Olive Hill Elementary School, 1938

My best translation of the handwriting is as follows (feel free to contact me with suggestion or corrections):

"1st Row - Left to Right                Tommy Leslie                                    ---
Bobby Gene Burchett                   Lou(i)s McGloton
Barbara Root                               --- Blankenship                                  Joe Cartwright
---                                               Gene Lawson                                    ---(illegible)
Ruby Johnson Perry                     --- Glenmarie (?) Tackett                  ---Clay
June Swinford                             4th Row                                            6th Row
Jackie T. Adams                        Kenneth Everett Fields                       Billy Boggs
Burgess Dyer                             Wendell Fred Crawford                     Harold (Tweedy) Gee
Andrew ---
Archie Womack                         - Vel (Roe)                                        Louise James
                                                  Amanca Crofflowe (?)                        (illegible) Day
Jack Bailey                                 Jack Stephens                                    Marjorie Nickloes (?)
Jack Henderson                         ---                                                      Mary Frank Flannery Williams
Betty Scott (Margie Rose [?])
Lucille Callahan                         Opal Newman Ward                            Bob Withrow
Ethel Lowe                                Jack Tackett                                        Marguerite (Phillips Fielding) [Teacher]
---                                            Mildred Newman
Chester Duncan                                                                                    --- Carl Boggs
Sammy Waddell                        5th Row
3rd Row                                   Jack Patton
Colleen Lowe Lawson              Alice Moody Phillips Griffey
Ernie Collinsworth                    --- Gladys Wells
--- Gail Dehart                         Tommy Maddix
Bill Crawford                           Vivian Oney"

Submitted by  Glenna Burchett

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