C. M. and Mary Tabor to Leland and Rena Tabor    November 30, 1932   Trough Camp   18 acres   $200.00   Book 58   Page  200          

This deed, between  C. M. Tabor and  Mary Tabor, his wife, party of the 
first part and Leland Tabor and Rena Tabor, his wife,  parties of the 
second part, witnesseth:  That said party of the first part, for and in 
consideration of the sum of $200.00,  Two Hundred Dollars,  One Hundred 
and Five Dollars in hand paid.

Leland Tabor and Rena Tabor, note of even date herewith for $95.00 with 
6% interest due and payable, two years after date , the receipt  of 
which is being acknowledged, does hereby sell, grant and convey to the 
parties of the second part, their heirs and assigns, the following 
described property, to wit:            Parcel or Tract of land, lying and 
being in Carter Co., Ky., on the waters of Trough Camp and described as 
follows:  being at a stake near the well of  B.M. Tabor Sr.  and on the 
East side of the County road to a white oak stump on top of hill, a 
corner of  R.C. Perry and  L.L. Tabor,  thence, and East direction with the 
line of  R.C. Perry  and  C.M. Tabor  and  J.J. Perry, thence, South 
course with  C.M. Tabor's line of his Home Place to a white oak and 
hickory, the corner of  C.M. Tabor  and  J.C. Tabor , thence with the line 
of J.C. Tabor, a West course  to the place of the beginning, containing 
18 acres, more or less.  Being the same land, conveyed from  L.L. Tabor  
and  Millie Tabor, his wife  to  C.M. Tabor by Deed, bearing date,  6th 
day of February 1905, and of record in Deed Book  54   Page  566,  
Carter County Clerk's office.  To have and to hold the same, together with 
all the appurtenances , there unto, there unto, belonging unto the 
parties of the second part, their heirs and assigns forever, with Covenant 
of General Warranty. 

In Testimony whereof, witness our signatures this 30th. day of November 1932.     

C.M. Tabor  and  Mary Tabor  
Notary Public was  A.M. Johnson  and County Clerk was Carl M. Jaynes.

Submitted by: Bonnie Carver

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