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Dinky at the scales house in Frog Town
Left to Right:
Bill Wilburn
Charles Jaynes
Lige Hicks
Bill Lowe
Jim Tabor (In the cab)
Ben Hensley
J.C. Porter
Stewart Hall
Allison Chuck Jones
Tom Hall 

Submitted by Mike Barker

Editorial note:

Who could they be?...

-We have many James Tabor's

-We have several Bill Wilburn's

-Charles M. Jaynes (1878-1976)  

-Elijah "Lige" Hicks  (1842-?) - seems too old

-We have way too many William Lowe's

-Benjamin Franklin Hensley (1881-1964)

-We have lots of James Porters with no middle initial

-Stewart Alfred Hall (1899-1959)  

-Allison Jones (ca1908-?)  

-Thomas Means Hall (1899-1970)

Their clothing seems to date the photo to about 1930-1935.

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