State of Kentucky

County of Carter

“This deed between David O. Madden and Sarah Madden his wife, Laura A. James George E. James her husband, 
Theodore Madden and Maggie Madden his wife, Luella Abbott and Lorren Abbott her husband, 
Lucy Horsley & Wm Horsley her husband, Frank Madden, Charles Madden & Julia Madden his wife, 
Cora Lewis and Samuel Lewis her husband and Gordy Griffey and S. W. Madden heirs at law of Mathia D. Madden 
deceased party of the first part and Joseph Jordan of the second part. Witnesseth that the said party of the 
first part in consideration of ($25.00) Twenty Five dollars the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged do 
hereby sell grant and convey to the party of the second part his heirs and assigns the following described 
property viz a certain tract orparcel of land situated on the Trough Camp fork of Tygarts Creek in Carter 
County Kentucky Beginning at a white oak and Elm a corner in Joseph Jordans line also a corner to 
John Garvins land thence tunning a north direction to Trough Camp Creek to a stake in the middle of 
the creek thence running up the said creek with its meanderings to a p9int where Joseph Jordans line 
corners and a stake in the creek thence S 72 E 42 poles to the beginning containing Five acres be the 
same more or less to have and to hold the same with the appurtenances thereon to the second party his 
heirs and assigns forever with covenant of General Warranty in testimony whereof Whereof Witness our 
signatures this 29th day of October 1895.” 

Samuel W. Lewis    Laura A. James 

Cora S. Lewis    G. E. James 

R. M. Griffy    J. F. Madden 

Gordia Griffey    Sophia (X her mark) Madden 

T. A. Madden    Charles (X his mark) Madden 

Maggie Madden     Julia (X her mark) Madden 

                              Lorren Abbott 

                              Ella Abbott 

It appears that several of the participants were not present at the time of this transaction, 
certainly David Otho Madden and his wife Laura’s names are not listed, nor are the names of 
William Horsley and his wife Lucy. It appears from the following that only Laura A. James, 
George E. James and J. F. Madden were actually present on October 29, 1895. 

State of Kentucky

County of Carter

I C. M. Erwin Notary Public of the county aforesaid do certify that on this day the foregoing 
deed was produced to me in the county aforesaid and acknowledged and delivered by Laura A. James 
and George E. James her husband & J. F Madden to be their act and deed and consented that the 
same be admitted to record witness my had and seal of Office October 29th 1895. C. M. Erwin 
NPCC Ky My commission will expire Feby 3rd 1896. 

Nearly a full year later two others acknowledged this deed. 

State of Kentucky

County of Carter

I C. M. Erwin a notary public of the aforesaid county and state do certify that the foregoing 
deed was this produced to me in Carter County by Samuel W. Lewis and Cora S. Lewis his wife 
and in due form of Law acknowledged the same to be their act and deed October 6th 1896. 
C. M. Erwin NPCC Ky 

My commission will expire January 13th 1900. 

Three months later nine others apparently acknowledged this deed. 

State of Kentucky

County of Carter

I W. H. Mocabee clerk of the county court of the county aforesaid do certify that on this day 
this deed from Sophia Madden Charles Madden and Julia his wife R. M. Griffey Gordia Griffey 
Loren Abbott and his wife Ella Abbott T. A. Madden and his wife Maggie Madden did acknowledge 
the foregoing deed before me in due form 

Witness my hadd this 15 day of January 1896. 

W. H. Mocabee Clerk 

by J. D. Patton D. C.  

Although I (David K. Tucker) did not receive the acknowledgement of David Otho I was told 
it did not take place until the year 1912, nor do I have any document showing that 
William Horsley and Lucy ever acknowledged the deed. 

Submitted by: David Tucker

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