Carter Co., Ky. Court House    Book  Y     Page   451    Dec. 21, 1881  
Know all men by their presence that Basil M. Tabor of the County of 
Carter and State  of Kentucky, hereby covenant and agree  with Lewis N. 
Kitchen, James W. Armstrong and Lillbourn E. Tabor of the County of 
Carter, a committee appointed by the Christian Church, known as the Campbell 
Light Church, Trough Camp.  As follows, that in consideration of the 
love and affection of said Church and those friends buried there, I give 
and bequeath to said Church - the following piece or boundry of land, 
lying and being in the County of Carter and State of Kentucky, on the 
waters of Trough Camp Fork of Tygarts Creek at the Grave Yard near the 
said Basil M. Tabors. Bounded  as follows towit: Beginning at a Chestnut 
tree on the road side thence an East course to a set stone in the 
corner of the fence thence a North East course 15 (75?) steps to a set stone 
thence a North course to a set stone thence a West course to a hickory 
bush and a set stone thence with the County road, Southward to the 
beginning. Supposed to contain one and one half acres, more or less. It is 
further provided that the title of the foregoing premises shall forever 
remain in the hands and be controlled by the trustees of the Christian 
Church and the succession in office but said trustees are requested to 
give all other denominations and others (agrees?) to use and improve 
the lands (are so much?) as each family may require for burial purposes, 
the said, Basil M. Tabor, will forever warrant and defend  the title 
hereby conveyed.      Given under my hand the 21st. day of December 1881.  
This deed is signed by Basil M. Tabor                Acknowledged by 
Basil M. Tabor and ordered to record this 21st. day of December 1881              
Attest:   A.C. Tabor    for    E.P. Davis,  Clerk,  C.C.C.

Submitted by: Bonnie Carver

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