Lodena McCleese, 1832 Railroad Hollow, South Webster, OH 45682 shares this photo of Middle Trough Camp School, taken about 1934 or 1935 in Carter Co., Ky.

The children include:

Row 1 (back row, left to right): Wylie Knipp, Lauangel Dean, Paul Burchett, and Marie McGuire;
Row 2: Faye Knipp, Jessie Stallard, Helen Burchett, Madge Tabor, Cora Bond, and Maretta Parker;
Row 3: Hansel Webb, P. Haskell Tabor, Maggie Tabor, Alpha Tabor, Jewell Tabor, Napolian Bond, and Geneva P. Simer;
Row 4: (unknown), Isabell Webb, Evelyn Littleton, Mamie Tabor, (unknown), Nevada Webb, (unknown), Eugene Dean, (unknown), and Lodena P. Simer;
Row 5: Loveda P. Simer, (unknown), (unknown), Dorothy Webb, Helen Carver, Rachel Tabor, and ____ Leemaster;
Row 6: (unknown), Donnie Webb, Louelldean Tabor, J. T. Carver, and Kendell Dean.

The teacher is Norbeth Burchett Coleman , who rode a horse back and forth to school.

If anyway can identify any of the "unknowns," please contact Lodena McCleese .

Submitted by Melissa Miller and Lodena McCleese

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