In these pages, "Sanders" may refer to John Sanders Jarvis. Commonly called “Sanders”, he was born Oct. 24,1849, and died Jan. 29, 1935.  

-----------------  TRANSCRIPTION  ------------

before he wrote to me
which was the 31th of Feb.
Sanders says there is nothing
doing in the army  All
is peaceable and quiet
He says that James is
talking of re-enlisting for
three years more    If he does
he will be at home in ?????
Well Cousin Ellen I would
be so glad if I could see you
and spend a few hours with
you  When I think of the happy
hours we have had together
it makes me think of
you the oftener   Cousin
Ellen, don't forget, remember 
what you said in that
nice little note that was
around that beautiful bunch
of hair and that little white 
?? when I take up the little


note and read it I think I
will never forget what a great
distance apart we are  yet we 
can have the privalege of writing
and hearing from each each other
once a month at least
It gratifies me very much to
know that we have the privalege of hearing
from each other and none can
hinder save him who did
for us Cousin Ellen  I want 
to see you now worse than I
ever did before in my life
I want to see all of you the
very worst time I wrote
to ??? on Sunday after I came
home  I have not heard from Louise(?)
yet  I want you to write
on the reception of this badly
written and worded letter.
We have a snow here to day
that is about 4 ins deep