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Greenup County Deed Index Book 1

Individual Deed Images and Transcriptions

Note from Patricia Myers:

"The earliest I could find mention of land transferred from Grayson to others was 1805:"

1805 Grayson to Amose Kibbe - A24
1805 Grayson to Jacob Everman - B79
1812 Grayson to Amos Kibbe - B82
1812 Grayson to William Lowry & wife Betsey - B85
1816 Grayson to Moses Kibbe (Barrett's Creek) - C94
1816 Grayson to Moses Kibbe - C96
1816 Grayson to John Everman - C98
1816 Grayson to Jacob Everman - C100

Early Property Surveys and Deeds Recorded by George James

Submitted by: Patty Townsend

George James was born 16 September 1797 in Fleming,Co., Ky and died 16 January 1855 at Tygarts Creek, Carter Co., Ky.


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