Book  S  &  T    Pages  427 - 428     November 29, 1901 

This indenture made and entered into by and between L.L. Tabor and wife 
Millie, George W. Dean and wife Susan and S.N. Reynolds and wife Isabelle, 
parties of the first part of Olive Hill, Ky. and Harbison & Walker 
Company, Southern Department. A corporation of the second part, witness unto 
that for and in consideration of the sum of Eighteen (18) dollars per 
acre for the property herein after conveyed  the receipt of which is 
hereby acknowledged. The parties of the first part in consideration  of 
the payment of said sum of money hereby bargain, sell and convey unto the 
party of the second part by Warranty Deed,  All the Fire Clay in and 
under the following described tract of land, which is a small triangular 
tract. Not included in Deed S.N. Reynolds to G.E. Carlyle.  Bounded on 
the North by the land of the Olive Hill Fire Brick Company,  on the 
West by the lands of the party of the second part, known as the Sally Ann 
Ash farm. Which party of the second part bought from J. Garvin.  On the 
East by the land of J.H. Armstrong Sr..  On the South by the land of 
S.N. Reynolds containing about two acres, more or less. Together with 
mining privileges of Same and also with the free and uninterupted right of 
way, into, upon and under Said land. At such (points?) and in such 
manner as may be necessary for the purpose of mining, digging, ventilating, 
draining and carrying away or removal of all said Fire Clay, in and 
under said described tract of land hereby waiving all damages or damage of 
any (Sin_?) arising there from or from the removal of all Said Fire 
Clay and also the privelige of mining and removing through said described 
land or (____?) road after fire clay belonging to party of the second 
part, their successors or assigns on which may here after be acquired.          
To have and to hold until the party of the second part, it's successors 
and assigns (f____?) all the property herein above conveyed and the 
_____?  to the same to parties of the first part hereby warrant generally.               
Given under our hands this 29th. day November 1901          

Geo. W. Dean     Susan Dean     L.L. Tabor     Millie Tabor     S.N. Reynolds   
Isabelle Reynolds

Submitted by: Bonnie Carver

Editorial note: above deed executed by Lauderdale Lane Tabor, born April 1827 in VA. and his wife, Permilia "Milly" (Stamper) Tabor, born 1827, died 1912.

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