William F Marines 1944-
Harthun, George T Navy WWII
Hasenbein, Walter    
Hater, Howard John Marines 1943-45
Hatfield, George W Army 1936-45
Hatfield, James Ferrell Army WWII
Hauck, John Army 1943-46
Hauck, John Army Air Corps 1942-46
Havink, Ron Navy 1955-57
Hawthorne, Raymond W Navy WWII
Hazelwood, Norman Cecil Navy WWII
Heck, Arthur Army 1950-52
Heck, Cletus Army 1945
Heck, John J Army 1943-45
Heck, Richard Navy 1943-45
Heck, Robert H Army 1945-49
Hecker, Stanley Eugene III Army Reserve 1967-68
Hedger, Jay T US Navy 1978-1981
Heeg, Edward G Marines 1944-46
Heidkamp, Fred Army 1942-45
Heil, Lawrence J Army  
Heil, Matt, J Navy 2942-45
Heitz, Edward J Army 1943-45
Hemer, Chester W Army 1942-43
Hemmerle, Robert Army Air Corps WWII
Henderson, Walter Lee Army 1918-19
Henderson, William A Army 1943-45
Henley, William F Army Korean War
Henn, Clifford A Army 1945
Henn, Wilford J Navy 1944-46
Henry, Gordon W Army 1944-46
Henry, Paul F Army 1949-69
Herbst, William Army 1943-45
Hering, Bernard O Army 1943-45
Hering, Edward Victor Army Air Corps 1943-45
Heringer, Charles Clement Army WWII
Heringer, Charles J Army Air Corps WWII
Hiance, Philip Army  
Hickman, Clarence M Navy 1945-
Hickman, Luther M Navy Air Force WWII
Hindmarch, Wilbur F Army WWII
Hill, Edwin C Naval Reserve 1943-45
Hils, George H Army WWII
Hobson, Carl    
Hodge, Harris M Army 1942-45
Hoebbel, Robert J Army Air Corps 1943-46
Hoesman, Edward Frederick Navy 1944-46
Hofaker, Carl F Air Corps 1943-45
Hoffman, Alfred    
Hoffman, Bernard Albert Army 1944-46
Hoffman, Carl G Army 1942-46
Hoffman, Carl J Army WWII
Hoffman, Carl S Army 1942-46
Hoffman, Edward F Army 1942-45
Hoffman, Elmer Joseph Army 1943-44
Hoffman, Harold W Army Air Corps 1946-
Hoffman, Lawrence G Army Air Corps 1945-
Hoffman, Owen Douglas Navy 1943-46
Hoffstedder, Clarence Whitey Navy WWII
Holbrook, Dewey Army 1943-45
Holt, Roy Vincent Army WWII
Holtz, Carl L Army WWII
Holtz, Joseph A Army 1944
Hopkins, John   1944
Hornsby, Bruce Theodore Air Force/Navy Reserves 1970-79/after 79
Hornsby, Lucian 'Tim' Air Force 1968-75
Hornsby, Theo Army 11943
Hosea, H J    
Hosea, William A    
Hosking, Richard J Army 1943-46
Hosking, William C Army Air Corps 1941-45
Houben, Murlen Carroll Army 1945-46
Houser, Louis Army 1943-46
Houston, Claude Augustus Navy WWII
Howell, James Coast Guard WWII
Howes, Charles R Marine Air Corps 1942-45
Howes, Harry R Jr. Army 1945
Howes, Leonard Army 1942-45
Huck, Edward Joseph Navy WWII
Huck, Herman F Army 1941-45
Huck, John J Army  
Huck, Raymond J Army 1941-
Huhn, James H Navy 1942-46
Huhn, John P Navy 1943-46
Huhn Werner Frederick Navy 1944-46
Humphreys, Jack Army 1945-
Hurd, Glenn "Sonny" Army  
Hutchison, James Dale Army  
Immegart, Kenneth L Navy 1944-46
Immegart, Robert Carl Navy 1942-45
Irwin, William E Marine  
Jager, Edward E Army 1943-45
Jarris, Jack W Army 1943-46
Johanneman, Elmer F Army Air Corps 1943-45
Johanneman, Melvin L Army Air Corps 1942-45
Johnson, Charles Jr.   Korea
Johnson, Edward Army 1942-46
Johnson, Fred Army WWII
Johnson, Oscar Jr. Army 1943
Johnson, Robert D Navy 1969-73
Johnson, Shelby Army WWII
Johnston, James W Marines 1942-46
Jones, Harry P Jr. Navy 1943-46
Jordan, John C Navy 1943-46
Jordan, Robert Army WWII
Jordan, Robert G Navy 1942-44
Jordan, William E Navy 1941-45
Kaeff, Walter J Jr. Army Air Corps WWII
Kaffenberger, Kenneth F Army Air Corps 1942-45
Kane, Robert    
Kavanaugh, Robert E Army 1944-45
Keating, George F Marines 1942-46
Keating, Margaret L WAC 1945-46
Kees, F J Army Air Corps WWII
Kees, Grant Army WWII
Kees, Jack Army WWII
Kees, Larry   WWII
Keith, James L Army 1943-46
Keith, Thomas B Navy 1944-45
Kelch, John E    
Keller, Aloysius Navy 1944-45
Keller, Charles L Army Korea
Keller, Lawrence    
Keller, Stanley    
Kelm, Lloyd H Coast Guard 1943-45
Keneman, Arthur G Army 1944-45
Kessler, Al Army 1944-45
Kiefer, Charles Army 1943-45
King, John R Army 1944
Kinney, Alvis Army WWII/Korea
Kinsella, William J Jr. Army 1942-46
Kinstler, Richard C Navy 1942-45
Kinstler, Robert C Navy 1944-46
Kinstler, Theodore R Navy WWII
Kites, M R    
Klausing, Raymond Army WWII
Klennert, William Edward Army WWII
Klump, Clarence L Air Force 1951-58
Klump, Wilbert Army 1943
Kmit, Anthony S Army WWII
Knapp, Cliff Air Corps 1942-45
Knapp, Joseph Army 1942-43
Knarr, Charles Air Corps 1943
Knarr, F R Air Corps WWII
Knock, Philip J Marines 1944-46
Koehler, William Army Korean War
Kohrs, Paul A Army 1953-55
Kramer, Frank C Navy 1943
Krebs, Denise Christine Navy 1992-98
Krebs, Edward Louis Army Vietnam
Kremer, Michael P Army WWII
Kremer, Paul Anthony Army Korea
Krift, Franklin T   WWII
Kroger, Edgar P Army 1943-46
Kroger, John F Army 1944
Kroger, Louis J Air Crops 1942-45
Kroger, Rudolf B Army Civil War
Kroth, William Army Korean War
Kruse, Edward R Navy 1943-46
Krutzkamp, Ralph Frank Navy 1945-46
Kuertz, Willis E    
Kues, Harry A Jr. Air Corps WWII 1942-45
Kuhnheim, Elmer Army WWII
Kuhr, Arthur W    
Kuntz, Arly Air Force Korean
Kyle, Harry S Jr. Army 1942-45
Laake, Gilbert G Navy  
Lafata, Sylvester B Jr. Army 1942-46
Laker, Earnest O Navy 1944-46
Laker, William J Navy 1942-48
Landberg, Oscar F Army 1943
Lane, Floyd Army 1928
Lane, Harry Paul Navy WWII
Lane, Sylvester Army 1919/WWII
Lang, Bob M Army WWII
LaRosa, Walter A "Rocky" US Marine Corps Vietnam
Lawrence, Harold Marines WWII
Leach, Arnold Merchant Marines 1943
Lee, Jack J Army Air Corps 1942-45
Lee, James E Navy 1942
Lehman, Charles F Navy WWII
Lehman, Robert J Navy WWII
Lehmkuhl, Robert Leonard Marines WWII
Leising, Herbert "Hap" Army WWII
LeMaster, William B Sr. Army WWII
Lemberg, Roland Navy WWII
Lenzer, Fred    
Lester, Charles T Army Air Corps 1943-46
Lickert, Clayton "Doc" Army WWII
Liles, Phillip R Sr. Navy Korean War
Lincoln, C T Army 1943-45
Lindsey, Emerson R Army Air Corps 1942-45
Link, Milton "Mickey" Navy WWII
Lipscomb, Charles F Navy 1947
Lipscomb, George R Jr. Army 1942-43
Listerman, Edwin Army WWII
Little, James Army WWII
Little, John R Navy Air Corps 1936-43
Little, Robert R Army Air Corps 1935
Lloyd, Robert James Army WWII
Lonnemann, Joseph H Army WWII
Loomis, Robert G Navy WWII
Losey, Gerald Thomas USAF 1953-73
Lottes, Elwood J Army Air Corps WWII
Luke, Hugh D Navy 1944-46
Luther, William G Navy WWII
Lutkenhoff, Robert W Army WWII
Lydon, Joseph Walter Army Air Corps 1942-45
Magly, George E Army 1943-45
Mainous, Conley   WWI
Maines, Clarence Jr. Navy WWII
Mains, Samuel F Army 1861-65
Maisch, John Army WWI
Malone, Millward R Navy 1941
Maloney, Clifford    
Mando, Lee F Army 1945
Maney, Sam Army WWII
Mankoski, A J Army 1917-WWI
Marksberry, David Army WWI
Marsh, Joseph Army 1943-45
Marshall, Robert E Army 1942
Martin, Ard P Army 1942-45
Martin, Elsie M Navy 1945-46
Martin, Francis W Navy 1949-53
Martin, M Clayton Navy WWII
Martin, Thomas Bernard Jr. Marines 1973-77
Marz, Robert Charles Army 1943-45
Mattingly, Osborne Army WWII
Mauser, Herman G Navy WWII
Mauser, Howard Michael Army WWII
Mayer, Walter B Army 1941-46
Mayernik, Paul Marine  
McArter, Edgar Army 1941
McArter, Thomas Army 1944
McCann, Arthur B Jr. Army 1942-45
McCann, James Louis Army 1942-45
McCarter, Charles Harrison Army 1942-45
McCarthy, Giles J Army Air Corps 1941-45
McClanahan, Franklin Army 1946
McClung, Dewitt T Army 1942-45
McClure, Andrew G Marines 1942-45
McClure, Davis H   WWII
McGrath, Vincent J Army 1938
McGuire, John J   WWII
McHale, James Valentine Navy WWII
McHenry, James R Air Corps WWII
McIntyre, George 'Mac' Army WWII
Meader, William L   WWII
Meadows, James B Army 1942-46
Meredith, Charles Edward Seabee 1942-43
Merling, Anna B USNR 1943
Merling, James L Army Air Corps 1942-46
Mersman, Robert L Navy 1944-46
Messmer, Albert H   WWII
Messmer, Robert Air Corps WWII
Meurer, Sylvester Army 1945
Meyer, Ambrose Army 1941-45
Meyer, Harry F Army 1944-46
Meyer, William L   1942
Miller, C E Aircraft/Signal Corps 1943-45
Miller, Frank W Navy/Army Air Corps WWII
Miller, George    
Miller, Jack Army 1941-45
Miller, Jacob Navy  
Miller, James C   WWII
Miller, Jule Navy WWII
Miller, Paris A Army Air Corps 1942-45
Miller, Woodrow Army Air Corps 1942-45
Milner, Otis Blaine Army WWII
Minesinger, David E Army 1942-46
Minsterman, Fred J Navy 1942
Minsterman, Robert Fred Army 1941-46
Mohr, Edward W Navy 1944-46
Mohr, Fred L Navy 1948-50
Mohr, Robert H Army 1946-48
Monahan, Michael J Merchant Marine 1925-42
Moore, Hansell B Navy 1938-45
Montgomery, Sherman L Air Force  
Moon, John Walton   WWII
Moore, Howard R Coast Guard 1943-46
Moore, Kenton Howard Army WWII
Morgan, Austin Army 1941-45
Morgan, Dale L Army 1941-64
Morris, Eugene Fenton Navy WWII
Morrison, Ralph J Army 1943-46
Morscher, Richard A "Dick" Navy WWII
Muehlenkamp, Joseph Bernard Army Air Corps 1942-46
Mueller, W Kenneth Navy 1944-46
Muench, Wilbert Army Air Corps 1941-45
Mullinix, Edwin H Army WWII
Mullins, Alvin Jr. Army WWII
Mullins, James Gordon Coast Guard  
Mumme, Carl Army WWII
Murphy, Francis Stephan Coast Guard 1940-46
Murphy, Herbert Howard Navy WWII
Myers, Charles H Army Air Corps 1942-45
Myers, Walter Andrew Army WWII


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