This indenture made and entered into this 11th day of February
1856 by and between Zachariah Tyree Commissioner
appointed by the Carter County Court at the December term
1855 to make deeds to the heirs of George James deceased
according to the division of land(?) as reported by Commissioners
and Mrgaret James, M. E. James ("Mary Elizabeth (Ross) James??"), Emily James, ???? James, Mary
Vanlandingham & Rebecca Ross of the first part and Reuben Wilburn
& Celia Wilburn    his wife and daughter of George James
???? of the second part all of the County of Carter and
State of Kentucky. Witnesseth that for and in consideration
of the promises aforesaid the party of the first part has this day
bargainsed, sold an conveyed unto the parties of the second
part all that tract of land lying and being in the 
County and State aforesaid on the waters of Tygarts Creek
and bounded as follows to wit: Beginning at 3 white oaks,
a corner in the deed of Gabriel Scott to George James
thense south 65 west 35 poles to a stake in Strothers (?)
field (?) S22 E9 poles to a stake S29 E24 poles to a
stake S13 E26 poles  white oak, N64 E36 (?) to four small
white oaks, N6 1/2 E 22 poles to one white oak and
maple N48 E18 poles to a double Beach & two small
spruce pines on a cliff, N50 W40 poles to two white
oaks N21 E32 poles to one white oak and ash N30 W
28 poles to white oak and black oak and hickory
S70 W62 poles to two white oaks and a beach on a cliff
S15 E36 to 3 oaks S26 poles to 2 white oaks, N34
W47 (?) poles the beginning being lot No. 2 (?) and
survey 110 acres

Submitted by: John W. Grace

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