Book 7, Page 589

This indenture made and entered into this 11th day of February 1856 by
and between Jachariah Tyree Commissioner appointed by the Carter
County Court at its December terms 1855 to make deeds to the heirs of George
James deceased according t the division of the land as reported by the commissioners
and ill(?) C. James, Emily James, Amanda James, Mary Vanlandingham, Celey Wilburn 
and Rebecca Ross of the first part and Margaret James of the second part, all of 
the county of Carter and the state of Kentucky witnessed that for and in consideration 
of the promises aforesaid of the party of the first part hath this day bargained, sold 
aliened and conveyed to the party of the second part all that peace or parcel of land 
lying and being in Carter County, Kentucky and on the waters of Tygert's Creek, bounded 
as follows (to wit): beginning at one black wlanut in the south line of the housec 
survey of the south side of the branch thence N 66 E 26 poles to three white oaks at 
the fork of the branch, S 87 E 30 poles to one white oak, and gum S 71 E 20 poles to 
two black oaks and two dogwoods S 87 E 16 poles to one white oak and chesnut S 8 E 21 
poles to three black oaks and 24 poles to 3 chesnuts N 60 E 11 poles to one white oak 
and one hickory .  Andrew James corner N 4 W 98 poles to one white oak and hickory, 
N 3 & 6 poles to a stake in A. James' lineN 71 W 60 poles to two white oaks N 64 W 30 
poles to north side of the state road N 87 W 60 poles to line of lot no. 1 with 
same S 3 W 40 poles to south esat corner of same to two small black oaks on south hill

  							 					Book 7, Page 590

side N 87 W 70 poles to two dogwoods and ???? 17 ?? 30 poles to one black oak and 
??? 4 W 38 poles to black walnut sugartree and ???? N 88 E 47 poles two small white 
oaks, black oak and red oak  ?? E 42 poles to the beginning containing ninety five 
??? being lot no. 5. 

    To have and to hold to her the party of the second part and to her heirs and assigns 
forever as her ???? of the real estate of George James dec'd as divided? set apart 
to her by commissioners appointed for ?? purpose, and the party of the first part 
doth convey ??? the right title and interest unto the party of the second part that 
George James had in and to the same(?) and warrenting and defending against all 
???? ???? title in and to the said land from George James ???? and against the title 
of none other. 

 									T. Tyree