Callihan, Alvin 1881-1968 Callihan Callihan
Callihan, Carl Leslie Nov 11,1894-Sep 30,1918 Callihan Callihan
Callihan, Cecil E. Jr. Feb 2,1938-Feb 2,1938 Callihan Callihan
Callihan, Forest Venton 1925-1925 Callihan Callihan
Callihan, Harold Benton 1925-1925 Callihan Callihan
Callihan, Nancy Jane Mar 30,1844-Feb 18,1923 Callihan Callihan
Callihan, Thomas Jefferson Dec 1,1844-Feb 23,1923 Callihan Callihan
Kouns, Chester Aug 10,1921-Aug 10,1921 Callihan Callihan
Kouns, Hester Apr 10,1921-Sep 2,1921 Callihan Callihan
Womack, Bessie Nov 5,1898-Feb 27,1920 Callihan Callihan
Womack, Delmar May 12,1901-Jan 13,1974 Callihan Callihan
Womack, Elizabeth Nov 20,1868-Feb 10,1920 Callihan Callihan
Womack, Mose Nov 23,1868-Aug 5,1949 Callihan Callihan
Womack, Thelma Dec 21,1903-Jun 21,1930 Callihan Callihan
Artis, James C. No dates Co E, 2ndKy Cav Campbell Rice
Bolling, Joseph (Bowling) Mar 22, 1852-Sep 3, 1884 Campbell Rice
Boothe, ??? No dates h/Grandma Boothe Campbell Rice
Bowling, Dorothy Katherine Jan 13, 1926-Apr 7, 1926 Campbell Rice
Bowling, Eliza Shearer Dec 9, 1852-Mar 4, 1912 Campbell Rice
Bowling, Infant 1960 - 1960 Campbell Rice
Bowling, Mary Edith Jun 16, 1907-Jan 11, 1931 Campbell Rice
Crabtree, William Jackson Mar 18, 1856-Apr 25, 1907 Campbell Rice
Crisp, James Robert 1909 - 1954 Campbell Rice
Flaugher, A. C. Dec 25, 1848-Dec 12, 1916 Campbell Rice
Flaugher, Carrie Summers Jul 18, 1885-Oct 15, 1911 Campbell Rice
Flaugher, Daniel W. Mar 10, 1878-Aug 19, 1878 s/J.P.& Ann G. Flaugher Campbell Rice
Flaugher, Geo. W. Apr 13, 1853-Apr 30, 1925 Campbell Rice
Flaugher, James P. 1845 - 1935 Cpl Co. D 40th Ky/Inf Campbell Rice
Flaugher, Lacy E. 1865 - 1929 Campbell Rice
Flaugher, Raymond Quincy Aug 26, 1882-Dec 20, 1911 Campbell Rice
Flaugher, William L. Feb 25, 1870-May 25, 1938 Campbell Rice
Hunter, Jennie A. Mar 3, 1866-Nov 17, 1900 w/J.W.Hunter, age 34yrs,8mo,11ds Campbell Rice
Kitchen, Gilby Curtis ??-Nov 25, 1873 s./W.R.&N.E. Kitchen age 2yrs,2ms,28ds Campbell Rice
Kitchen, John M. 1847 - 1933 w/Mary W. Campbell Rice
Kitchen, Mary W. 1856-1922 h/John M. Campbell Rice
Kitchen, Nancy H. Sep 26, 1803-Sep 17, 1895 d/James&Martha Kitchen Campbell Rice
Kitchen, Nancy Shearer 1846-1915 w/William R. Campbell Rice
Kitchen, William R. 1841-1929 h/Nancy Shearer Campbell Rice
McCormick, Pleasant no dates Co A, 195th Ohio Inf. Campbell Rice
McGuire, Laure Aug 12, 1901 - Jun 25, 1903 d/Alex & julia McQuire Campbell Rice
Partlow, Isabel W. 1841 - 1920 h/W.Wesley Campbell Rice
Partlow, Malcolm E. 1873 - 1940 Campbell Rice
Partlow, W. Wesley 1841 - 1921 w/Isabel W. Campbell Rice
Partlow, William W. Nov 2, 1883-Sep 15, 1885 s/W.W.&I.Partlow Campbell Rice
Posey, John Aug 18, 1817-Jul 16, 1895 h/Mariah A. Campbell Rice
Posey, Mariah A. 1822 - Jun 18, 188w/John Posey age 61yrs, 10 ms,18ds Campbell Rice
Posey, McClellan 1863 - 1914 no marker Campbell Rice
Rice, America F. Nov 11, 1820-Jun 15, 18967 w/N.T. Rice Campbell Rice
Rice, Campbell ?? - Oct 12, 1846 age 67yrs,10ms,25ds, h/Elizabeth Campbell Rice
Rice, Elizabeth Jun 20, 1781-Nov 11, 1872 w/Campbell Rice Campbell Rice
Rice, Nelson T. ?? - Dec 10, 1865 age 54 yrs, 7 mo, 27 dys. Campbell Rice
Rice, Sarah E. ?? - Aug 12, 1883 d/F.B.&E. Rice, age1 yr,7mo,28ds. Campbell Rice
Rucker, Elah Jane Jan 26, 1898-Oct 31, 1899 Campbell Rice
Shearer, Nancy B. ?? - Oct 20, 1865 w/Walter Shearer, age 43 yrs, 6 ms, 23 ds Campbell Rice
Shearer, Walter ?? - Dec 17, 1878 h/Nancy B. age/65yrs, 3ms, 5 ds Campbell Rice
Smith, Calvin N0v 10, 1878-Sep 5, 1933 "Father" Campbell Rice
Smith, Infant no dates "Baby of Jim Smith" Campbell Rice
Smith, Jane Nov 2, 1878-Sep 1, 1944 "Mother" Campbell Rice
Smith, Mabel Annette Mar 28, 1901-Nov 13, 1902 "Daughter" Campbell Rice
Stephens, J. M. No dates Sgt, Co I, 2nd Ky Cav. Campbell Rice
Shaffer, Mose May 16,1901-Mar 22,1977 Carraway Carraway
Shaffer, Mose 1894-Apr 12,1969 Carraway Carraway
Barker, Albert Aug 19,1890-Oct 12,1933 h/Mandy J. Carroll Carroll
Barker, Alice Apr 25,1882-Apr 4,1961 Carroll Carroll
Barker, Blanche Nov 4,1916- w/Charles Carroll Carroll
Barker, Charles Russell -Feb 17,1981 h/Blanche Carroll Carroll
Barker, Chester Apr 2,1914-Dec 16,1943/8 Carroll Carroll
Barker, Floyd Jun 17,1919-Apr 14,1980 Carroll Carroll
Barker, Infant no dates cld/Mandy&Albert Carroll Carroll
Barker, Iva Oct 16,1920-Mar 6,1967 w/James Carroll Carroll
Barker, James Sep 12,1907-Jul 13,1986 h/Iva Carroll Carroll
Barker, Jonathan Nov 12,1967-Nov 12,1967 s/Larry & Shirley Carroll Carroll
Barker, Judy Counts Nov 8,1945- w/Ralph Carroll Carroll
Barker, Leonard 1907-1936 Carroll Carroll
Barker, Lesa Fawn Nov 2,1963-Dec 6,1963 d/Ralph&Judy Carroll Carroll
Barker, Mandy J. 1901-1979 w/Albert Carroll Carroll
Barker, Ralph Mar 25,1939-Nov 28,1983 h/Judy Carroll Carroll
Barker, Wanda Gale Sep 27,1951-Sep 29,1951 Carroll Carroll
Bellamy, Charles R. Feb 1,1936-Aug 31,1983 SM/Sgt USAF, Korea/Vietnam Carroll Carroll
Bellamy, Lena E. Sep 1,1941- w/Charles Carroll Carroll
Binion, Anna B. Aug 28,1917-Nov 21,1985 Carroll Carroll
Binion, Bessie Dec 28,1905-Dec 2,1984 Carroll Carroll
Binion, Betty Lou Dec 9,1928-Feb 24,1986 w/Elmer Carroll Carroll
Binion, Brenda K. Mar 10,1956- w/Jesse Carroll Carroll
Binion, C.H. May 22,1887-Jul 12,1937 s/Jesse&Elizabeth Carroll Carroll
Binion, Celia Belle Sep 4/14,1879-Feb 16,1949/69 Carroll Carroll
Binion, Curtis Jan 2,1946-Nov 13,1976 Carroll Carroll
Binion, Elizabeth May 4,1866-Jul 30,1930 Carroll Carroll
Binion, Elmer 1894-1945 h/Melda Carroll Carroll
Binion, Elmer Jr. Jul 23,1927- h/Betty Carroll Carroll
Binion, Ferl Jan 19,1922-Aug 16,1972 Pvt, U.S. Army WW II Carroll Carroll
Binion, Ferl 1944-1969 Carroll Carroll
Binion, Fred Oct 17,1914-May 1,1963 h/Louise Carroll Carroll
Binion, Glen Aug 29,1915-Oct 11,1984 Carroll Carroll
Binion, Hazel Oct 18,1919-Aug 27,1920 d/Elmer Carroll Carroll
Binion, Infant no dates cld/Bertha & Ferl Carroll Carroll
Binion, Jesse Sep 24,1953-Jan 14,1985 h/Brenda Carroll Carroll
Binion, Jesse Feb 5,1862-Mar 15,1947 Carroll Carroll
Binion, Julius Jul 31,1889-Dec 25,1947 Carroll Carroll
Binion, Kathleen Jun 24,1925-Jan 3,1986 w/Warren Carroll Carroll
Binion, Louise Jan 3,1917-Oct 9,1964 w/Fred Carroll Carroll
Binion, Melda 1894-1970 w/Elmer Carroll Carroll
Binion, Warren 18,1919-Aug 7,1975 h/Kathleen Oct Carroll Carroll
Binnion, Lucille Nov 5,1918-Nov 9,1977 Carroll Carroll
Binnion, Melda Lodema Dec 13,1937-Jan 31,1938 Carroll Carroll
Bird, Lee A. Tony Jan 30,1957-Sep 17,1975 Carroll Carroll
Bird, William R. 1907-1947 Tec/5, U.S. Army WW II Carroll Carroll
Bledsoe, Abe Nov 6,1877-Oct 27,1959 h/Annie 2nd marriage was to Alphare Bledsoe Carroll Carroll
Bledsoe, Annie E. Apr 17,1880-Oct 26,1918 w/Abe Carroll Carroll
Bledsoe, Charles B. Feb 7,1933-Feb 17,1933 Carroll Carroll
Bledsoe, D.O. Mar 4,1847-Jul 8,1928 h/Linnie Carroll Carroll
Bledsoe, David B. 1901-1977 h/Pearlie Carroll Carroll
Bledsoe, Everett R. May 11,1901-Nov 17,1931 Carroll Carroll
Bledsoe, George H. Dec 6,1891-Mar 23,1919 Carroll Carroll
Bledsoe, Infant Sep 27,1943-Sep 27,1943 Carroll Carroll
Bledsoe, Linnie Dec 7,1850-Nov 14,1919 w/D.O. Carroll Carroll
Bledsoe, Martha Jean Sep 22,1934-Sep 24,1934 d /David & Pearlie Carroll Carroll
Bledsoe, Pearlie Jan 15,1904-Mar 14,1949 w/David Carroll Carroll
Bledsoe, Thomas Sep 11,1870-Jul 14,1929 Carroll Carroll
Bledsoe, Unk Mar 22,1921-Mar 22,1921 s/Thos. & Laura Carroll Carroll
Blevins, Delbert Aug 17,1910-Dec 25,1980 Carroll Carroll
Blevins, Emalean Jul 23,1916-Dec 31,1980 Carroll Carroll
Blevins, Hanford Sep 17,1917-Dec 29,1967 Carroll Carroll
Blevins, Lloyd Aug 18,1920-Jul 20,1971 Carroll Carroll
Blevins, Myrtle Ann Jan 15,1945-Feb 11,1945 d/Everett & Marjorie Carroll Carroll
Blevins, Oscar Sep 24,1892-Mar 29,1954 h/Vergia Carroll Carroll
Blevins, Vergia Nov 22,1898-Feb 6,1956/8 w/Oscar Carroll Carroll
Blevins, Willard Aug 19,1922-Apr 28,1978 Pvt U.S.Army WW II Carroll Carroll
Blevins, Willard Jr. Jun 7,1964-Jul 26,1984 Carroll Carroll
Blevins, William Fermit Sep 13,1930-Nov 25,1975 Carroll Carroll
Bowling, Charlotte 1974-1975 Carroll Carroll
Bowling, Donna Mae Dec 2,1968-Dec 8,1968 Carroll Carroll
Bryant, Charles Jr 1920-1961 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Alva Logan 1919-1919 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Arnold Sep 9,1922-Jan 4,1988 s/Tom Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Arther Lee Apr 20,1914-Apr 22,1914 s/Eva May & Jerry Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Arthur "Buck" 1902-1976 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Beatrice Nov 26,1925- w/Ernest Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Bertha A. May 3,1900-May 20,1972 w/Edd Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Betty Lou 1940-1940 d/Jeff & Ruth Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Caroline Mar 8,1889-Mar 8,1898 d/G.W.&Martha Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Christopher 1907-1907 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Daniel Jan 1796-Aug 1859 [Baptist Minister] Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Dearl David Sep 24,1942-Mar 1,1943 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Dempsy "Jim" Sep 10,1923-Jan 1,1987 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Dennis Apr 13,1906-Oct 17,1982 h/Ida Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Dorris Ann Jul 10,1961-Jul 14,1961 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Earlean Roe Mar 12,1928-Dec 23,1989 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Edd Jan 1,1896-Feb 9,1972 h/Bertha Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Elijah 1898-1931 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Eliza Anne Feb 10,1887-Jan 27,1975 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Ellen Nov 26,1877-Dec 20,1952 w/R.H. Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Ellie Jan 15,1889-Aug 8,1944 w/Ellis Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Ellis Jul 27,1888-Jul 21,1963 h/Ellie Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Ernest R. Oct 1,1917-May 18,1988 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Ethel Jul 19,1901-Jan 2,1922 d/Richard&Ellen Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Ethel C. 1896-1970 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Fern 1944-1969 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Frank Feb 18,1894-Feb 5,1960/7 h/Julie Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Freda Dec 27,1934- w/Kenneth Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Freda Lynn Oct 23,1957-Oct 23,1957 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Freddie Aug 1,1927-Jul 25,1928 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Gabrial Nov 2,1855-Feb 12,1915 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Gabrill Apr 7,1917-Oct 23,1918 s/Logan & Lillie Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Gabritt Apr 7,1917-Oct 23,1918 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, George 1922-1922 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Henry Jun 2,1885-Jun 25,1920 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Howard no dates s/Joe&Avenell Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Ida F. May 14,1908-Sep 13,1979 w/Dennis Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Infant no dates cld/ Dennis & Ida Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Infant no dates cld/ Dennis & Ida Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Infant no stone s/Raymond & G. Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Irene Mar 8,1929-Feb 25,1939 d/Noah Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Isabel Dec 5,1912-Mar 24,1919 d/Logan&Lillie Carroll Carroll
Carroll, J.C. Aug 27,1924-May 16,1926 s/Frank&Julia Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Jefferson D. 1860-1953 h/Mary Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Jesse 1896-1983 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Jimmy 1916-1916 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, John Oct 16,1866-Mar 11,1947 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, John L. Oct 16,1866-Mar 11,1947 h/Mary Carroll Carroll
Carroll, John T. 1890-1974 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Johnny Chester 1926-1928 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Johnny Ray Jul 10,1960-Apr 14,1981 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Julia 1885-1907 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Julie Jun 30,1898-Mar 17,1972 w/Frank Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Kenneth E. Sr. Aug 15,1925-Sep 3,1977 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, L.P. Oct 15,1848-Apr 5,1938 h/Milly Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Lewis Sep 1,1890-Mar 12,1891 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Lillie Nov 5,1888-Mar 13,1943 w/Logan Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Logan Dec 16,1888-Oct 5,1946 h/Lillie Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Lon Sep 23,1899-Mar 29,1967 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Lorrine May 10,1940-Feb 9,1976 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Madge Dec 8,1918-Dec 20,1918 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Maggie S. Jun 8,1909-Jun 28,1991 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Major Oct 10,1896-Jun 21,1918 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Marcella R. Dec 15,1940-Jan 10,1941 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Mary D. 1869-1944 w/Jefferson Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Mary Elizabeth Jun 26,1870-Jun 12,1958 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Melda Apr 15,1841-Nov 27,1903 w/Samuel Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Melda Nov 11,1880-May 7,1935 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Michell Dale Jun 6,1953-Sep 10,1981 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Mid Feb 7,1903-Aug 27,1966 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Mildred Cathrine Mar 6,1920-Jan 11,1923 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Milly Jan 15,1849-Nov 4,1892 w/L.P. Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Minnie 1851-1922 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Mola Oct 5,1894-Sep 14,1966 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Nancy Mar 2,1858-Jan 11,1928 w/Gaberial Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Nancy Ellen Dec 1,1892-Nov 14,1980 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Nola M. 1894-1966 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Ora Sep 20,1918-Aug 8,1919 s/Sam&Lucy Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Oscar Dec 10,1897-Mar 4,1977 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Ottie 1906-1990 s/Will Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Paul David Oct 30,1968-Jul 9,1989 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Ray Elwood 1922-1991 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Raymond Sep 16,1932-Sep 26,1991 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Raymond K. 1923-1954 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Recie Feb 19,1868-Feb 26,1937 w/George Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Richard 1876-1970 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Robert "Bob" Jun 19,1884-Dec 22,1951 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Ronald D. Mar 19,1949-Mar 19,1949 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Roy Kenneth Nov 26,1919-Jan 26,1923 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Sabra Jan 28,1871-Oct 25,1911 w/L.P. Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Samuel May 24,1842-Feb 26,1926 h/Melda Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Sarah Aug 19,1900-Dec 17,1957 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Silas Jul 7,1901-Sep 15,1984 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Stanley W. Apr 8,1918-Aug 28,1921 s/Edd & Bertha Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Tom Nov 15,1898-Dec 30,1948 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Troy Eugene Jun 22,1935-Jun 23,1981 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Vade Muleman Aug 15,1939-May 11,1986 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Wayne Nov 4,1925-Nov 4,1925 s/L.P.&Vasta Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Will 1891-1956 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Willard Jackson 1917-1938 Carroll Carroll
Carroll, Zula Vernon McKiney Jul 17,1912-Apr 7,1991 w/Leonard Carroll Carroll
Crum, Conrad Glen 1927-1985 h/Julia Carroll Carroll
Crum, Julia Binion 1928- w/Conrad Carroll Carroll
Dickerson, Alma E. Apr 10,1952- w/Bill Carroll Carroll
Dickerson, Bill Feb 7,1917-Nov 8,1990 h/Alma Carroll Carroll
Dickison, Clayton Jan 5,1914-Feb 5,1916 Carroll Carroll
Dickison, George W. Mar 21,1884-Jan 31,1941 Carroll Carroll
Dickison, Hurl Jul 18,1921-Nov 2,1921 s/George&Martha Carroll Carroll
Dickison, James L. Feb 24,1916-Aug 5,1916 Carroll Carroll
Dickison, Mary Sep 27,1880-Sep 26,1916 w/Robert Carroll Carroll
Dickison, Thomas Jackson Jan 13,1905-Jun 22,1906 s/W.R. & Mary Carroll Carroll
Dickison, W.R. "Bob" Jan 6,1879-Mar 12,1965 Carroll Carroll
Fisher, David R. Dec 6,1868-Dec 15,1895 Carroll Carroll
Fisher, Edmund Jan 14,1843-Jan 11,1912 Carroll Carroll
Fisher, Hannah M. Aug 11,1876-Dec 25,1901 w/David R. Carroll Carroll
Fisher, Joseph D. Aug 30,1875-Nov 8,1895 Carroll Carroll
Fisher, Phoebe Aug 6,1846-Feb 14,1922 Carroll Carroll
Fitch, Fred 1928-1962 Carroll Carroll
Fitch, Tammy Sue 1963-1964 Carroll Carroll
Frazier, George Aug 21,1916- h/Ruby wed/ 5 Dec 1955 Carroll Carroll
Frazier, Ruby Mar 18,1915- w/George Carroll Carroll
Frazier, Shirley Jean Aug 6,1953-Nov 23,1964 Carroll Carroll
Gilbert, Unk Mar 31,1916-Mar 31,1916 S/J.F.&L. Carroll Carroll
Gilbert, Unk May 27,1915-May 27,1915 s/J.F.&L. Carroll Carroll
Harvey, Geraldine Binion Apr 30,1923-Jan 12,1986 Carroll Carroll
Hill, Lena E. Mar 5,1925- w/Robert Carroll Carroll
Hill, Robert R. Mar 4,1925-Oct 26,1975 h/Lena Carroll Carroll
Holbrook, Adaline Jun 29,1936-Jun 29,1936 d/Luther & Lula Holbrook Carroll Carroll
Holbrook, Eva Nov 4,1920-Nov 26,1920,d/ Luther & Lula Holbrook Carroll Carroll
Huntsman, Bertha Sep 15,1919-Jul 23,1971 Carroll Carroll
Ison, Carl Jun 13,1926-Sep 2,1926 s/Jerry&Hattie Carroll Carroll
Ison, Hattie Jun 5,1906-Apr 6,1960/5 w/Jerry Carroll Carroll
Ison, Jerry Apr 2,1899-Aug 19,1953/5 h/Hattie Carroll Carroll
Johnson, Elsie Irean Aug 17,1922-Sep 16,1923 d/Clyde & Eacie Carroll Carroll
Johnson, Jeffery Dale Jan 22,1965-Dec 11,1988 Carroll Carroll
Johnson, Johnny L. May 2,1951-May 27,1973 Carroll Carroll
Johnson, Joseph "Joe" Lee Dec 20,1973-Sep 10,1989 Carroll Carroll
Johnson, Martha Dickerson 1891-1978 Carroll Carroll
Justice, Celia Aug 1,1906- w/Luther Carroll Carroll
Justice, Lloydella Aug 17,1940-Aug 17,1940 d/Luther & Celia Carroll Carroll
Justice, Luther Sep 7,1900-Dec 8,1975 h/Celia Carroll Carroll
Knipp, Carolyn Joan Jan 7,1947-Jan 7,1948 Carroll Carroll
Knipp, Clecie Nov 11,1899-Dec 11,1899 D/J.H.&M.J. Carroll Carroll
Knipp, Dollie Oct 24,1909-May 1,1911 d/J.H.&M.J. Carroll Carroll
Knipp, Earl Dec 10,1926- h/grace; wed/ March 1, 1966 Carroll Carroll
Knipp, Grace Aug 6,1928-Jun 16,1988 w/Earl Carroll Carroll
Knipp, Henry Aug 10,1893-May 28,1966 Carroll Carroll
Knipp, Hope Nov 21,1975-Nov 22,1975 Carroll Carroll
Knipp, Mandy Jane Oct 11,1870-May 10,1911 w/James Carroll Carroll
Knipp, Nancy Dec 13,1889-Feb 14,1972 Carroll Carroll
Knopp, Litha Feb 10,1896-Feb 20,1987 Carroll Carroll
Lawhorn, Hobert 1930-1981 Carroll Carroll
Lawhorn, Melvin 1897-1969 Carroll Carroll
Lee, Ronal O. 1912-1966 Carroll Carroll
Lowe, Bailey B. 1888-1967 Carroll Carroll
Lowe, Ethel 1905-1943 Carroll Carroll
Lunsford, Randall Wayne Johnson Mar 23,1967-Aug 7,1989 Carroll Carroll
Maddix, Warner May 25,1925-Feb 11,1926 s/ Bird & Dovie Carroll Carroll
Markwell, C. no dates Carroll Carroll
Mauk, Bobby Dean May 12,1960 Carroll Carroll
McDaniel, Avery Mar 4,1895-Dec 15,1899 s/Jasper Carroll Carroll
Miles, Nancy Dec 13,1889-Feb 14,1972 w/Ted Carroll Carroll
Miles, Ted May 20,1887-Mar 13,1946 h/Nancy Carroll Carroll
Mobley, Nettie Jan 12,1900- Carroll Carroll
Mobley, Vinton Jun 10,1898-Aug 25,1968 Carroll Carroll
Moiser, Susan Jul 16,1879-Apr 5,1961 Carroll Carroll
Mosier, Anna B. Dec 14,1899-Oct 9,1968 w/Charlie Carroll Carroll
Mosier, Ben Jan 8,1877-Nov 30,1941 Carroll Carroll
Mosier, Betty Lou Feb 18,1938/9-Dec 27,1971 Carroll Carroll
Mosier, Charlie May 21,1894-Aug 20,1965 H/Anna Carroll Carroll
Mosier, Chester Mar 9,1920-Feb 14,1972 h/Cloma Carroll Carroll
Mosier, Cloma 1921- w/Chester Carroll Carroll
Mosier, D.A. Mar 26,1870-Nov 25,1952 Carroll Carroll
Mosier, Ephrum Feb 25,1879-Aug 3,1951 Carroll Carroll
Mosier, Ercel W. Feb 20,1944-Aug 4,1963 s/W.H. Carroll Carroll
Mosier, Eula Sherlavon Jul 18,1946-May 29,1947 d/Chester & Cloma Carroll Carroll
Mosier, Grover F. Jun 10,1940/7-Nov 12,1949 s/W.H. Carroll Carroll
Mosier, Henry Thomas Apr 27,1917-Aug 29,1965/Dec 30, 1958?? Pfc HqCo 358 Inf. WW II Carroll Carroll
Mosier, Infant no dates cld/ W.H. Carroll Carroll
Mosier, Infant 1959-1959 s/Chester & Cloma Carroll Carroll
Mosier, Infant no dates cld/Benn Carroll Carroll
Mosier, Infant no dates cld/ W. H. Mosier Carroll Carroll
Mosier, Jesse Lee Apr 19,1902-Aug 16,1958 h/Rhoda Carroll Carroll
Mosier, Kale Feb 14,1897-Mar 12,1973 Carroll Carroll
Mosier, Litha S. Dec 15,1909-Jul 25,1987 w/W.H. Carroll Carroll
Mosier, Maude Apr 23,1922-Apr 23,1922 Carroll Carroll
Mosier, Rhoda Ellen Oct 13,1907-Jan 6,1962 Carroll Carroll
Mosier, Roger D. "Boo" Feb 22,1952-Apr 24,1978 Carroll Carroll
Mosier, Sharon A. Dec 18,1953- w/Roger Carroll Carroll
Mosier, Sina Susan Jul 16,1879-Apr 5,1961 Carroll Carroll
Mosier, Unk 1959-1959 s/Chester Carroll Carroll
Mosier, W.H. Dec 15,1907- h/Litha Carroll Carroll
Owens, Charlie Mar 27,188/92-Jan 14,1963 h/Effie Carroll Carroll
Owens, Effie Mae 1903-1963 w/Charlie Carroll Carroll
Owens, Infant no dates cld/ Charlie&Effie Carroll Carroll
Patton, Charles Wayne Nov 23,1947-Nov 24,1947 Carroll Carroll
Patton, Malissa Susan Oct 2,1888-Dec 15,1964 Carroll Carroll
Patton, Marion F. Feb 11,1877-Oct 16,1956 Carroll Carroll
Patton, Willard Woodroe Jan 15,1916-Mar 6,1917 Carroll Carroll
Rice, Linda Lillian Oct 22,1918-Jan 13,1989 Carroll Carroll
Rippetoe, Juanita Dec 20,1908-May 16,1988 Carroll Carroll
Roe, Bethel Jun 20,1906-Dec 30,1956/8 Carroll Carroll
Roe, Earl Junior Mar 21,1923-Dec 30,1958 S/1c U.S.N.R. WW II Carroll Carroll
Roe, Ernest F. Sep 30,1909-Dec 8,1987 h/Pearl Carroll Carroll
Roe, Gary Gene Apr 10,1945-Aug 4,1963 Carroll Carroll
Roe, Judy Lee May 28,1946-May 28,1946 Carroll Carroll
Roe, Ned Apr 21,1898-Dec 30,1958 Pfc Co M, 3rd/Inf WW I Carroll Carroll
Roe, Pearl Nov 28,1926- w/Ernest Carroll Carroll
Sammons, Amanda Reeves 1878-1961 Carroll Carroll
Sammons, Lillian Deloras Oct 30,1935-Oct 30,1939 d/Arvil & Thelma Carroll Carroll
Sammons, Orvil Jr. Feb 25,1955-Sep 19,1957 Carroll Carroll
Sammons, Sabra M. Dec 5,1944-Dec 15,1944 Carroll Carroll
Schumacher, Jeffery Allen Nov 28,1985-Jan 21,1986 s/Jeffrey&Ramona Carroll Carroll
Seagraves, Charles Richard Mar 29,1969-Mar 29,1969 Carroll Carroll
Seagraves, Fleming Jan 15,1908-Jan 10,1968 Carroll Carroll
Seagraves, Hazel Marie Aug 7,1946-Aug 7,1946 Carroll Carroll
Smith, Elwood Nov 5,1936-Dec 3,1975 h/Marvella Carroll Carroll
Smith, Kimberly Renee Jun 26,1973-Jul 13,1973 Carroll Carroll
Smith, Marvella Jul 25,1935-Jul 1,1972 w/Elwood Carroll Carroll
Smith, Marvella Jul 25,1934-Jul 1,1972 Carroll Carroll
Steele, Rita Lynn Mosier Feb 23,1956-Sep 19,1991 Carroll Carroll
Stephenson, Lina 1921-1989 Carroll Carroll
Stevens, Art 1926-1978 Carroll Carroll
Stevens, Billy Gene Dec 18,1928-May 24,1989 Carroll Carroll
Stevens, Harold Oct 16,1934-Dec 23,1934 s/Roy & Mabel Carroll Carroll
Stevens, Joe Nov 5/19,1895-Feb 4,1976 Carroll Carroll
Stevens, Mabel Feb 24,1910- w/Roy Carroll Carroll
Stevens, Roy Apr 19,1902-Feb 14,1979 h/Mabel Carroll Carroll
Stevens, Vicie Oct 23,1907-Feb 8,1969 Carroll Carroll
Tackett, Ausby May 22,1922-Mar 12,1952 Carroll Carroll
Tackett, Lawrence -1963 Carroll Carroll
Tackett, Walter G. Feb 29,1908-Oct 14,1981 Carroll Carroll
Unknown, Sheila Von M. -1947 Carroll Carroll
Wallace, George W. Aug 1,1850-Dec 7,1923/8 Carroll Carroll
Whitt, Charlie Jun 29,1877-May 17,1950 Carroll Carroll
Whitt, Julia H. Jul 15,1877-Apr 29,1957 Carroll Carroll
Wilson, Eva Dev 6,1907-Sep 7,1920 Carroll Carroll
Cartee, Callie H. Jan 14,1877-Feb 21,1951 Cartee Memorial Cartee Memorial
Cartee, George W. Apr 1,1876-Jan 19,1939 Cartee Memorial Cartee Memorial
Cooper, Everett Aug 29,1922-Aug 10,1981 Cartee Memorial Cartee Memorial
Cooper, Inez 1898-1970 Cartee Memorial Cartee Memorial
Cooper, Michael Ray 1957-1957 Cartee Memorial Cartee Memorial
Cooper, Russell 1894-1969 Cartee Memorial Cartee Memorial
Cooper, Wilma P. no dates Cartee Memorial Cartee Memorial
Lewis, Margaret H. 1901- Cartee Memorial Cartee Memorial
Lewis, Thomas J. 1894-1942 Cartee Memorial Cartee Memorial
Hall, Bennett J. May 10,1935 Cartee Hall Cartee-Hall
Ash, Julia Apr 29,1891-Oct 12,1893 Carter Carter
Ash, Julia 1801-1808 Carter Carter
Barton, Harve 1894-1950 h/ Allie s/Tom & Vina Burton C Carter
Berry, Hester A. Jun 20,1853- 1895 Carter
Burton, Carl No dates s/Tom & Vbina Burton Carter
Burton, Melvina [Vina] No dates w/Thomas C. Burton Carter
Burton, Thomas C. Dec 5,1859-Mar 4,1914 h/Vina s/Aaron & Nancy Easterling Burton Carter
Campbell, Barbara Carter Oct 22, 1939 - Nov 12, 2003 d/Curtis & Dean Felty Carter Carter
Carter, Asberry 1850-1935 h/Mahala Curnutte Carter Carter
Carter, Edward Sep 27, 1915 - Dec 26, 1999 h/Helen Louise Posaey s/Lafe & Rosena Carter Carter
Carter, Ethel Burton Oct 23,1888-Feb 11,1920 d/Tom & Vina Burton w/Frank Carter Carter
Carter, Frank 1883-1953 h/Ethel Burton Carter&Mary Damron s/Asberry & Mahala Carter Carter
Carter, Helen Louise Posey Sep 23, 1919 - Oct 2, 1999 w/Edward Carter Carter
Carter, Jane Apr 7,1910-Feb 8,1940 Carter
Carter, Lafayette [Lafe] no dates h/ Rosena Burton s/Asberry & Mahala Carter, 2nd Inf. Sp.Am.War Carter
Carter, Mahala Curnutte 1855-1932 w/Asberry Carter Carter
Carter, Marie Apr 7,1910-Feb 9,1940 d/Lafe & Rosena Carter Carter
Carter, Raleigh B. Jun 6, 1922 - May 23, 1988 s/ Lafe & Rosena U.S. Navy, WW II Carter
Carter, Raymond Aug 12,1917-Aug 25,1920 s/Lafe & Rosena Carter
Carter, Rosena Burton Sep 8,1883-Jul 27,1955 d/Tom & Vina Burton w/Lafayette [Lafe] Carter Carter
Conley, James 1869-1948 Carter
Elliott, Allie Hall 1899-1966 w/Harve Burton Carter
Everman, Virgil Anthony No dates s/Willen& Glen Everman , g/s Frank&Mary Damron Carter Carter
Floyd, Leon 1913-Oct 1944 Carter
Floyd, Lonnie 1911-1962 Carter
Johnson, Lois Ann Oct 1,1950-Dec 26,1950 Carter
Johnson, Vada Apr 30,1911-Jun 15,1932 Carter
Kouns, Mary Lou 1939-1939 Carter
Kouns, Roy 1943-1943 Carter
Lewis, Ardilla 1875-1925 Carter
St. Clair, Henry Nov 26,1869-Dec 10,1940 Carter
Stevens, Mary M. 1861-1895 w/Steve Stevens Carter
Stevens, Steve 1856-1906 h/Mary M. Carter
Tackett, James 1904-1926 s/Steve & Sarah Elizabeth [Sadie] Carter Tackett Carter
Tackett, Steve 1880-1910 h/Sarah Elizabeth [Sadie] Carter Carter
Wilburn, Eva 1914-1941 Carter
Withrow, Anna Belle No dates [metal marker] d/Hugh & Virgie Carter Withrow Carter
Withrow, Harvey Hugh Dec 18,1900- h/Virgie Lee Carter
Withrow, Virgie Lee Carter Sep 3,1903-Aug 29,1987 w/Harvey Hugh d/Lafe & Rosena Burton Carter Carter
Withrow, Edith Marie No dates d/ Hugh & Virgie Carter Withrow Carter
Akers, James Apr 13,1921-Dec 6,1922 Clark Clark
Armstrong, Eliza J. 1835-1910 w/James Hite Clark Clark
Armstrong, James H. Apr 5,1855-Mar 17,1917 s/James Hite Clark Clark
Armstrong, James Hite 1830-1905 h/Eliza Clark Clark
Armstrong, Rolla H. 1871-1905 s/James & Eliza Clark Clark
Belfrey, Briam Neil Mar 12,1971-Mar 12,1971 Clark Clark
Belvins, Molly Jo Feb 3,1926-May 9,1972 Clark Clark
Belvins, Oatha H. May 16,1926 Clark Clark
Clark, A. H. Jan 26,1882-Jun 25,1941 Clark Clark
Clark, Albert B. 1914-1978 Clark Clark
Clark, Archie T. Aug 10,1900-Aug 16,1917 Clark Clark
Clark, Arnold J. Apr 15 or 18,1901 s/A.J.Gee Clark Clark
Clark, Baby 1942 Clark Clark
Clark, Ben Apr 14,1903-Dec 5,1975 Clark Clark
Clark, Billy Howard Jul 22,1943-Jul 2,1978 Clark Clark
Clark, Catherine E. Mar 2,1930 Clark Clark
Clark, Edith no dates Clark Clark
Clark, Elizabeth Jun 28,1828-Dec 2,1896 Clark Clark
Clark, Elizabeth Oct 27,1886-Dec 25,1955 Clark Clark
Clark, Ethel Lee Apr 28,1905-Jan 26,1917 Clark Clark
Clark, Evelyn E. no dates w/Lloyd Clark Clark
Clark, Frank L. May 29,1907-Nov 16,1954 Clark Clark
Clark, Harold D. Apr 8,1932 Clark Clark
Clark, Isaac N. Jun 16,1885-May 3,1961 Clark Clark
Clark, J. Z. Mar 16,1842-Apr 22,1930 Clark h/Leah Clark
Clark, James Mar 1,1825-Jan 25,1905 Clark Clark
Clark, Jenny V. Feb 25,1916-Nov 28,1931 Clark Clark
Clark, John Nov 7,1887-Apr 15,1979 Clark Clark
Clark, John Sep 8,1966 Clark Clark
Clark, Leah May 10,1856-Apr 18,1930 Clark w.J. Z. Clark
Clark, Lloyd P. no dates s/Luke Clark Clark
Clark, Luada Oct 18,1894-Jan 19,1949 Clark Clark
Clark, Lucy M. Nov 16,1887-Sep 24,1958 Clark Clark
Clark, Mearl [twin] Oct 16, 1903 - 2004 Clark Clark
Clark, Michael Roy Sep 13,1950-Jul 12,1970 Clark Clark
Clark, Opal M. Mar 2,1912-Apr 18,1915 Clark Clark
Clark, Pearl [twin] Oct 16,1903-Oct 19,1951 Clark Clark
Clark, Peggy Joyce Sep 16,1941-Mar 18,1942 Clark Clark
Clark, Phillip S. Aug 15,1943 Clark Clark
Clark, Russell Oct 28,1899-Nov 5,1918 Clark Clark
Clark, Sarah Oct 21,1892-Dec 5,1966 Clark Clark
Clark, Susan Apr 9,1882-Jan 22,1929 Clark Clark
Clark, Z. B. Aug 14,1879-Apr 16,1933 Clark Clark
Conley, Amanda 1877-1938 Clark Clark
Conley, Dallie D. Jan 23,1889-Apr 1,1942 Clark Clark
Conley, Floyd 1875-1931 Clark Clark
Conley, Jessie Dec 10,1914-Oct 28,1975 Clark Clark
Conley, Lillie E. Apr 16,1924-Feb 6,1925 Clark Clark
Conley, Mattie 1894-1956 Clark Clark
Conley, Michael Nov 29,1942 Clark Clark
Conley, Orvill Jan 7,1911-Nov 25,1927 Clark Clark
Conley, R. D. Oct 20,1878-May 2,1940 Clark Clark
Conley, Virginia Margaret Aug 19,1936-May 13,1949 Clark Clark
Conley, William R. 1897-1966 Clark Clark
Dalis, Dan 1855-1933 Clark Clark
Davis, Cecil 1915-1954 Clark Clark
Day, Aline Oct 27,1923 Clark Clark
Delong, Dennis 1861-1925 Clark Clark
Delong, Louis Harlan Jan 1,1921-Oct 12,1942 Clark Clark
Delong, Martha 1890-1952 Clark Clark
Elbert, George 1916-1917 Clark Clark
Fife, Hubert Nov 14,1928-Aug 27,1925 Clark Clark
Haines, Dewayne 1951-1951 Clark Clark
Hamm, Arlie B. May 2,1908-Dec 12,1972 Clark Clark
Hamm, Baby Apr 6,1933-Apr 25,1933 Clark Clark
Hamm, Blanch Jul 1979- Clark Clark
Hamm, Lertie E. 1903-1977 Clark Clark
Hamm, Viola E. 1910-1944 Clark Clark
Hamm, Virginia Aldine 1933-1933 Clark Clark
Hasting, Ernest T. no dates Clark Clark
Hasting, Hiram W. Jan 5,1883-Feb 22,1973 Clark Clark
Hasting, Martha J. Apr 13,1893-Jun 11,1945 Clark Clark
Holmes, Kenneth Aug 24,1902-Oct 27,1918 Clark Clark
Holmes, Linda Jan 14,1897-Oct 14,1912 d/James&Linda Clark Clark
Jones, Barbara Sue Jul 1,1940-Nov 5,1941 Clark Clark
Jones, Lary H. Aug 9,1951 Clark Clark
Kiser, Eva Riley Feb 20,1903-Sep 7,1960 Clark Clark
Kiser, Jason C. Jul 14,1930-Apr 3,1966 Clark Clark
Kiser, Lula Jun 18,1900 Clark Clark
Lemaster, Anita 1958-1958 Clark Clark
Petitt, George Earl May 30,1933 Clark Clark
Proctor, Arlie Clark Jul 31,1881-Dec 8,1913 Clark Clark
Proctor, Audrie Clark Jun 15,1904-Sep 30,1909 Clark Clark
Ratcliff, James M. Aug 14,1910-Aug 26,1913 Clark Clark
Riley, James Feb 5,1890-Jan 17,1942 Clark Clark
Riley, Mahala May 19,1872-Dec 12,1942 Clark Clark
Royse, Ada 1907 Clark Clark
Royse, Billie F. May 9,1932-Aug 15,1953 Clark Clark
Royse, Chester Jun 4,1938-Jun 5,1938 Clark Clark
Royse, Clayton Lee Apr 8,1945 Clark Clark
Royse, Lester Jun 4,1938-Jun 5,1938 Clark Clark
Royse, Ollie 1905-1967 Clark Clark
Royse, T. O. Jun 9,1876-Sep 29,1956 Clark Clark
Royse, William M. Dec 7,1894-Jul 15,1918 Clark Clark
Ruggles, Amy E. Mar 30,1863-Dec 9,1945 Clark Clark
Ruggles, Charley W. Oct 15,1894-Sep 26,1915 Clark Clark
Ruggles, Gracie Aug 8,1897-Oct 19,1918 Clark Clark
Ruggles, Jessie 1892-1977 Clark Clark
Ruggles, Opal 1907 Clark Clark
Ruggles, Robert E. Nov 9,1859-Apr 15,1942 Clark Clark
Sagraves, Chalmer B. Nov 5,1917-Aug 15,1953 Clark Clark
Sagraves, Iris Sue May 7,1944 Clark Clark
Sagraves, Wendell Jul 22,1940-Jun 26,1980 Clark Clark
Shay, James Edwin Feb 15,1923-May 28,1971 Clark Clark
Smith, Edna E. Jun 27,1917-Aug 28,1930 Clark Clark
Unknown, Elise May 1915-1916 Clark Clark
Unknown, Elvia B. 1909-1961 Clark Clark
Unknown, Jinnie 1889-1948 Clark Clark
Watson, Hamie Aug 31,1884-Aug 5,1913 w/R.B. Payne Clark Clark
Watson, Mamie Aug 31,1884-Aug 5,1913 Clark Clark
Wombles, Jewell L. Sep 30,1917 Clark Clark
Wombles, Worden H. Mar 18,1903-Feb 9,1969 Clark Clark