Grayson Survey Map

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Note reference to Barrett's Creek in lower left corner. "Lot No. 4" in center of map is location of present city of Grayson,
with Little Sandy River just to the east. Lots no. 1, 2 and 3 are in the Bourbon Hollow and Schoolhouse Hollow area.

Stinson Creek is drawn in the lower right portion of this map section. Upper right is Wilson's Creek area.

The intersection of present day Main St. and Carol Malone is in the area marked "Grayson & Carter Lot #3".

There appears to be road/trail marked from the Little Sandy north of present downtown Grayson
(near the top middle of the map) from the "S. Stratton" property the ense southwesterly across several small
parcels chained along its route to the lower left hand corner of the map image. One would naturally expect a
marked Midland Trail in this general area, but on a westerly, rather than southwesterly path as indicated here.

Note the chain of properties running due west near the present route of the AA Highway north of Grayson proper.
One would suspect that they all fronted on a road or a major creek. There is a discontinuous rough line drawn
as a boundary along several of the more westerly parcels. Very mysterious.

Names referenced include R. H. Grayson, David L. Ward, J. Everman, D. Everman, R. Parks, M. Kibbe/Kibby, John Story, C. N. Lewis, T. Virgin, Lemack Davis, S. Stratton, M. Lowry, S. Dement, William Lowry, George Palmer, James Lowry

This is approximately the area covered by the above survey map image.

Below is an image of this same map that covers a little more of the upper part of the map.

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