Grahn School, circa 1933

Pictured are the students of the Grahn School in Carter County.  The submitter's mother, Gaythel Johnson Gilliam is 3rd from the left on the top row (#8).

The students identified thus far:
1. (?) Maggart (first name unkown)
2. Dennis Littleton
3. Helen Ernest
4. Ruth Huntsman
5. Kenneth Scott (second from the left, front row)
6. William Ernest
7. David Littleton
8. Gaythel Johnson Gilliam
9. Christine Frazier
10. Jo Williams Baker
11. Nell Painter
12. Luanna Powell (between and in front of #'s 11 and 15)
13. B. Osborne
14. (?) Pennington (first name unknown)
15. (?) Bailey (first name unknown)
16. Christine Blevins
17. Bess Scott
18. Ester James
19. Believed to be Cecil Kiser
20. Clifton Stevens
21. Homer Phillips

Submitted by Dave Gilliam

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