Page 272

				Record of Commissioner's Deeds

Deed from J. N. Ross to John Ratcliff

This indenture, made and entered into by and between John N. Ross of the first part and 
John Ratcliff of the second part all of the County of Carter and State of Kentucky, 
witnesseth that for and in consideration of sixteen dollars in hand paid the receipt 
of which is hereby acknowledged for which the party of the first do by these presents 
bargain & sell alien and convey a certain piece of land unto the party of the second part, 
lying and being in said county on the Trough Camp Branch of Tygarts and bounded as follows, 
to wit: Beginning at a white oak & dogwood on a point corner to David Gormans (?) land a 
with his line N 54 E. 52 poles to two dogwoods & poplar in a line of one hundred acres 
survey of said  Gorman & with his line N 47 W 58 poles to three white oaks, thense South 45 
West with a line of 200 (?) acres granted to William Miller, 50 poles to a white oak and 
elm on the cedar point, thense a line of said Millers land, S 46 E 51 poles to the beginning, 
and the party of the first part do by these presents, bargain, sel, alien and convey all and 
singular the appertenances thereunto belonging unto the party of the second part forever 
- - - - - - and the party of the first will and defend against all persons or persons claiming 
under him self, his heirs and all other claim or claims whatever unto the party of the second 
part for ever, given under my hand and seal this 31st day of January 1864.

	   							John N. Ross

Clerks Certificate

State of Kentucky
Carter County
I allen Duncan, Deputy for E. P. Davis, Clerk, Carter County Court, do certify that that this 
deed of convey an?? from John N. Ross to John Ratcliff was produced to me in my office and 
acknowledged by John N. Ross to be his act and deed for the purpose there in mentioned and 
desired that the same should be recorded which deed together with this certificate is duly 
admitted to record in my office, given under my hand this 30th April 1864

								Allen Duncan, Dpty
  								for E. P. Davis C.C.C.C.

The "S 45 W 50" northwest boundary call corresponds to the "N 45 E 50" call on Deed Book 6 Page 87.