Enterprise School.

Row 1, Left to right: Clara E Jacobs ( teacher), Dexter Shepard, Bonnie Clark, Willard Day, Wilma? Conley, Tommy Cole, Wilma Leadingham, Earl Clark, Vivian Day

Row 2: Bayord Webb, ?, Raymond Goodin, Anna Davis, ?, Sauna "Toddy" Segraves

Row 3: Daniel Knipp, ?, ? Cole, ?, Gary Clark, Patty Hall

Row 4: ?, Bobby Jacobs, Eudine Conley, Allen Hall, Patty Knipp, Tommy Davis, Brenda Webb, Morley Cole, Betty Jeanne Jacobs

Row 5:Frank Knipp, Marlene Sheppard, Bobby ,Clark, Norma Cole, Bronis Eden  

Submitted by Renee Hall

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