Carter City Map

Carter, Kentucky on August 10, 1934 (prior to the "Big Flood")

Most of the buildings on this map were destroyed by the 1934 flood waters.

This map was drawn by Abel Kiser. It is presently owned by Freida Ann (Kiser) Parker.

The map was probably drawn soon after the flood, but the actual date of its creation is unknown.
The map has been in Mrs. Parker's possession since the 1990's.

East is at the top of the map. "Buffalo Road" ("X") is the present State Route 2 going south toward Olive Hill.

There is a minor error on the map. The original county road which paralleled the EK Railroad tracks was on the south side of the tracks,
not the north side as is indicated. The present State Route 474 occupies the original railroad right-of-way. The original county road right-of-way has reverted to
use by abutting property owners. The tracks were washed out by the waters of flooding Smith Creek and were never re-built. The economic impact
of the flood on Carter was catastrophic. Most of the population abandoned the city and the only pre-1934 business remaining is the Lewis Furniture store.

A large, well known pavilion stood to the northeast of the Lewis Furniture store. I am told that it was already gone at the time of the 1934 flood.
Also missing is the old Dr. Fultz victorian house that still stands just northeast of the Lewis Furniture. I presume it pre-dates 1934.

Mrs. Parker operates a small restaurant, gas station and pool hall at the site of the old flour mill ("X").
Mrs. Parker is the wife of Don Parker and the daughter of Ottis and Bertha Marie (Tipton) Kiser.

Just south of the Lewis Furniture store is the present Carter Elementary School (on Rt. 2). It was built in the 1930's on land donated by the Kiser family.
Field stone for the building was quarried from rock a short distance to the west of the school. I am told that the quarry rock cuts are still visible.

Below is the map rotated 180 degrees so you can read the other names a little easier...

Carter 1934 - 2009

2009 Photos of 1934-era Buildings

1: Carter Flour Mill (pre 1934)

1: "Flour Mill location (2009)"

1: "Flour Mill location (2009)"

2: "Pack" house

2: "Pack" house

2: "Pack" house

2: "Pack" house

3: "Harsham" house

3: "Harsham" house

3: "Harsham" house

4: "Herb Fultz" house

5: "Hall Store"

6: "Lewis Furniture Store"

7: "J. F. Lewis barn"

8: "Hannah"

9: Cartee General Store & Lodge Hall (pre 1934)

9: Cartee General Store & Lodge Hall (pre 1934) is behind the train

9: "Store-Lodge Hall (2009)"

10: "Ralph Haney" house

11: "Hike" house

12: "Babe Fultz" house

Recent Aerial Photo of Carer City