In the letter, "Cousin Ellin" is Theresa Ellen Offill, born November 25, 1845 in 
Carter County, Kentucky. Theresa married Reuben Fletcher Ross. She was the daughter of 
James Offill and Mary Louellyn Scott.

The writer of the letter, Elza Offill, was the Elza Offill who was the 
son of Allan Offill and Louise Hargett. Allan was the brother of Theresa's father, James

In the letter, "Frank" is Francis M. Offill, born 1838, died January 6, 1866 in Ashley, Ill.
Frank was a brother of Elzaphen Offill, the author of this letter.

In the letter "Isreal" is Israel Harget Offill, bother to Elzaphen, Mathias, Frank and James.

In the letter, "America" is America Elvira Offill, born in 1933 in Kentucky, died in Missouri.
America was a sister of Elzaphen and the other brothers.

In the letter, "Martha" is Martha Jane Offill, born February 24, 1841 in Carter Co., Ky.
Martha died March 5, 1910 and is buried in Pleasant Valley Cem., Carter Co., Ky.
Martha was a sister to Ellen and Louis Offill.

----------------   TRANSCRIPTION PAGE 1 ---------------
					Ashley, Ill.
					April 15  /66

	Miss Elen Offill

					Dear Cousin

 						I once more set
myself down to drop you a few lines to let you
know that I am well as common and hope these
few lines may find you well and the rest
of the family   I suppose you think strange of
my not writing to you sooner but when I tell
you of our sad misfortune you will not think
hard of me  We have all had the small pox
Brother Frank is dead  He died the 6th of January
with the small pox    He had been living at
St. Louis and came home to recess(?) and took
sick and was sick four days and we got
medicine gave him and he got ????? spell and the
next Sunday he took the small pox and
only lived 13 days after he was then taken  we all
had it but Sanders and Mathias they neither one
had it   Brother James was here on Christmas
morning when Frank was just taken it before

----------------   TRANSCRIPTION PAGE 2 ---------------
We knew what was the matter with him and
James went to Ashley and the people told
him if he would not come out that he
would not have it  But he took it and he
was at Isreals when he took sick and they all
took it from him    You may know what it is to
have sickness in the family but you do not what
it is to have such sickness as the small pox
No one could care to see us   We had to do the
best we could for our selves   Well cousin I can't
think of much to write   I was going to go to
school this summer going to start next 
Monday  I would like to see you all
once more   I wrote a letter to America a few
weeks go but have not had my answer from
her  I have wrote one letter to your sister Martha
about two months ago but she never answered
it  I got a letter from Rebecca Susan Richa???
week before last   They live eleven miles north
of Springfield  They was all well when she
wrote her letter    Sanders lives at Cairo, Ill
Brother James and Frank Reeves wantedto go
across the plains but happened to meet with
a man that wanted hands to work on a farm
in Missouri and they hired him and 

------------ Transcription of page from another letter ---------------

??? not go   I want to write as 
soon(?) as you get this letter and don't
neglect it   Excuse this scrabled letter
for it is Monday and I have to work 
in the garden.

  			 	from your affectionate
				Cousin Louisa
				Ellen Offill

						Well Martha
I hardly know what to say to you for you 
never answer my letters when I write to you   I am
well and happy that you are also the rest of the family
I have been breaking ???? today and am
littl tired now   Cousin Mary Cundiff is teaching
school up in the little school house where you
taught  They never have had bad luck up there
this winter with the teachers   They run one 
crazy and killed one ????? by the name
of Daz   He taught two months and he died
and Mr. Martell taught three months 
and he went crazy   I don't know what
they will do with May   Write soon
   From your cousin Lou Offill   Martha Offill