Biggs his wife & B. C. Valdeman to Eliza A. Frizzell widow & Mary Hord, late 
Frizzell Martha Frizzell, Alice Frizzell, Thomas Frizzell, Henry Frizzell, 
Margaret Frizell, Nancy Frizzell & Alfred Frizzell was this day produced to 
me by the grantor and acknowledged by the said Andrew Biggs & L. C. Valdeman 
to be their act and deed to the said Mane K. Biggs being examined by me privily 
and apart from her said husband declared that she did freely and willingly seal 
and deliver said writing & wishes not to retract it; & acknowledged the said 
writing again being shown and explained to her to be her act and deed and 
consenteth that the same may be recorded. Wherefore the said deed together with 
this certificate has been duly admitted to record in my office,
Given under my hand this 22nd day of March, 1858.

								E. P. Davis.  Clerk
 								by W. H. Jacobs  D.C.

This indenture by and between Andrew Biggs and Mariah his wife and L. C. Valdeman 
of the first part and John McGuire of the second part. Whereas by the judgment and 
mandate of the Court of Appeals at its winter term, 1857 in the case of Valdeman & Biggs 
against E. A. Frizzell and others filed in paid suit now pending or lately pending 
in the Carter County Circuit Court a cancellation of the contracts set ???? in said 
suit was ordered and in ??????? of the same in consideration thereof and of ???? 
dollars paid the receipt of which is acknowledged the parties of the second part 
do bargain re-convey release & acquit(?) and assigned all the right title and 
interest they have or could or might have in and to the said McGuire to said 
A. Biggs & L. C. Valdeman by deed dated 23rd Dec. 1853 acknowledges and recorded in 
Deed Book No. 6 page 173 of the office of the Carter County Court reference to which 
is herein made and the description and boundries herein with ??? the rights and 
appurtenances; and ????  in consideration of the premises ????? and transfer to said 
McGuire the bond of Thomas S. James

Submitted by: John W. Grace

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