Cemetery I

Ihle, Eugene Jr.          Dec 15,1969-Dec 15,1969 Bradley
Iliff, Daniel J.          Nov  8,1826-Apr 29,1868 Walnut Grove
Iliff, Emily J.           Nov  5,1851-Apr 18,1868 Walnut Grove
Imel, Jeremy Gene - Infant           -Aug 19,1977 Pleasant Valley
Imel. Charles B. "Chuck"  Sep 28,1958-Aug 30,1971 Rock Springs
Infant Sherry                    1928-1932        Bowling
Ingles, Benny J.          Jan  5,1936-Jan 29,1980 Garvin Ridge
Ingles, Edna                     1914-1985        Garvin Ridge
Ingles, Eliza J.          Apr 27,1875-Feb 28,1920 Watson
Ingles, Florette S. w/James      1925-            Watson
Ingles, Grace                    no dates         Gee
Ingles, Harry  w/Matilda  Oct  7,1885-Oct 12,1974 Garvin Ridge
Ingles, Hattie                   no dates         Gee
Ingles, Ithel LeMaster           1921-1973        Garvin Ridge
Ingles, James C. h/Florette      1925-1952        Watson
Ingles, James  h/Julia           1872-1942        Bethel
Ingles, Jeanetta          Feb 13,1938-            Garvin Ridge
Ingles, Joe                      no dates         Gee
Ingles, Julia  w/James           1882-1950        Bethel
Ingles, Mart Sr.h/Zona L. Apr  9,1891-Mar  3,1969 Watson
Ingles, Martin Jr         Jan 29,1932-May 27,1992 Watson
Ingles, Matilda           Jan 23,1893-May  1,1973 Garvin Ridge
Ingles, Mrs. Joe                 no dates         Gee
Ingles, Robert                   1914-            Garvin Ridge
Ingles, Robert                   no dates         Gee
Ingles, William                  no dates         Gee
Ingles, Zona L. w/Mart    May  3,1899-Jul  3,1979 Watson
Ingold, Atha w/Charles    Aug 11,1905-Oct  7,1937 Watson
Ingold, Bertha M.         May 24,1907-Feb 10,1995 Bethel
Ingold, Bonita Geraldine  Sep 16,1930-Dec 16,1987 Wells
Ingold, Charles E.        Jun 18,1898-Jan 15,1963 Garvin Ridge
Ingold, Charlotte Sue     Jun 24,1939-Jun 24,1939 Watson
Ingold, Charlotte Sue   dau./Charles & Ruth Ingold
Ingold, Ethel M. w/Stanley Jan 26,1941-Jun 3,1988 Garvin Ridge
Ingold, Frank             Sep  3,1902-Aug 16,1970 Oakland
Ingold, John W. h/Maggie  Jul  9,1857-Feb 19,1939 Bethel
Ingold, Maggie E. w/John  Sep 18,1864-Nov 25,1936 Bethel
Ingold, Ruth                     no dates         Garvin Ridge
Ingold, Stanley R. h/Ethel Aug 8,1936-Nov 10,1988 Garvin Ridge
Ingraham, Albert L. s/RL&E Oct 1,1911-Oct 15,1911 Littleton I
Ingraham, Charlie                1879-1957        Bailey
Ingraham, Clell s/W.G.&M. Aug 30,1917-Mar 29,1941 Maddix
Ingraham, Drinda                 no dates         Bailey
Ingraham, James A. s/RL&E Oct 26,1914-Sep  7,1943 Littleton I
Ingraham, Martha B.       Apr  8,1885-Dec  2,1964 Maddix
Ingraham, Mary Elizabeth w/James A. 1918-1941     Littleton I
Ingraham, Reppy                  1854-1923        Tick Ridge
Ingraham, Robert L.       Jun  1,1885-Jun  4,1922 Littleton I
Ingraham, Rosco           May 23,1909-Aug 11,1920 Bailey
Ingraham, W. G.           May 21,1882-Feb 21,1966 Maddix
Ingram, Sylvia Jean       Mar  6,1941-Mar 26,1942 May
Initals: A. M.                   no dates         Flat Fork
Initals: A.F.H. (Amanda F. Hamm ??) no dates      Bowen Chapel
Initals: A.F.H.  (Could this be Amanda F.Hamm?)   Bowen Chapel
Initals: B.K.                    no dates         Walnut Grove
Initals: C.B.R.  (Footstone)     no dates         Bowen Chapel
Initals: C.B.R.                  no dates         Bowen Chapel
Initals: C.F.                    no dates         Dean
Initals: C.H.K.                  no dates         Dean
Initals: C.J.S.                  no dates         Patton
Initals: E. F.  ( small penned-in area) no dates  Bowen Chapel
Initals: E.B.                    no dates         Pleasant Valley
Initals: E.F.                    no dates         Bowen Chapel
Initals: E.J.                        -1866        Amey
Initals: E.M.                    no dates         Amey
Initals: F.S.                    no dates         Patton
Initals: G.G.                    no stone         Reedville
Initals: G.M.B.                  no dates         Denton
Initals: G.S.D.                  no dates         Eagle Hall
Initals: G.W.J.                  no stone         Reedville
Initals: H. W.                   no dates         Bowen Chapel
Initals: H.E.L.???B.             no dates         Walnut Grove
Initals: H.S.                    no dates         Eagle Hall
Initals: H.U.                    no dates         Old Grayson
Initals: H.W.                    no dates         Bowen Chapel
Initals: J. H.                   no dates         Bowen Chapel
Initals: J. L.                   no dates         Bethel
Initals: J.                      no dates         Reedville
Initals: J.B.                    no dates         Pleasant Valley
Initals: J.F.                    no dates         Dean
Initals: J.H.                    no dates         Bowen Chapel
Initals: J.J.                    no dates         Old Grayson
Initals: J.M.H.                  no dates         Amey
Initals: J.P.D.                   ?  -Nov  3,187? Pelfrey
Initals: J.P.R.                  1826-1866        Pelfrey
Initals: L. H.                   no dates         Bowen Chapel
Initals: L.D.                    no dates         DeBord
Initals: L.E.B.           Apr 27,1924-Jul 11,1931 Patton
Initals: L.H.                    no dates         Bowen Chapel
Initals: L.J.                    no dates         Bethel
Initals: M.E.E.                  no dates         Erwin
Initals: M.J.S.                  no dates         DeBord
Initals: M.L.                    no dates         Walnut Grove
Initals: M.M.                    no dates         Amey
Initals: M.R.T.                  no dates         Newell
Initals: O.P.                    no dates         Walnut Grove
Initals: P.S.                    no dates         Eagle Hall
Initals: R. W.                   no dates         Bowen Chapel
Initals: R.D.                    1900-Aug  6,1958 Everman
Initals: R.D.                    1900-Aug  6,1958 Everman
Initals: R.W.                    no dates         Bowen Chapel
Initals: R.W.                    no dates         Patton
Initals: T.C.                    no dates         Eifort
Initals: W.F.                    no dates         Eifort
Initals: W.H.D                   no dates         DeBord
Irwin, Iva Inace  d/J.C.&O.D.    1886-Sep  7,1887 Old Grayson
Isaacs, Junior                       -1940s       Isaacs
Isaacs, Mabel                    1913-1913        Bays
Isaacs, Matt                     1935-1943        Damron
Isom, Bayless             Apr  2,1891-Jul 22,1957 Wolford
Isom, Causby                     1877-1964        Wolford
Isom, Lee Roy             Oct 22,1903-Dec 13,1963 Wolford
Isom, Martin                     1872-1939        Wolford
Isom, Temperance A.       Jul 22,1854-Oct 26,1936 Wolford
Ison, Anna Lea                       -1962        Wolford
Ison, Beatrice                   1906-1992        Wolford
Ison, Betty                      1927-            Garvin Ridge
Ison, Brian E.                   no dates         Wolford
Ison, Carl s/Jerry&Hattie Jun 13,1926-Sep  2,1926 Carroll
Ison, Edgar Sherman Sr.   Nov  4,1929-Oct  3,1991 Wolford
Ison, Emma                       1898-1968        Wolford
Ison, Eula S.                    1918-1962        Grayson
Ison, Fredrick            Feb 18,1925-Aug 16,1928 Wolford
Ison, George D. h/Monnie         1899-1991        Garvin Ridge
Ison, George M.                      -1987        Kitchen
Ison, George M.                  1937-            Grayson Area
Ison, George Milton       Nov 16,1940-Apr 13,1976 Wolford
Ison, Grace               Jul  8,1870-Sep 16,1944 Wolford
Ison, Hannah Boggs        Jun 23,1833-Mar  9,1911 Wolford
Ison, Hattie              Jun  5,1906-Apr  6,1965 Carroll
Ison, Hattie w/Jerry      Jun  5,1906-Apr  6,1960 Carroll
Ison, Helen Marie                no dates         Wolford
Ison, Herbert Hoover      May  6,1933-Sep 17,1994 Wolford
Ison, Isaac               Feb 26,1865-Jun 27,1945 Everman
Ison, Isom                       1898-1959        Wolford
Ison, Isom                Apr 25,1829-Apr 25,1916 Wolford
Ison, J. W.               Oct 13,1908-Apr 23,1986 Wolford
Ison, Jean w/John M.      Jul 27,1927-            Garvin Ridge
Ison, Jerry               Apr  2,1899-Aug 19,1955 Carroll
Ison, Jerry h/Hattie      Apr  2,1899-Aug 19,1953 Carroll
Ison, John D.                    1889-1954        Bowling
Ison, John M. h/Jean      May 17,1922-            Garvin Ridge
Ison, Joshya              Nov 11,1928-Nov 11,1928 Wolford
Ison, Lewie E.                   1950-1951        Memory Gardens
Ison, Lizzie                     1890-1972        Everman
Ison, Loucindy Ellen      Jun 26,1856-May  4,1911 Wolford
Ison, Marle M.                   1888-1970        Wolford
Ison, Mary  w/Issac       Jan 17,1867-Sep 14,1921 Gilbert
Ison, Milt                Mar 26,1862-Mar 10,1936 Wolford
Ison, Monnie B. w/George         1900-1975        Garvin Ridge
Ison, Paul                       1927-1976        Garvin Ridge
Ison, Robert              Apr 14,1913-Aug  9,1969 Wolford
Ison, Sydney J. Huff             1916-1960        Grayson Area
Ison, Terese                         -Jun 25,1965 Wolford
Ison, Thomas J.           Jun 18,1898-Jan  8,1929 Wolford
Ison, Tina Faye           May 15,1964-May 15,1964 Wolford
Ison, Vesta Geroldine            1934-1966        Wolford
Ison, Virgie Mae          Jun 29,1911-Jan 29,1986 Wolford
Ison, William O.          May  1,1896-Aug  8,1962 Wolford
Ison, William             Oct 27,1893-Oct 23,1967 Memory Gardens
Issaacs, Hamilton         Mar  7,1878-            Bays
Issaacs, Minnie           Jan 20,1886-Oct 26,1950 Bays
Issacs, Bel.              May 26,1874-Mar  3,1940 Burton
Issacs, Joseph                   1881-1962        Burton
Issacs, Rose Burton       May  2,1900-Aug 20,1939 Burton

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