The Last Homecoming, June 1953.

"My mother, Josephine Damron Blanton Kaylor wrote on the back of the original photo "Last Home Coming June 28, 1953".
Her second husband, Peter Ralph Kaylor had died in March 7, 1953, and Uncle Emind Damron died July 3, 1953, just a few days after this photo was taken with Mother's camera. Uncle Kenneth Wayne Damron was not at "Homecoming" but would have been there if he had his way!!

Front row, letft to right: Aunt Myrtle Damron Kiser; Granny Harriet Ann Damron ("Cricket", second wife of Grandpa Damron); Aunt Elizabeth "Lizzie" Damron Elam; and Aunt Irene Damron Wright.

Back Row: Laura Kerron Damron (wife of Uncle Chester); Aunt Mary Damron Carter; Uncle Chester Frank Damron; Uncle Emind Earl Damron (last time his picture was taken!); my dear mother Josephine Damron Burton Kaylor; and Uncle Evertt Sanford Damron.

I Don't know where this photo was taken but wish I could find out where it was taken - anyone know where??

To Aunt Mary Damron Carter
From Pauline Chambers - with love 7/19/87"

"This photo was sent to me by Mahala (Everman) Richards, who is the grandchild of Frank and Mary (Damron) Carter. Mahala is the daughter of Willena (Carter) Everman."

Submitted by: Joel L. Carter

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