The Hanshaw Trails

The Central Trail

This is an aerial photo of the Hanshaw property area.

The Central trail runs along the north-south central hollow of the Hanshaw property before climbing the hill bordering Hanshaw Road..

I have not yet marked it, but because it was heavily logged, it is not difficult to follow.

I'm posting some random photos that I have taken over the past couple of weeks.

As you can see, grass is starting to turn the bare clay earth green again.
By this time next year, nature will have made many great improvements, and within two
years it may be difficut to see that logging had taken place along several sections of the Central trail.

The Central trail travels over gently rolling terrain in the north, but the southern portion is
all up hill. It is not radically steep, but after several hundred yards, you and your horse will begin to feel it.
Going from south to north, on the otherhand, it's a very easy ride.

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