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Aden School, about 1911

Front Row seated on the ground: Dorothy Meadows, John Rodgers, unknown, unknown, unknown, Amy Newell, Mandy Rodgers, child in arms-unknown, Elvia Carroll
2nd Row kneeling: Rufus Carroll, J. P. Saulsberry, Ellis Taylor, Arnold Pope, Delmon Maddix, Doc James, Lack Carroll
3rd Row: Sam Maddix, Pope girl, Nellie Taylor, Edna Rodgers, Leonard Rodgers, Haskel Meadows, Lee Bob Justice
4th Row: Tall girl-Susie Sammons, Charlotte Saulsberry, Carrie Pope, Walter Holbrook, Eath Rodgers, Herb James
Very Back Row: J. B. Craig - teacher from Clifty Creek, Later came to Olive Hill in 1927-28 and became police judge.
Walter Holbrook retired from the C & O as a brakeman
Eath Rodgers was a brakeman for the C & O
Sam Maddix was a night watchman for the C & O and later worked for General Refactory
J. P. Saulsberry had the clay mines at Aden, Ky.

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Uncropped version

Contributed by Mike Barker

"The fifth child (little boy) in the front row seated is believed to be Everett Avery Carroll. He's my grandfather's half-brother. 
I sent a copy to Avery's daughter in Cleveland, Ohio and she also believes it is her father too."

"Lee Bob Jutice has been non-intentionally cropped out of the photograph. Does Mike have a copy with Lee Bob in it?"

Comments submitted by: Kevin Jay Carroll  ohiokjc at

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Contributed by Alice Joy (Saulsberry) Binion

My grandmother, Opal Williams, is in the front row, third from the left (big bow in her hair).

I never knew what school was in my pic until today. I knew she went to school around Aden.
Fortunately, the same male teacher in both pictures.

Contributed by Donna Huddleston - tcandkk at

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