"The Olive Hill High School Future Homemakers Club, 1944-1945"

Row 7: Abbie G. Estes    Sue Lowe   Charlotte Lowe  Alice Moody Phillips   Betty Flannery   Martha Hilderbrand   Lucille Thompson    Will Jean Webb

Row 6: Leta Jo Fultz    Eulane Griffey    Lois Williams    Lucille Hall   Violet Lou Griffey   Mary Frank Flannery   Nora Tackett    Mary Willis Rogers

Row 5: Majel Horn    Betty Holbrook    Edna Holbrooks   Mildred newman   Joyce Owens   Dora Archer    Emogene Erwin

Row 4: Juanita Orcott   Marie Rose    Mona Gail Baker   Betty Abrams   Betty Bocook   Mildred Newman  Joyce Owens    Dora Archer    Emogene Erwin

Row 3: Wilma Kiser    Lyndell McClave    Shiela Hall    Anna Justice   Glenna Stevens   Virginia Debord,  Thelma Hicks   Betty Binion

Row 2: Norbeth Coleman (teacher)  Betty Jo Hensley   Helen Ingold   Ruth Ison  Alice Joy Saulsberry   Opal newman  Rosa McCoy   Lucille Lyons  Dixie Barker

Row 1: Beatrice Griffey   Lois Burton   Betty Debord  Juanita Carroll  Gladys James

"This picture was given to me by one of my cousins.
She got it after my Aunt Norbeth Coleman died."

Submitted by Andrea Dudley

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