Deed Book 7, Page 627

Deeding property to the heirs of George B. James

Grantors -

George James (Sept. 16/18, 1791 - Jan. 16, 1855), the deceased, believed to be the son of John W. James and Mary "Polly" Jackson
George B. James was married to Rebecca Zornes (1800 - ca1836) on July 15, 1816 and also to Sarah "Sally" Smith on Oct. 18, 1836

Margaret James - unidentified, possibly a daughter or daughter-in-law. On this same date, Margaret receives 95 acres under Deed Book 7, Page 589
M. L.(?) James - unidentified, possibly a son.
Amanda James - unidentified, possibly a grandaughter
Celia Wilburn - Celia (James) Wilburn (ca1828 - Feb. 15, 1861), a daughter of George James and wife of Reuben Wilburn
Mary Vanlandingham - unidentified, possibly a grandaughter
Reuben Ross - Reuben Truman Ross, husband of Rebecca (James) Ross (Sept. 14, 1831 - April 21, 1882), a daughter of George B. James

Grantee -
Emily James - unidentified, possibly a daughter or daughter-in-law. On this same date, Emily receives 68 acres under deed Book 7, Page 627

  								Book 7, Page 627 (probably)

Given under my name this 13th day of October 1859
  									G. C. Neil
  									for E. P. Davis, Clerk

This indenture made and entered into this 11th day of February 1856 by
and between Jachariah Tyree Commissioner appointed by the Carter
County Court at its December terms 1855 to make deeds to the heirs of George
James deceased according t the division of the land as reported by the commissioners
???? and Margaret James, Celia James, ?? James, Mary Vanlandingham, Reuben 
Ross, George James the first part and Emily James of the second part, all of the 
County of Carter and State of Kentucky. Thereforth that for and consideration of the
names(?) aforesaid the party of the first part hath this day cranga(?)
and sold and conveyed into the party of the second part all that
tract of land lying and being inthe county and state aforesaid onlee(?)
atess9/0 of Tygrits Creek and bounded as follows to wit. Beginning at
Black oaks in west line of survey + corner of the lot, no. 3, s?? 7
38 poles to white oak on ridge N 50 and E 18 poles to hickory and
white oak S51 E 64 poles to two white oaks and black oaks (not Found)
E 86 poles to white oak hickory and Eleren(?) (Mrs. James corner) N 53 E 16
poles to beach and dogwood N 41 E 24 poles to one black oak
walnut (a corner of lot no. 5)  N 24 W 42 poles to two small
sugar tree + gum N 4 E 28 poles to one gum and black oak N 17 1/2 m 20
poles to two dogwoods + gum in line of lot no. 1 with same N 3 E 20
poles to stake corner of lot no. 3. S 51 m 122 poles to the beginning
containing by survey (68 acres). Being lot no. 4 to have and to
hold unto her the party of the second part to her heirs and assigns
forever as her portion of the real estate of George James deceased
and divided and set apart to her by Commissioner appointed for that
purpose and the party of the first doth convey all the rights and title
and interest in and to the said land to the party of the 
second part that George James deceased had in and to the 
land part warrenting and defending from all and every person 
or persons claiming under throughel(?) or by the said George James
deceased but from none other intinerony(?) where of the party
of the first part hath here to assigned his name 
and affixed his seal the day and the year first above written.

 									E. Tyree