Moonlight School of Everman's Creek, 1916

In the early days of Carter County, every family member was utilized in the family business, namely farming.  Since even the children were needed to work on the farm, many did not have the opportunity to go to school and were deprived of an education.  In 1915, Mrs. Cora Wilson Stewart convinced the State Board of Education to set up an illiteracy commission which would help to teach the illiterate to read and write; therefore, the birth of the Moonlight Schools.  There were several of these schools located in many of Eastern Kentucky's counties.

        One such Moonlight School was organized at Breckenridge School on Everman's Creek in 1916, with about 40 adults enrolled.  The school lasted 40 nights, and 15 of the adult pupils learned to read and write enough to successfully carry on their own businesses. The Moonlight School on Everman's Creek was taught by Glen Haight.  The Moonlight School program died after about two years because of the lack of support by the state.

        Can you identify any of the members of this Moonlight School Class of 1916 from Everman's Creek?

Submitted by  Garrett and Sherry Lowe

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