L.L. Tabor  to  James Blevins   December 24, 1906   Henderson Branch  6 acres   $90.00   Book  Z   Page  558     

This deed of conveyance made and entered into this 24th. day of December 1906 
between L.L. Tabor and Millie Tabor, his wife, of Carter County, Kentucky, parties of the 
first part  and  James Blevins, of the same County and State, aforesaid 
party of the second part witnesseth. Said parties of the first part  for 
and in Consideration of the sum of ninety ($90.00) dollars. fifty 
($50.00) dollars of which is cash in hand, paid the receipt of which is 
hereby acknowledged and the remaining Forty ($40.00) dollars to be paid as 
follows:  January 1, 1907, $10.00.  February 1, 1907,  $10.00.  March 1, 
1907,  $10.00.  April 1, 1907,  $10.00  and same is evidenced by notes 
of (even ?) date here of  do hereby sell and convey to the party of the 
second part , his heirs and assigns the following described property, 
to with. A certain tract or parcel of land , lying or being on Henderson 
Branch, a tributary to Tygarts Creek in Carter County, Kentucky. 
Bounded as follows to wit. Beginning at a set stone, thence S42  W14  poles 
to a spotted oak and a gum, thence S10  E26 poles to a white oak stump, 
thence  S54  E28 poles to two small black oaks, thence  N23 1/2  E25 
poles to a rock near the head of a drain, thence a straight line 34 poles 
to the beginning and containing six acres, be the same , more or less, 
and being the same land conveyed to  L.L. Tabor  by Asa Dailey Sr. and 
Sarah Dailey, his wife.  By deed  of date of August 13, 1891 and 
recorded in Deed Book  L,  page 204  of the Carter County court records for 
deeds.  To have and to hold  the same together with all the 
appurtenances thre unto, belonging  unto the party of the second part, his heirs 
and assigns forever. The said parties of the first part hereby covenants 
with the said party that they will warrant the title to the property  
hereby conveyed unto the said party of the second part and his heirs and 
assigns forever. A lien is retained upon the property hereby conveyed 
as Security for the payments of the said unpaid purchase money.  

Signed by  L.L. Tabor  and  Millie Tabor     

Witnessed by  L.G. Erwin  and  Jasper F. Tabor 
Lewis G. Erwin was a Carter Co. Notary Public at this time  and the County Clerk was  James Fults.

Submitted by: Bonnie Carver

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