John Denton, his heirs and assigns forever the
claim or claims of all and every person what
ever by claiming by through or under these the said Mary
Denton, James Denton and Dianna his wife, Elizabeth Denton,
William Denton and Catherine his wife, Herman (?)
Denton & Rebecca his wife, Jonathan Denton and Eliz-
abeth his wife, Reuben Hunt and Sally his wife
late Sally Denton, Abraham Denton and Elizabeth his
wife, Francis G. Denton and Cuntington (?) Denton,
their heirs or assigns forever

"John Denton": Unknown

"Mary Denton": Mary (Hunt) Denton (1776-1881), widow of William Denton (1781-1825)

"James Denton and his wife Duanna": James Denton (1806-1877) and Duanna (Rawlings) Denton (1806-1849)

"Elizabeth Denton": ??? Elizabeth Denton, sister to James Denton, married James Vanlandingham and move to Indiana!!
Very, very mysterious!

"William Denton and Catherine": William Denton (1810-1886) and Catherine (Barber) Denton (1814- )

"Hiram Denton and Rebecca": Hiram Denton (1811-1881) and Rebecca (Royce) Denton (1811-1888)

"Jonathan Denton and Eliz": Jonatha Denton (1814-1855) and Elizabeth (Perkins) Denton (1820-1900)

"Reuben Hunt and Sally": Reuben Hezekiah Hunt (1795-1846) and Sarah "Sally" (Denton) Hunt (1800-1884)

"Abraham Denton and Elizabeth": Abraham Denton (1816-1856) and Elizabeth (Barber) Hunt (1816-1854)

"Francis G. Denton": Francis G. Denton (1818-1891)

"Washington Denton": George Washington Denton (1821- )

William Thurman and Lucy to James Sudath (?)

Washington Denton to George A. Trumbo

Submitted by: John W. Grace

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