Book 7, Page 87 

This indenture made and entered into by and between John N. Ross 
and Nancy Ross, his wife, of the first part, and John Ratcliff of  
and State of Kentucky, the second part, all of the County of Carter, 
witnessth, that the said parties of the first part for and in 
consideration of the sum of three hundred and twelve dollars to  
???? in hand ??? the receipt of which is hereby acknpwledged, 
have granted, bargained and sold by these presents does grant and 
sell and convey to said Ratcliff of the second part the following 
described two tracts of land, lying and being in Carter County, 
Kentucky, on the West side of Tygarts Creek and the first tract 
bounded as follows, to wit: Beginning at three white oaks, 
thence, N 10' (<-W?) 30 poles to two white oaks, known as the second 
corner;thense S 58 1/2 W 40 poles to a rock; thence S 29 1/2 E 34 
poles to a poplar(?); thence S 39 E 12 poles to a Black Oak and 
Red Oak; thence North 96 poles to the beginning, containing 
twenty-two and one fourth acres; and also the Second Tract, 
bounded as follows, viz: Bginning at the two Black Oaks in 
line of 100 acre survey Jacob Brinager of which this is a part; 
Thence S 58' E 31 poles to 3 Hickories; N 48 E 12 poles to a 
poplar near a small branch; N 66' E 68 poles to a Hickory, 
Sourwood;  N 63 W 22 poles to a Red Oak & Chestnut tree; 
N 25 E 81 poles to a Beech, Sugartree & Black Walnut; W 52 
poles to two Red Oaks; S 28 W 102 poles to a red Oak & 
Chestnut trees; S 40' W 15 poles to he beginning, containing 
forty-two acres by survey. To have and to hold the aforesaid 
tracts and parcels of land and pemises with all the 
afformentioned th???? belonging to the said Ratcliff of the 
second part, his heirs and assigns forever. We bind ourselves 
and our heirs, exectutors to ??? ???? and defend against the 
claims of all persons whatsoever claiming by through or under 
and all other persons.

On testimony whereof we have ???? ???? our hands and seals 
this 15th day of September, 1857.

   									John N. Ross    (seal)
  									Nancy J. Ross  (seal)

to John 


State of Kentucky
Carter County

				I, W. J. Watson, Deputy for Elias P. Davis, 
Clerk of the County Court for the County aforesaid, do certify that 
this deed of conveyance from John N. Ross and his wife Nancy J. Ross 
to John Ratcliff was this day presented to me by the said grantors, 
and acknowledged by the said John N. Ross to be his act and deed, 
and the said Nancy J. Ross, being examined by me ???? and apart from 
her said husband, declares that she did freely and willingly seal 
and deliver said writing, and wishes not to trtract it, and 
acknowledges the said writing again shown and explained to her to be 
her act and deed, and commandith that the same may be recorded, 
wherefore the said deed, together with this certificate hath been duly 
admitted to record in my office, given under my hand, this 15th day of 
September 1875.

									W. J. Watson,  D. C.
  								     for E. P. Davis, C.C.C.C.