G.M. Masters
The Carter County Herald
September 11, 1930

	"G. M. Masters, a well known citizen of the west end of Carter County has 
retired from work on account of bad health. His health has been bad for the 
past two years. Mr. Masters was the youngest child of John and Amadilla Masters. 
They lived in Noble County Ohio. His father died when he was a small boy. There 
were five children of this family, Samantha, Isaiah, Rachel, Thomas and George. 
In 1867, his mother sold her home in Ohio and came to Kentucky and bought the 
farm where Mr. Masters now lives on Flat Fork of Tygart in Carter County. On 
August 29, 1930, a dinner was given at the home of Mr. Masters, in honor of 
his 78th birthday anniversary. A large group of his friends and relatives were 
present. Surrounding the dinner table were five daughters, one son, three 
sons-in-law, nine grandchildren, four great-grandchildren, one niece and her 
daughter, a total of twenty-seven at the table. Mr. Masters is the father of 
12 children, of which eleven are living. He has thirty-seven grandchildren and 
twenty-one great grandchildren. All reported a fine time and plenty to eat. Mr. 
Masters is one of our best citizens and we sincerely hope he will live for 
many like occasions during the years to come."

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