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This list (alphabetical listing) was supplied to me by Don Meenach. He got it from someone who is anonymous, and wishes to stay that way. From what I have been able to learn, this list is the result of a KY Archives grant in the 70's to catalog every cemetery in the state. Apparently, the Carter County info was turned over to someone, who used it to compile this list. As I have been finding out, the list is not entirely accurate. Some dates have been transcribed incorrectly, some persons are listed in the wrong cemetery, and some cemeteries are mis-named. To date, I have 4 cemetery listings supplied by persons who frequent this page. What I propose to do is this: We need to make this an ongoing, interactive project, with input from all you researchers out there. If you have cemetery data, directions, locactions, names, etc., please send them to me. I also am interested in site maps of the individual cemeteries showing the locations of the stones. I realize would be nearly impossible for some of the larger cemeteries, but, hey, a fella's gotta have dreams....vbg. I will act as a clearinghouse for this info, and eventually we will all have an accurate cemetery listing on the site here. I do intend to leave the current list online indefinitely, since it still is a good tool for general info. As with any other second- (or third- or more)hand information, it is always best to check the source(In this case the gravesites themselves).

The first column in the listings is the name, the second is the dates on the stone, and the last column is the cemetery in which the stone is located.

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