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Veterans List-Volume III


This is an ongoing project from the Campbell County Historical Society to record all the veterans of Campbell County who have served in the military.  If you have military information about your Campbell County Veteran, contact Shirlene Jensen or Pam Casebolt.


Updated 10 February 2014



Branch of Service

War or Years Served
Napier, Wilbur 'Larry' Merchant Marines 1943-46
Nassano, James A Army Air Corps 1942-45
Neal, Grover Army WWII
Neal, Morgan Allen Army WWII
Neiheisel, Frank 'Frank' Army 1941-45
Neiser, Henry Army WWI
Nelson, Robert A Navy 1942-45
Neltner, Wilfred H Marines 1944
Neltner, William J Army 1941
Neuhaus, Leroy R Army 1943-46
Neyman, James Army 1943
Nienaber, Edgar Seabees 1943-45
Norris, Joe E Air Force Korean War
North, Ronald Lee Marines  
Oates, Thomas Navy  
Oberding, Eugene 'Obie' Coast Guard  
O'Conner, James Richard Merchant Marine  
Oetjen, George Coast Guard 1942-43
Olberding, Gus H Army 1942-43
Oldiges, Edward Navy 1943-46
Oldiges, John Army 1942-45
Oldiges, William Navy 1941-45
Orth, Fidel T Army WWI
Orth, George John Army  
Osborn, Samuel J Marines WWII
Owens, Edgar W Army 1943-46
Owens, Elmer V Army 1944-46
Owens, Harry B Army 1943-45
Owens, Haydn Brewster Army 1945
Padgett, Robert E Jr. Army 1943-46
Painter, George Alfred Army Air Corps 1942-46
Palma, Joseph A Army WWII
Parks, Arthur, Joseph Army 1950-53
Parrot, Ralph Elmer Army WWII
Patterson, John D Army 1943-46
Patton, Earl Army 1942-45
Pelgen, Robert Joseph 'Tiny   WWII
Pellerin, John Army 1943-45
Pendery, Ralph B Army WWII
Perkins, Kenneth E Army 1942-45
Peter, Alfred C Army WWII
Peters, Joseph T Army 1942
Petrie, Eugene F Army 1944-45
Petrie, Gene Fred Army WWII
Petrie, Kenneth O Army 1943-45
Petrie, Robert John Army WWII
Pfeffer, Ron Navy 1952-56
Pfefferman, Aloys Army  
Pfefferman, Fred J Army  
Phillips, Peter Army Korean War
Piccirillo, George M Army WWII
Pichotta, Martin Army Air Corps WWII
Pickens, Marion    
Poe, George M Navy WWII
Pommering, William A   WWII
Pompilio, Daniel J   WWII
Popham, Kenneth James Air Force  
Powell, Jordan D Navy 1945-46
Pratt, Herschel Air Force  
Prewitt, John W Army 1941-45
Prince, Merle Navy WWII
Purcell, Raymond W Army Air Corps 1942-46
Purcell, Vernon L Army Air Force 1942-46
Purnell, Henry Mason Army 1942-45
Raabe, LaWanda Army-Nurse 1942-45
Rahe, Stanley T Army WWII
Raines, Vernon E Army Air Corps 1941-45
Rammelsberg, Raymond Jr. Army Air Corps WWII
Ramsey, Harold Army WWII
Rankin, Edwin Douglas    
Rankin, Ranny A Navy WWII
Rankin, Robert M Army WWII
Raverty, Bernard J Army 1942-45
Raverty, Leonard F Navy 1942-45
Rawlins, Claude H Army  
Rechtin, Raymond George Army WWII
Record, Don Army 1966-68
Record, Howard    
Redmon, Jackie W Air Force  
Reed, Herman H Army 1920-57
Reed, Orville P Army 1944-46
Reeves, Frank Edward Army Vietnam War
Reiley, John Army 1776-79
Reinert, Vernon C Army WWII
Reker, Arthur W Marines 1943-46
Remenowsky, Harry F Navy WWII
Rensford, Charles W Army 1943-46
Reuter, Willard    
Revel, Ervin Joe Navy 1942-46
Richardson, Walter L Jr. Coast Guard 1942-45
Riedinger, Charles A Army Air Corps 1942-46
Riedinger, James R Army 1942-43
Rightmyer, Jackson Navy WWII
Ripley, Franklin Army 1943-45
Rischmann, Oscar H Coast Guard WWII
Ritter, Alvin Navy WWII
Roberts, Charles Navy WWII
Robinson, George 'Robbie' Air Force Korean War
Robinson, Willis 'Gene' Army  
Robisch, Albert Army WWII
Roderick, Thomas J Nay Korean War
Roettger, Clarence O Army Air Corps 1943-44
Rogers, Earl Clay Navy WWII
Rogers, Joseph Elliott Army/Reserves 1945-46/1946-52
Rolf, Elwood A Army Air Force 1942-46
Rolfes, Ray Air Corps WWII
Rolfes, Stanley E Army Air Corps WWII
Rom, Rogert T Navy 1944-46
Romaine, Owen W   WWII
Rooney, Wilbur A Navy WWII
Rose, Donald Army Air Corps 1943-44
Rose, Paul D Army Reserve 1955-61
Rosenhagen, Victor 'Lobo' Air Corps WWII
Ross, Donald B Army Air Corps WWII
Ross, Irvin L Navy 1944
Ross, Ralph F Army 1944
Rothe, William Army Air Corps 1941-45
Roundtree, Nathaniel   WWII
Sacksteder, Chalres E Army  
Sacksteder, Loretta WAC Air Force 1943-45
Saelnger, Joseph Army 1942-45
St Clair, Joseph Army 1944-45
Sandoss, Victor Navy 1943
Sandhas, Charles 'Wolf' Army 1942-45
Sandhas, Leo J Army Air Corps 1942-45
Sauser, H C Navy 1942-46
Schabell, Albert Jr. Army WWII
Schabell, E J Signal Corps 1945
Schabell, Edward B Army 1943-45
Schabell, Jack A Army Air Corps 1943-45
Schadler, John 'Jack' Army Korean
Schadler, William Louis Army Korea
Schaefer, Charles 'Bud' Marines WWII
Schafer, Arthur H Army 1942-45
Scharstein, Gerald Edward Army 1951-53
Scheben, Joseph A Jr. Army 1942-45
Scheibly, Jack F Army 1941-45
Scheibly, Robert L Army 1941
Scherrer, Geoge A Army 1942-44
Scherrer, Michael Army (Union) 1865
Schierer, Milton A Army 1942-45
Schirmer, Harold Army Air Corps 1942-44
Schmidt, Francis Army Air Corps 1942-44
Schmidt, Otto W Army 1942-43
Schmidt, Paul J    
Schmidt, Raymond F Army Air Corps 1943-46
Schmidt, Rudolph Army 1943-45
Schmidt, Verner J Army Air Corps 1942-45
Schmidt, William Jr. Marines  
Schmidt, William Jr. Marines  
Schmidt, William M Army 1943
Schmitt, Harry W Army Air Corps 1942-46
Schneider, George A Army 1944
Schneider, Harry    
Schneider, Jack    
Schneider, Steven C Navy  
Schnell, W Donald    
Schnitzler, Clifford H Army 1941-45
Schoepe, Richard G Navy WWII
Schorle, E J Army 1942-45
Schnorr, Phillip R Army 1945
Schoulties, Harold Army 1941-46
Schraer, Gerald Army Vietnam
Schulte, William R Army Air Corps 1942-45
Schultz, Alvin R US Army WWII
Schultz, Darwin L US Army Air Forces WWII
Schultz, Harley M US Army WWII
Schultz, Harry R US Army WWI
Schultz, Marshall F US Army WWII
Schultz, Michael D US Army 1978-1981
Schultz, Robert H US Air Force Persian Gulf War
Schultz, Thomas J US Army 1977-1979
Schumann, Louis H Army 1941
Schwalbach, Joseph Army WWII
Schwandt, Ted Army 1942-46
Schwartz, Gene Army Air Crops 1942-45
Schwartz, Raymond J Army 1952-54
Schwartz, Robert G Navy 1945-46
Schwartz, William Anthony Army 1943-46
Schwed, Harold Army WWII
Schwegel, Orville Coast Guard 2942
Schweikert, Wilbur H Army Air Corps/Reserve 1942-45/
Schweitzer, Christin Army 1943-45
Schweitzer, Clifford Coast Artillery 1942-45
Schweitzer, Harold Navy Seabees 1944-45
Schwenterley, George Army WWII
Scott, John E Army 1942-45
Sebastian, Robert Navy Jan 1961-March 1981
Seger, Edward P Army 1945
Seger, Frank Army 1945
Seger, John G Navy 1942-45
Seibert, Franklin E Marines 1943-45
Seibert, Herman R Navy 1944-45
Seibert, Herman R Jr. Air Force 1962-66
Seibert, Robert William Air Force 1985-92
Seibert, Vincent A Army 1945-46
Seifried, John D Army 1941-46
Seilkop, Robert C Army Air Corps WWII
Seword, Calvin R Army 1941-45
Shadle, Eugene J Air Corps 1942-45
Shadle, William J Army 1942-45
Sharp, F Edward Army  
Sharp, Roger E Army Air Corps 1942-46
Shaw, Erskine    
Sheanshang, Robert Navy Korean War
Sheffel, Leo J Navy 1944-45
Shepard, John Allen Navy 1943-46
Sherlock, Robert C Navy 1940-45
Shorten, Frederick A Army 1941-45
Shrewsbury, Harry W Sr. Army WWII
Shulman, Robert B Army 1942-46
Shumate, George Louis Marines 1943-45
Shumate, Larry Louis Marines 1967-69
Silbersack, Ronald V   Vietnam War
Simmons, Evelyn M WAVES 1945-46
Simmons, James Army 1946
Simms, Henry Army 1940-45
Simon, Albert J Army 1941-46
Simon, George Bathasar   WWI
Simon, Harold G Navy 1945
Simon Lawrence A   WWII
Simon, Robert G Army 1942-46
Simon, Rudolph Army 1942-45
Simpson, Wilbert Army WWII
Simpson, William A Army WWII
Skaggs, Robert F   WWII
Skidmore, Henry Army 1926-42
Smith, Asa Plimpton Army 1968-92
Smith, Charles E Army  
Smith, Donald Army 1942-43
Smith, Elmer G Army 1942-45
Smith, Eugene G Army Korean War
Smith, George L Army 1945
Smith, Herbert E Marines  
Smith, Jack Army WWII
Smith, Oliver Douglas Army 1941-43
Smith, Tom Warren Army Air Corps 1942
Snowden, Ralph Burton Army Air Corps WWII
Spargo, Douglas H Army Air Corps 1942-45
Sparks, Edward Army Vietnam War
Sparks, James Richard Army WWII
Sparks, William C Navy  
Spaulding, Charles Army 1942-45
Spaulding, Melvin Earl Air Force 1951-55
Spaulding, Stanley    
Specht, Clifford H Jr. Navy 1943-46
Specht, Fred W Navy 1942-46
Spence, Roy W   WWII
Sperry, Robert Army Air Corps 1946
Spinks, Harry Navy WWII
Stallard, Bernard B Army  
Stapleton, James H Army WWII
Staton, James W Navy WWII
Staubach, David T Jr. Army Air Corps 1942-45
Staubach, George Carroll Merchant Marine 1943-46
Staubach, Thomas W Army 1941-46
Stauber, Christian Henry Army 1941-45
Stauber, Leo William Air Force 1951-55
Staudinger, Robert Army 1942-45
Steffen, Albert Benjamin Army 1943-46
Steffen, Anthony P Army 1942-43
Steffen, Clarence   1943-44
Steffen, Harry Marines WWII
Steffen, J Navy 1943-45
Steffen, Maurice F Army 1941-45
Steffen, Randall H Air Force/Reserves  
Steffen, Stephen Army 1942-45
Stephenson, William F Army 1942-46
Stevie, John Raymond Army/Air Corps 1943-46
Stevie, Robert Joseph Army/Reserves 1942-45/1949-73
Stevie, William George Army/Air Corps 1942-45
Stewart, James Leroy   WWII
Stiers, Harry A Jr. Marines 1967-81
Still, James E Army WWII
Stookey, Cecil Army Air Corps WWII
Storn, Edward A Army 1944-45
Stortz, George Irwin Navy 1943-46
Strasinger, Paul Army WWII
Strategier, Frank John Navy 1942-45
Stratman, Jack William Army Air Corps WWII
Stratman, Lee W Army 1944-46
Stratton, Stanley Y Army  
Straub, Edward John Navy 1942-45
Straus, Alvin M Seabees 1943-44
Straus, William L Marines 1944-46
Strebel, Elwood L Army WWII
Strickley, David A Army 1962-65
Strickley, Joseph D Army 1965-67
Strickley, William E Navy 1958-71
Stuckey, Arthur Thomas Army WWII
Studer, Anthony Army 1943-45
Studer, Lawrence Army 1941-45
Studer, Lester Charles Navy 1945
Suchanek, Joseph R Army WWII
Sudkamp, John R Jr. Army Air Corps 1945
Sudkamp, Louis C Army 1943-46
Sullender, Clifford B Jr. Army Air Corps 1943-46
Sullivan, Herbert Navy 1944-46
Sullivan, John J 'Jack'   WWII
Sullivan, Richard E Navy 1944-45
Sutton, Benjamin   1776-79
Swope, Charles Air Force  
Swope, Howard A Army WWII
Swope, Robert R Army Air Corps 1942-45
Swope, Thomas C Navy 1942-45
Tabeling, Harry William Army Air Corps 1943-46
Tanner, Russell Army WWII
Tarvin, Edward Army 1942-46
Tarvin, Lloyd W Army Air Corps 1943-46
Tarvin, Ralph E Navy Seabees 1945
Tarvin, Roy T Jr. Army Air Corps 1944-46
Taylor, Elmer A Army 1942-45
Taylor, George T Army Air Corps 1942-45
Teegarden, Charles R Jr. Air Force 1960-64
Terhaar, Louis Paul Army Korean/Vietnam Wars
Thaler, Joseph Leo Army Air Corps 1942-46
Thielen, Oscar Jr. Army Air Corps WWII
Thompson, Jarvie Army Air Corps WWII
Thompson, Keith Army 1942-45
Thompson, Paul N Navy Korean War
Tiemeier, Raymond J Army WWII
Tiemeyer, L Earl Army 1945
Tincher, George L Army 1941-45
Tindle, Irma M Staudinger WAVES 1943-45
Tipton, Billy    
Toal, Charles Elmer Army WWII
Toran, William B Army WWII
Torrey, Harold 'Hank' Marines Korean War
Townsend, Dr. Carl W 'Doc' Navy WWII
Trapp, Nathan Patric Marines 1998
Trapp, Robert Conrad Navy Seabees 1954-58
True, Herman Robert Air Force  
Truesdell, Eugene F Merchant Marines 1943-45
Tucker, Daniel J Army Air Corps 1942-45
Tuemler, Louis Army Air Corps 1943-45
Tuemler, Paul Army 1945
Tuemler, Robert Army 1940-45
Tuemler, Vernon Army 1941-45
Tunget, Frank E Army WWII
Turner, Harvey E Army 1943-46
Turner, Thomas Army Air Corps WWII
Turner, William J Navy WWII
Twaddell, Ervin S Jr. Army 1941-45
Twehues, Paul Henry Sr. Navy WWII
Ulshafer, William Leroy    
Utz, Vernon S Sr. Army WWII
VanVeen, Richard J Army 1941-45
Vargo, Drew M Army 1969-71/1991
Vater, Virgil O Jr. Maritime Ser/Marines 1945-47/1952-54
Vaught, Scotty Lee Army  
Velkley, Melvin Paratroop 1937
Velten, Robert F Army Air Corps WWII
Vickers, Francis J Army 1942-46
Vickers, Reuben F Army WWII
Vogel, Norman L Army 1943-45
Vogt, Charles Army Air Corps 1942-45
Vogt, William Navy 1943
Vokmar, Willard J Army Air Corps 1943-46
Vories, Roland Army Air Corps  
Voulgarelis, Steven Army WWII
Wagenlander, Albert Army 1942-45
Wagner, Arthur M Army 1943-45
Wagner, C E Army 1942
Wagner, Clifford Army Air Corps 1943-45
Wagner, Joseph Army WWII
Wagner, Walter Jr. Army 1944-45
Walden, George    
Walker, Allen Flanigan Navy WWII
Walker, Kenneth Charles Army 1948-1951
Walker, Robert S Army Air Corps 1942-46
Wallingford, Charles S Army 1963-65
Walz, Richard Collins Navy WWII
Ward, James R Army 1943-46
Ward, Robert A Army 1942-46
Ward, Russell E Army 1942
Warf, James R Army WWII
Warner, Melvin Air Force  
Warren, Fred M Army 1941-46
Watts, Curtis Lee Army WWII
Watts, Curtis Lee Jr. Army 1968-70
Watts, James E Navy/Reserve 1970-74/76
Webb, Lester E Jr. Army 1942-45
Weber, Jack Army 1942-45
Weber, Lester Army 1943-46
Weber, Nick Frank Navy 1944-45
Weber, Norman H Army Air Corps WWII
Wehrle, Howard J Sr. Army Air Corps WWII
Weick, Richard Army 1943-46
Weigand, Walter Robert Navy WWII
Wellbrock, Henry F   WWII
Wendling, Ralph Edward Marines WWII
Wentworth, Francis Xavier Navy WWII
Westerman, Kenneth Marines 1943-46
Weyer, Frank J   WWII
Weyer, Henry B Army 1942-43
Weyer, Lawrence F Army 1942-45
Weyer, Norbert Army 1946
Whiles, Melvin Eugene Navy WWII
White, Charles E Army 1944-46
White, Cleon M Army 1942-45
White, Edward Army 1944-46
White, John D Jr. Marines 1969-71
Whitehouse, George W Army 1942-45
Widdis, H J Army Air Corps 1942-45
Wiedeman, Louis A Jr. Navy WWII
Wilder, Brack Army Korean War
Willenborg, Norbert H Army WWII
Williams, Frank S Jr. Army Korean War
Williams, James    
Williamson, David J Army Air Corps 1943-45
Wilson, Carl    
Wilson, Thomas    
Wilson, William Robson III Army WWII
Wilthorn, Thomas L USAF Vietnam
Wingate, Jacob Clifford Army Air Corps WWII
Winkler, Henry H Army 1944-46
Winkmeyer, William    
Winstel, John Joseph Army Air Corps WWII
Wischer, George Army WWII
Witte, Frank S Army WWII
Wolbert, Joseph B Army WWII
Wolfe, Charles H Army 1943-46
Wolfe, James H Marines 1945
Wolfe, Robert E   1943-46
Wolfe, Robert F Army 1943
Wooten, John R Army 1942-45
Yeager, Emmett J Army 1941-4
Yeager, Charles P Army 1943-46
Yeager, Frederick M Army 1942-45
Yelton, Walter   WWII
Yung, Darwin C Naval Reserve 1944-46
Ziegler, Allen   WWII
Ziegler, Clifford Army Air Corps 1943-46
Ziegler, Donald J Army 1943-45
Ziegler, Erwin A Army 1942-45
Ziegler, Gary Navy  
Zimmerman, Carl Army 1942-43
Zimmerman, Clifford B Army 1944-45
Zink, Melvin F Army 1945
Zink, Ralph Navy 1943


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