Assessor Map and Property Card Images


A few words of explanation...

The lines drawn on these maps are not the legally enforceable boundaries of these properties. 
They are a close approximation of the shapes and relationships of properties that are defined more precisly
in recorded deeds, and are sufficiently accurate for tax valuation assessment purposes.
Each numbered polygon on a map corresponds to a single real property deed. 

PVA maps may be hand drawn, digitally rendered, or as in the case of Kentucky, lines drawn on aerial photos.
Kentucky real property deeds are based on locally surveyed metes and bounds descriptions, rather
than on the Federally surveyed ranges, sections and quarter sections used in many other parts of the country.

Every property is identified by a 12 digit Tax Map Key (TMK), the first three digits of which is a map number 
(001 through 140), followed by digits (and in some cases letters), that serve to further uniquely identify the 
property. The polygons on these 140 PVA maps contain the one to five digit identifying number assigned to each 
property represented on that map. These map parcel numbers are contained in the last three to five digits of the 
full 12 digit TMK for the property. 

These are digital images (photographs, not scans) of the Carter County Tax Assessor maps. The actual maps are 
in a large format, approximately 36 inches on a side, so multiple images were needed to create (hopefully) viewable maps. 

Details of real property ownership and tax liability are maintained on Propery Cards that are contained 
in files in each PVA ("Property Valuation Assessor") office in the county Court House. Property Cards often
contain a photo of any structures on the property.

Below is a link to a photo of the master county tax map that hangs on a wall in the PVA office.
The master map is about four feet on a side, so this photo will only give you a general idea of the areas
covered by the over 140 individual maps. Note that while the areas covered by the individual maps are drawn
as rectangles on the Master Map, the actual individual map boundaries are irregular, and some Master Map
rectangles map actually contain several sub-maps (commonly, residential areas).

Link to the PVA Master Map

PVA Parcel Search

These are links to pages which contain photos of PVA maps and Property Cards.

Each link contains the map number and some location information.

Map 08 is an example of a page which contains both map and Property Card images on it.

01 South of Lewis County Line

02 Corner of Rowan - Lewis County Line

03 Northwest at Rowan County Line

04 West Interstate 64 at Rowan County Line

05 Carter City to Carter Caves Resort Park

06 Interstate 64 Area

07 Upper Tygart Area

08 Lawton to Soldier

08-10 Lawton to Soldier

08-20 Lawton to Soldier

09 Southwest bordering on Daniel Boone National Forest

10 Southwest Greenbriar Rd.

11 South of Rowan County Line, North of Interstate 64

12 South of Tract 11

13 Lawton to Soldier

13-10 Ky Rt. 174 - Enterprise

14 South of Tract 13

15 South of Tract 14 on Rowan County Line

16 Southern-most Point

17 Lewis County Line, West of Tracts 28 and 29

18 Lewis County Line, South of Tract 17

19 Lewis County Line, South of Tract 18

20 Lewis County Line, South of Tract 19

21 Lewis County Line - Interstate 64, South of Tract 17

22 Globe - West of Olive Hill

23 Lawton to Soldier

23-10 Globe - Rt. 60

23-20 Lawton - South of Ky. Rt. 174

24 Lewis County Line - South of Tract 23

25 Elliott County Line - South of Tract 24

26 Lewis County Line - AA Highway

27 Lewis County Line - South of Tract 26

28 Lewis County Line - South of Tract 27

29 McGlone Creek

30 Jordan Fork

31 South of Tract 30

32 South of Tract 31 - Interstate 64

33 Henderson Branch Area of Olive Hill

33-10 Henderson Branch Area of Olive Hill

33-20 Blueberry Ridge Area of Olive Hill

33-30 Near Olive Hill

33-40 Marvin Hicks Drive Area of Olive Hill

34 Clark Hill - Tick Ridge

35 Lawton to Soldier

36 North at Lewis & Greenup County Line

37 Lick Branch - Half Way Branch

38 Lick Branch - KY Rt 174

39 Ky Rt 2 at Ky Rt 182, South of Tract 38

40 South of Tract 39, West of Carter Caves

41 South of Tract 40, Southeast of Carter Caves

42 Olive Hill to Carter Caves

43 Olive Hill

43-10 Olive Hill

43-10-12 Olive Hill Rt. 60

43-10-13 Olive Hill Rt. 60

43-10-15 Olive Hill Old Rt. 60

43-20 Olive Hill Depot Area

43-30 Eastland Ave. Area of Olive Hill

43-40 US 60 East of Olive Hill

43-Block 1 - Blueberry Ridge Area of Olive Hill

44 Sammons Hollow

45 Ross Chapel - Olive Hill Airport

46 Greenup County Line - AA Highway

47 AA Highway - Half Way Branch

48 Carter City

48-10 Carter City - Lewis Furniture

49 Carter City - Carter Caves Resort Park

50 James Chapel - Carter Caves

51 Olive Hill to Carter Caves

52 Pleasant Valley - Interstate 64

53 Grahn

54 Cory Road

55 Ben's Run Rd - South of Tract 54

56 Ben's Run Rd - Lewis County Line

57 Greenup County Line

58 AA Highway

59 Buffalo - Route 7

60 Route 7 - Sutton Rd.

61 Sutton Rd - South of Tract 60

62 Rockhouse Rd.

63 Northeast of Pleasant Valley

64 Interstate 64 east of Olive Hill, Amish

65 Grahn Road

66 Olive Hill to Leon area

66-10 Olive Hill to Leon area

67 (not available)

68 (not available)

69 Elliott County Line

70 Greenup County Line

71 AA Highway North of Iron Hill

72 Iron Hill

73 Rockhouse Rd. - Smith Branch Rd.

74 Gregoryville

75 Grahn - Interstate 64

76 Aden Road

77 Aden Road

78 Near Aden Rd.

79 South of Map 78

80 Elliott County Line

81 Greenup County Line

82 Greenup County Line

83 (not available)

84 (not available)

85 (not available)

86 (not available)

87 (not available)

88 Leon area

89 West of Grayson Lake

90 Grayson Lake

91 Grayson Lake

92 Greenup County Line

93 AA Highway Northwest of Grayson

94 I-64 & US 60 West of Grayson

95 Southwest of Grayson

96 Leon area

97 Rt. 7 South of Leon

98 Leon area (not yet available)

99 Grayson Lake

100 Grayson Lake

101 Elliott County Line

102 Greenup County Line

103 North of Grayson

103-30 KY 1959 - Ky 9 Area

104 Grayson (not yet imaged)

105 South of Grayson

106 Leon area

107 East of Grayson Lake

108 North of Grayson Lake

109 KY Route 1122

110 Elliott - Lawrence County border

111 North of Rush on Boyd County Line

112 I-64 East of Grayson

113 (not available)

114 (not available)

115 (not available)

116 (not available)

117 (not available)

118 Lawrence County border (not available)

119 (not available)

120 (not available)

121 (not available)

122 (not available)

123 Southeast of Grayson

124 (not available)


126 Lawrence County border

127 North of Rush, Ky.

128 (not available)

129 (not available)

130 (not available)


132 Lawrence County border

133 Southeast corner - Lawrence County border

134 Interstate 64 at Rt. 60 Interchange - Rush, Ky.

135 Kilgore - Rush, Ky.

136 Rush, Ky.

137 (not available)

138 (not available)

139 (not available)

140 Lawrence - Boyd County border (not available)

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