"Bad Killing Near Soldier"
Grayson Journal Enquirer
September 22, 1927

	At the store of W. H. Porter last Thursday afternoon, September 22, late in the
day, Paris Underwood met his death and Farris Bowen met what caused, or will
cause, his death.  It is said these two young men became too heavily laden with
whisky, sad as it is, last week, and having a hatred in their heart toward W. H.
Porter, one of the most prominent citizens of this or any other county, they
went to his place of business and to his home on Wednesday of last week, shot
under the feet of his wife and raised quite a little excitement.  
	This should have occurred after they had visited the quiet little city of Soldier, 
just a short distance away, and shot the windows from some of the business houses of
that place.   They seemed to leave without any trouble or further excitement
that day, but the next day--Thursday--the automobile was seen to drive up and
they leaped from it, as is reported with intent to kill, as they had told
previously to their coming, and a shooting match resulted. W.H. Porter, Charles
Justice and Mr. Roe, the latter from Elliott county, on one side and Paris
Underwood and Faris Bowen on the other.  Shotguns, pistols and anything that
could be gotten hold of were used, but it seemed that neither took immediate
effect, but resulted in the death of one and almost a certainty of another.

	After several shots had been exchanged, Paris Underwood, who seems to have been
shot several times, left to go to the home of Sam Porter, a short distance from
where the shooting took place, and on the way he met Norma Clay, who lives a
short distance from the shooting, and told him that his "buddy," Farris Bowen,
had been killed and that Wince (W.H.) Porter was killed, and went right on
toward the home of Sam Porter.  After his arrival at the home of Sam Porter he
called for water and said, "I don't want to die in your house, so I'll get on
the outside," and they went for water, but while they were gone he fired a shot
into his left.

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