This Indenture made and entered into this 6th day of April, 1838 by and between William Ward of the first part and 
Robert Carter, William G. Carter, Alfred G. Carter of the Second part witnesseth that whereas there was a survey 
and patent for 70,000 acres of land was issued to William Grayson the father of Alfred W. Grayson, Robert Grayson, 
George Grayson and Hebe Carter late. Hebe Grayson, and heirs as the said children of the patentee ( unreadable) 
beginning ( ) miles south west from the ( ) and Sassafras standing about ( ) East ( ) poles to 4 Beeches ( )
branches and B_______ Creek and Little Sandy on 12 Mile Creek to 3 White Oaks 3 Hickory 3 Dogwood ( ) north side 
of a Branch at 5 degrees. W 20 poles crossing several branches and two large creeks to 4 Chestnuts, 2 Lowewoods, 
2 Red Oaks, 2 white Oaks, 2 Dogwoods and one Chestnut. Standing on a ridge ( ) crossing Little Sandy on 12 Mile 
Creek and several other creeks and branches to the beginning. And whereas the said children and heirs sold and 
conveyed dives (?) tracts out of said 70,000 acres and the said Robert, George, and Hebe sold and conveyed diven 
(?) other tracts in which the said Alfred did not unite. And whereas the said parties of the second part are 
entitled to the share of the said Alfred Grayson and the said Hebe Carter there (sic) late mother, and the said 
party of the first part by a purchase from the Bank of the United States who had purchased from or claimed under 
David L. Ward who had purchased from the said Robert and George Grayson their interest in the remainder of the said 
70,000 acres not by them sold is entitled to the other half of the said 70,000 acres, being the shares of the said 
Robert George Grayson and whereas a division of a portion of the said seventy thousand acres was once made Called 
Dements division And whereas by written agreement John Plummer and James McGuire were appointed to divide the 
remainder of said lands between the said parties to this deed, or the vendors of the said Ward, and whereas the said 
Plummer and McGuire have made a division and returned their report to the said parties a copy of which was made by 
them attached hereto and made a part of this deed being a plat of the 70,000 acres and of the several lots assigned 
each of the parties hereto. Now this indenture further witnesseth that the said parties of the first and second part 
on issuance of the said division made by Plummer and McGuire as aforesaid have made ( ) and by this present do make 
a full perfect and absolute ( ) the said William Ward his heirs forever shall have, enjoy and hold and in 
consideration of one dollar by him paid to the parties of the second part ( )and sell unto him

Submitted by: Patricia Myers

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