This indenture made and entered into this 15th day of October 1855 by Reuben Ross 
Rebecca his wife of the County of Carter and State of Kentucky of the first part 
and John Ratcliff of the county and state aforesaid of the second part. Witnesseth: 
that for an in consideration of four hundred dollars in hand paid by the party of the 
second part the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged the party of the first part 
doth grant, bargain, sell and convey to the party of the second, all that tract or 
parcel of land lying and being in said county and bounded as follows, to wit: 
Beginning at a black gum, black oak, white oak and sourwood S 13 E 14 poles to two 
small hickories and white oak N 55 W 15 poles to a black gum and two white oaks thence 
N 33 E 66 poles to two dogwoods and poplar, N 63 W 54 poles to a maple, hickory, 
dogwood and red oak, S 65 1/2 E 64 poles to a poplar, S 44 W 13 poles to five hickories, 
N 55 W 52 poles to white oak and spotted oak, S 30 W 57 poles to a stake S 30 E 38 poles  
S 35 W 22 poles to two red oaks, S 80 E 40 poles to three red oaks, S 70 E 64 poles 
to a gum sourwood  S 33 E 61 poles to a stake N 75 E 48 poles to the beginning including 
135 acres by survey more or less together with all and singular the appurtenances 
thereon belonging to have and to hold to the party of the second part and his heirs 
and assigns forever. The said Ross and wife conveying all the right title and interest 
they have in and ??? the above described land and will warrant and defend against all 
other claims. Should the above described land or any party thereof be taken from the 
said Ratcliff by any person or ???? claim, the party of the first part is to defend 
the purchase

Submitted by: John W. Grace

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