One-room Fairview School, Tygart Creek Rd., near Iron Hill, Carter Co.

People identified by the late Hattie (Huffman) Kitchen, my great aunt by marriage).

Teacher in front: Verna Blevins
Front Row: Opal English, unknown girl, unknown girl, Leonard Kitchen (hidden behind teacher)
Middle Row (L-R): Bill Sizemore, Orville Kitchen, Junius Huffman, Irene Sizemore, Tom English, unknown boy, Eula Flake, Hazel Sizemore, Wake Huffman
Third Row (L-R): Merritt Huffman, Sam Kibbey, Herb Kibbey, Chris Huffman, Owen Huffman, Walter Bush, Malissa Kiser, Irene English
Man standing in back with hat is Walter Huffman, the school's trustee.

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Leonard Kitchen (tiny blond boy in bibs in front center of photo) is visible. He was hidden by the teacher in the first photo.

Photos were taken in the very early 1920's.

"The tiny blond-haired boy in the front center of the school photo is my grandfather Leonard Kitchen (1917-1988),
s/o Arthur & Mary Francis Kibbey Kitchen. From the time I was a toddler, he told everyone he met that he would one day become a teacher.
I think his desire for me to teach stemmed from the many happy memories he had as a student at the one-room Fairview School.
He died in 1988, several months shy of me earning a teaching degree from Morehead State University.
I am currently completing my 17th year as a biology teacher with the Greenup County School District."

"My grandfather's home was on Centerview Ridge, 1.5 miles from the Fairview (Carter Co.) and Centerview (Greenup Co.) one room schools.
Oftentimes, he and his brother Orville chose to walk around Centerview Ridge and meet up with their Uncle Herb Kibbey
(s/o Jim & Ellen Kibbey and brother to Leonard's mother Francis) to attend Fairview.
On a visit to the school in 1991, I found my grandfather's initials (LFK) carved in the frame of the old oak front door."

The photos were in the collection of Emma Huffman, mother of Merritt and Junius Huffman (students in the photo).
One of her hobbies was photography. The man in the back is her husband Walter Huffman.
The tiny one-room Fairview school house, since painted red, is still standing today."

Submitted by: Cindy Collier

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