Carter County Deed Grantor Name Index

This is a supplimentary index to aid in searching through the deed Grantor index images.

The left column contains the deed page image name root (eg. carter_deed_index_n019.jpg).
The file names can be found below the deed thumbnail images.

The right column contains a name which is on that page image.

n019 Neal
n020 Nelson
n030 Nicholds
n040 Nunley

m002 Offill
m010 Osborn
m020 Olive

p027 Padget
p030 Parker
p040 Pray
p050 Phillips
p060 Posey
p070 Price
p080 Pennington
p090 Pelfrey
p100 Prater
p110 Prichard

r002 Ralston
r010 Reeder
r020 Richards
r030 Roberts
r040 Russell
r050 Ramey
r060 Ratcliff
r070 Ross
r080 Ross
r090 Rucker
r100 Rice

s002 Salyers
s010 Savage
s020 Segraves
s030 Shaw
s040 Shivel
s050 Simpson
s060 Snider
s070 Staughter
s080 Stephenson
s090 Sturgill
s100 Stevenson
s110 Scott
s120 Scott
s130 Stamper
s140 Strother
s150 Saulsberry
s160 Smith
s170 Stewart
s180 Stephens

t002 Tarlton
t010 Theobald
t020 Tomlin
t030 Trumbo
t040 Thompson
t050 Thomas
t060 Taber
t070 Tabor

v002 Vincent
v010 Vincent
v020 Virgin

w001 Waddel
w010 Warnock
w020 Webb
w030 White
w040 Wolford
w050 Wright
w060 Wilhoit
w070 Wilcox
w080 Woodrow
w090 Wright
w100 Williams
w110 Wilhoit
w120 Wilburn
w130 Walsh
w140 Walsh