in the same. The first parties not having a deed for one acre of the land ??? the above 
boundry, said acre being on he ???? west - 15 Stampers land but only possession & are 
equitable claim there except that acre from the general warranty & only convey such right 
and interest in ??? to it as they may really have In testimony of which they have hereto 
subscribed their  names

								John Armstrong
								Lucinda Armstrong
								H(?) Armstrong
								Eliza Armstrong  (her mark)
								Austin Ross
								Lucinda Ross  (her mark)
  								James Dehart  (his mark)
								Amanda Dehart  (her mark)
 								John Armstrong
 								Emma Armstrong   (her mark)
  								W. H. Armstrong
 								Catherine Armstrong (her mark)

			(County Clerk's certification follows)

Submitted by: John W. Grace

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