Denton Graded School, circa 1922

This is a photo of the students attending Denton Graded School in 1917.  The submitter can identify two people in this photo.  One is her grandmother and the other one is one of her grandmother's sisters.  Maude Duvall is in the fourth row (the one with the male schoolteacher, Sherman Reeves, on the left end), the seventh child from the left (short blonde hair, just in front of, on the our right-hand side of the two boys in the medium-dark shirts and overalls towards the left end of the back row).  Mearl Duvall is in the back row, the 6th child from the right (wearing a sweater with a dark collar, just left of the tree's trunk).  The older Duvall siblings would have already passed through by this time.  The male schoolteacher on the far left in the fourth row is Sherman Reeves.  The female schoolteacher on the far right is Myrtle Jones.

All five children referred to by the submitter were the children of Howard Duvall and Hattie Stewart, who owned a general store in Hitchins, Carter County, KY.

Note that Mearl Duvall may have spelled her first name as "Muriel" at the time.  She decided to change the spelling herself.  She was born November 14, 1908, Carter County; and married Ben Arrowood July 10, 1930.  Mearl is still living.

Maude Madeline Duvall was born July 21, 1911; and married Robert Spurlock.  Maude is still living.

Ray Duvall was born October 16, 1899 and married Belvia Sammons.  Ray died December 9, 1948.

Ethel Duvall was born June 17, 1901, and married Omar Henry Thomas.  Ethel died July 16, 1982.

Ernest Duvall was born 1902, and married Nina Belle Reliford.  Ernest died in 1955.

If anyone else can add names to this photo, please send them to me and I will add them here.

Submitted by: Amy Hatcher Ryan

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