Book G,  Page 111

This deed this day made by and between John N. Ross and Nancy J. Ross his 
wife party of the first part and James W. Tabor party of the second part 
all of Carter County Ky Witnesseth that in consideration of the sum of 
four hundred and eight dollars in hand paid the receipt(?)  ???? is hereby 
acknowledges the party of the first part has sold and doth hereby sell and 
convey all that certain ????  parcel of land situate in the county of Carter 
State of Kentucky and bounded as follows Beginning at 3 blk oaks on the north 
side of the County road thence S 24 W 91 1/2 poles to a hickory by a 
path thense S 33 E 146 poles to a black oak and y??? 
oak on a flat ridge thense N 23 E with D. Isaac(?) Caudill's line 175 
poles crossing a branch and the county road to a stake in Caudill's line 
thence N 70 1/2 W 123 poles to the beginning containing one hundred & two (102) 
acres with the appurtinances thereunto belonging ???? ???? the party 
of the second part and his heirs and assigns forever And the party of the first 
part will forever warant and defend the title of said land to him the said party 
his heirs or assigns forever against all claims whatsoever  In testimony said 
parties of the first part do sign and deliver this deed this the  23 day of 
January 1873.

  								John N. Ross	{seal}

								Nancy J. Ross	{seal}
   									{X} mark