Beginning at a large black locust and mapel bushes on Squire Lick side, 
S 19 W 115 poles, S 27 W 53 poles to a white oak poplar hickory and chestnut 
Rosses fence, thense S 23 W 54 poles to a hickory by a path, S 53 E 146 poles 
to a black oak and spotted oak on a flat ridge, thense N 23 E 290 poles with 
the division line to the small hickories black oak and dogwood in Greenhill's 
line, thense bounding on the same N 76 W 82 poles to 2 black oak bushes 
on a hill side ? 42 W 75 poles to the beginning, to have and to hold unto 
him, the said party of the second part and his heirs forever, and the party 
of the first part the title to said land will forever warrent and defend 
against herself, her heirs and assigns and any and all persons claiming by, 
through and under this testimoney whereof the said party of the first part 
hath hereunto ??? her hand and seal this date, above written.

 									E. A. Frizell

State of Kentucky
Carter County
I Elias P. Davis, Clerk of the County Court in and for the County and 
State aforesaid, do certify that this deed from E. A. Frizell to 
John N. Ross was produced to me in my office on the 1st day of 
September 1871 and the said Eliza A. Frizell acknowledged said deed to 
be her act and deed for the purposes therein mentioned, wherefore said 
deed together with this certificate are duly recorded in my office and 
stamped according to law.

Signed under my hand this 1st day of September 1871.

									E. P. Davis    Clk