1884 Maps of Bath County, Kentucky

Produced by D. J. Lake and Company

Original copies are at the Fleming County, Kentucky Courthouse
The maps are in plastic sleeves which cause reflections when the page is photographed

Note that many individual names are noted, often with a black square indicating
the location of the person's home.
Notable and public buildings cemeteries and geographic landmarks are also indicated.

General Map of Bath County Precincts

Sharpsburg - Precinct No. 1

P. Flanagan, Jacob Trumbo, N. C. Ratliff, James W. Ratliff, R. S. Ratliff, Coleman Ratliff, George Fletcher
J. K. Denton, J. Goodpaster, L. A. Goodpaster

Reuben Hunt, Richard Hunt, R. Perkins, J. M. Vanlandingham, A. Vanlandinham, James Goodpaster, J. P. Perkins
William Vice, J. M. Vice, William Denton, Mrs. E. Denton, T. Vice, R. Vanlandingham, G. R. Barber
B. H. Ross, James Barber, Mrs. T. Tackett, G. W. McKinnamon, J. A. Trumbo

Samuel Vice, Reuben Hunt, J. M. Vanlandingham

G. R. Barber, L. Barber, B. H. Ross

Wyoming - Precinct No. 2

Owings - Precinct

Mrs. T. Tackett, C. G. Goodpaster, A. Goodpaster, D. Pieratt, W. Pieratt, C. Pieratt, V. Pieratt

F. A. Goodpaster, W. W. Goodpaster,

Mary Ann Counts

White Sulphur Precinct

Salt Lick details

Salt Lick details

Owingsville, Bath County

Olympia, Tanyard and Polksville Precinct

Polksville - Precinct No. 4

Olympia and Salt Lick

M. Goodpaster, A. Goodpaster
Bath County Alms House

White Sulphur Springs - Precinct No. 5

Salt Lick

Young Springs

Bethel - Precinct No. 6

R. Perkins, Sam Vice, R. Vanlandingham, J. P. Perkins, A. Lynam, James W. Fletcher, J. Trumbo, John A. Vice
R. W. D. Hunt, Jefferson Vice, G. Vice, G. W. Vice, J. A. Vice, William Vice, T. B. Vice, G. A. Vice
David S. Trumbo, F. M. Vice, P. Flanagan, Jacob F. Trumbo,
J. Vice, G. Vice, Mrs. W. Vice, J. M. Vice, O. W. Hunt

Indian Mound#1, Indian Mound #2

Tanyard - Precinct No. 7

Elizabethtown, Lexington and Big Sandy Railroad

List of Bath County Patrons

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