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Wolf Creek School, 1931

Front row left to right: Jack Huff(*), Marie Grizzell, Mattie Grizzell, Paul Wallace, June Hay, Ray Sagraves (my uncle),John Hay.

Second row left to right: Minnie Jackson, Susie Sagraves (my mother), Pete Huff, Wayne Grizzell, James Simmons, W.R. Counts.

Third Row left to right: Clem Sagraves (my uncle),J.C. Wallace, Jim Grizzell, Glenn Seagraves, Joe Walker, Burrell Grizzell.

Fourth row left to right: Orville Hay, Jack Brammell, Russell Taylor.

Fifth row left to right: Alberta Counts, Loretta Simmons, Naoma Grizzell, Gladys Knipp.

Top Row: Arnold Counts, teacher.

"For those who may not be aware of this one room school, it was located on old route seven on Dick Hay property.
If you go to the back of Carter County Flee Market, you can look right down on the spot where it stood.
There is a wood bridge to go to the property from old seven.

I walked three miles a day to get there and three miles back. I loved it.
I only got to go there three years and they sent a bus throught Mayhew Flats and sent us to Hitchins."

* "There also a "Pete Huff" beside my mother. Mother gave me this photo years ago and told me the names, while she was still of sound mind.
I wrote them on the back. We had a laugh, but she said that is what they called them. Can't remember if she said it was nick names or not,
but we had a laugh about it."

Submitted by: Anna Sparks Riddell

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