"July 19, 1836"

"Mary Denton": Mary (Hunt) Denton, 1776-1881, widow of William Denton, 1781-1825 ("William Denton deceased").

"James Denton and Duanna": James Denton, 1806-1877, son of William Denton, Duanna (Rawlings) Denton, 1806-1849

"Elizabeth Denton": ????!! James' sister, Elizabeth, married James Vanlandingham in 1820. Why would this deed use her maiden name?

"William Denton and Catherine": William "Billy" Denton, 1810-1886, brother to James Denton. Catherine (Barber) Denton, 1814-unk

"Hiram Denton and Rebecca": James' brother Hiram Denton, 1811-1881, who married Rebecca Royce, 1811-1888, who he married in 1831.

"Jonathan Denton": James' brother Jonathan Denton, 1814-1855, was married on June 13, 1836 to Elizabeth "Betty" Perkins, 1820-1900

"Reuben Hunt and Sally his wife, late Sally Denton": This is probably Reuben Hunt, 1795-1846, who married Sarah Denton, 1801-1884. Sarah was James' sister.

"Abraham Denton and Elizabeth": Abraham Denton, 1816-1856, James' brother, married Elizabeth Barber, 1816-1854.

"Francis G. Denton": Francis G. Denton, 1818-1891, James' brother, married Frances "Fannie" Rawlings, 1815-1889.

"Washington Denton": George Washington Denton, 1821-unk, James' brother, later married Sarah Denton, 1825-unk