Carter County Cemetery Preservation and Maintenance - 2006

A recent "Governor's Office for Local Development" announcent states that there
is an avilability of grant money for cemetery preservation. The deadline for
applying for the grant money is May 1, 2006. The application can be found at 
this link. Once on the page look for the "download" page located
under the police cruiser. After you get to the download page scroll about
3/4 way down the page to "2006 Cemetery Preservation Fund Application". 
One thing to keep in mind any group or organization MUST have non-profit 
status or be able to connect with an organization with non-profit status. 
There are other requirements which are listed on the application. Also I have the
forms to register cemeteries with the Ky. History Center. If anyone wants
the forms to register a cemetery I will e-mail the forms.

     	Abandoned Cemeteries 

Logistically, the county has responsibility of any land parcels within 
its jurisdiction that are considered abandoned.  The county judge 
executive would be the initial contact to inform the county administrative 
offices of the disgraced cemetery and its condition.  The state laws 
will invariably apply and the process should kick off automatically.  That 
is how we forced a similar project in Bullitt County several years back 
when the municipal faction refused to play ball.  It took almost a full 
year to see any results , which were amazingly profound.  The cemetery 
today is well kept by the county, city and the local supporters 
including BSA and genealogical society.  

Property ownership is a secondary matter to be addressed for follow up 
action in proper care and maintenance of a cemetery.  The more people 
involved in the project will enhance the level of success.  A last 
resort is the higher state gov't level of legislators, such as the district 
representative or congressman at the state capitol.

Worthy of notation is the procedure for initiating some type of action 
in any case.  Before they start closing doors in your face, make sure 
you have your ducks in proper order.  Interned veterans in a cemetery 
carries a lot of weight if applicable.

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