Henderson Branch School

This school picture of the students at Henderson Branch School in 1915 was submitted to me by Cliford Henderson of Olive Hill.

Students included, from left:

Front row: Marie Fisher, Glanda Wean Jeese, Max Painter, Thelma Tabor, Ruby Hall, Florence Alander, Eva Watson, Roma Butler, Coea Wilson, Matt Wilson, Asbury Butler, Arnold Tackett, Woodrow Wilburn and Mae Cooley;

Second row: Clifford Crank, Clifford Edison, Earl Swanagan, Clisty Henderson, Cliford Henderson. Paul Roe, Earnest Tackett, Virgil Alander, Evert Henderson, Arnold Harkins, Luther Tackett, Asbury Henderson, Elmer Watson, Faye Cooley and Jet Cooley

Third row: first one nearly hidden is unknown, Effie Clark, Lucy Watson, Kendall Clark, Pansey Taylor, Charlie Rose, Josh Lawhorn, Granville Henderson, Opal Harkins and unknown;

Fourth row: Elmo Butler, Gordon Taylor, Romer Alander, Ola Rose, Blanche Fisher, Faye Conn. Tildey Conn, Willie Tackett, Leslie Henderson (in front of teacher) and Mary (Cooper) Bond, teacher;

Fifth row: Olan Watson, George Swanagan, Arvil Henderson, Roy Tackett, Goldie Rose, Ethel Cheeks, Russell Henderson, Nanny Cheeks and Goldie Tackett.

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Submitted by: Mike Barker

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